My Book Boyfriend: Christian Grey

***Adult Content***

Christian Grey…Christian Grey…Christian Grey…OOPs…Hi there! You caught me daydreaming didn’t you?

The thing is with this fantasy boyfriend? I just see his name, or say it in my head and I lose all coherent thought. Logic and reason?!?  Nope…gone…out the door.  There are some characters that are written so well that they just own a piece of you.  Christian Grey is one of those for me. I guess I’ve read well over a thousand books in my lifetime, yet my list of truly memorable literary men is actually pretty short considering that.  O, I’m not saying that I don’t remember a lot of them, but the ones that keep me thinking of them? Continuously? Wanting just one more book? And then just one more? The ones I want for a fantasy boyfriend foreveh?  Well it’s under 10 to be honest…and Christian Grey is mighty high on that list. In fact, he shares the top spot with one other,  so yeah…I have mad love for him.

I first discovered Christian aka Fifty in August of 2011. I know, I know… I was late to the party on that one, but in a way I’m glad I was. Mostly becuz I was able to read the series without a whole lotta time in between the books coming out. I’m so impatient and greedy that way…greedy…hmmm…that’s an apt term for how I feel about Fifty. I admit it. I want him. I want all of him in all of his Fifty Fuckedupedness<-<- is that even a real word?!?…never mind, it doesn’t matter.

Let’s discuss Christian…something I could do all day long. First off his name. I flove his name. I love saying it in my head over and over. There’s just something about it that calls to me. I like men that have polysyllabic rather than    monosylabic names. * Oooo… big words.*  For some reason I just find them much more sensual and erotic sounding. I for one would never shorten his name to Chris…EGADS! Heaven forbid. I’ve noticed that when I love the names an author chooses I’m much more likely to respond positively to that character. Does that happen to you too?

Christian has a rocking HAWT body. He’s tall…I like tall. He’s toned and well muscled…all over. YOWZA!  I like that too! He has sexy coppery colored hair that has that tousled just fucked look all the time, and it seems to me that it demands to be touched…often.  He has  gray eyes that are described in so many ways…luminous, molten gray, hungry, blazing…among them. I’d like nothing better than to be on the receiving end of staring into those eyes…for hours… in erm…well you know…CoughInallkindsof positionsCough. He smells heavenly. I think it’s important that my guys smell yummy. He’s smart and an uber successful entrepreneur, with a philanthropic bent. He plays the piano beautifully. He can fly a helicopter, sail, and he knows his way around a glider too. He speaks French…Oh mon dieu, pouvez-vous imaginer? *Hard Thud* Yeah…he’s also into major “kinky fuckery”. When I first read that term?  I think my jaw actually dropped… and stayed there awhile. I don’t remember ever having a fantasy boyfriend that was into BDSM so I wasn’t quite sure how I’d react to it. It’s quite arousing to be honest, and it certainly sets him apart from my other guys! Jeez…my guy is so talented why wouldn’t I adore him?!?

Maybe a picture or 2 would be appropriate for now. Far be it from me to disagree with the masses on who would do justice to Christian Grey, and besides… I personally think Rob would be extraordinary in this role. Non?



At 1st Christian doesn’t think himself capable of being a hearts and flowers type of guy. After 3 books I can tell you this…He’s wrong…he does romantic just as well as anybody, while maintaining his sexual prowess just fine…and speaking of sexual prowess?!? He may prefer certain proclivities over others, but he’s one who knows how to make his woman satisfied any which way he goes…he does vanilla just fine…more than just fine.

Lest I make Christian out to be perfect in every way I’ll be honest and say he has many issues. He’s controlling in and outside of the bedroom….understatement.  His control issues are huge…on the plus side he admits it. He also has  problems with being touched on certain area’s of his body…but he’s working on that…and I’m always willing to volunteer my time to help him continue to get over that.  He has the emotions of an adolescent in many ways which can lead to some pretty stupid reactions…um…overreactions to be precise.  But know this…Christian will do whatever he can to keep you safe…and well fed.

These are the books that gave Christian to me and thousands of others to enjoy forever along with a favorite passage or two from each. That seems like a good place to end…for now…

     “Does this mean you’re going to make love to me tonight, Christian?” Holy shit. Did I just say that? His mouth drops open slightly, but he recovers quickly.
“No, Anastasia it doesn’t. Firstly, I don’t make love. I fuck… hard. Secondly, there’s a lot more paperwork to do, and thirdly, you don’t yet know what you’re in for. You could still run for the hills. Come, I want to show you my playroom.”
My mouth drops open. Fuck hard! Holy shit, that sounds so… hot. But why are we looking at a playroom? I am mystified.
“You want to play on your Xbox?” I ask. He laughs, loudly.
“No, Anastasia, no Xbox, no Playstation. Come.”… Producing a key from his pocket, he unlocks yet another door and takes a deep breath.
“You can leave anytime. The helicopter is on stand-by to take you whenever you want to go, you can stay the night and go home in the morning. It’s fine whatever you decide.”
“Just open the damn door, Christian.”
He opens the door and stands back to let me in. I gaze at him once more. I so want to know what’s in here. Taking a deep breath I walk in.
And it feels like I’ve time-traveled back to the sixteenth century and the Spanish Inquisition.
Holy fuck.
― E.L. JamesFifty Shades of Grey

 “Let me ask you something first. Do you want a regular vanilla relationship with no kinky fuckery at all?”
My mouth drops open. “Kinky fuckery?” I squeak.
“Kinky fuckery.”
“I can’t believe you said that.’
“Well, I did. Answer me,” he says calmly.
I flush. My inner goddess is down on bended knee with her hands clasped in supplication begging me.
“I like your kinky fuckery,” I whisper.”
― E.L. JamesFifty Shades Darker

“I don’t know whether to worship at your feet or spank the living shit out of you.”
― E.L. JamesFifty Shades Darker

“You know, you’re topping from the bottom,” he murmurs against my lips.
“What?” I don’t understand what he’s talking about.
“Don’t worry. I’ll live with it,” he whispers, amused…”
― E.L. JamesFifty Shades Freed

(Um…I had to google that to understand what it meant)

“He tastes of white wine and apple pie and Christian. I run my fingers through his hair, holding him to me while our tongues explore and curl and twist around each other, my blood heating in my veins.We’re breathless when Christian pulls away.”
― E.L. JamesFifty Shades Freed

“Good evening, Mrs. Grey,” Christian says softly. He’s standing by the piano, dressed in a tight black T-shirt, and jeans…those jeans- the ones he wore in the playroom. Oh my. They are over washed pale-blue denim, snug, ripped at the knee and hot. He saunters over to me, his feet bare, the top button of the jeans undone, his smoldering eyes never leaving mine. “Good to have you home. I’ve been waiting for you.”
― E.L. JamesFifty Shades Freed

Hot Damn! I could go on and on…but you should share some of your favorites with me now…

Tamie Xo

My Book Boyfriend is hosted by Missie at The Unread Reader on Wednesday’s. I’m a day early this week due to the blog tour stop tomorrow  for Fifty Shades Freed.  

81 thoughts on “My Book Boyfriend: Christian Grey

  1. katiebirdie says:

    I really can’t think of anything to add. He is one of my very favorite characters. When I first started reading MoTU, I actually walked away for a month, after a particularly difficult chapter. Did I stop thinking about Him? not one bit. Fifty wouldn’t let me be. I came back to the story, and never regretted it.
    There are some great book series out there, but not all of them end well. This series ends perfectly. I wouldn’t change a single thing.
    I too love polysyllabic names. My DH’s name is Christopher, and I rarely shorten it. His family noticed that about me, right away, when we were first dating.
    Just got the third book in the mail!! *happy dance*

    • katiebirdie says:

      “You. Are. Mine.” He snarls, emphasizing every word. He pushes away from me and bends, hands on his knees as if he’s run a marathon. ” for the love of God, Ana.” Fifty Shades Darker


  2. “You know, you’re topping from the bottom” LOL! That’s the best line. I haven’t read Fifty Shades Freed yet *pouty face* but I need to, and soon.

    He is in my top 5 fantasy boyfriends, for sure.

    • Renee says:

      what does that statement mean in the book…..I didn’t get it!????

      • Tamie says:

        This question has been asked a lot. When I read it I had to stop and google it.
        ‘topping from the bottom’ means that the submissive is also trying to dominate or make decisions
        Hope that helps :)

  3. ChocoMG2112 says:

    **le heave le pant le sigh**

  4. rdmickey1989 says:

    I read Motu 1 & 2 as wips and I have purchased all the Fifty books. I have tried to learn patience as Christian requires and not read any of them until all three are in my hands.

    Thankfully it has worked and I should have Fifty Shades Freed in my hands very soon. SQUEE!!

  5. Julia Sells says:

    I too am in love with Christian Grey. Even though I think Rob is hot, I still and will always see a little bit of Edward Cullen in him, regardless of what role he’s in. Frankly, I think it needs to be someone showing a little darker side on screen…possibly Cillian Murphy. Facially, he might not be how I quite originally envisioned Christian, but he’s got that on screen darkness that Kate first senses in book one. Thoughts?

    • Tamie says:

      I’m going to have to do some serious research on this. Can’t get Rob out of my head even tho I know it’s extremely unlikely. Not sure about CM…I think it needs to be someone “prettier” if you KWIM ;)

      • I have to agree. I adore CM and I like Rob to some degree. I respect his as an actor for sure, even if he does sparkle. I don’t think either would be good for the role. Not even Ian like so many other want. All of them are sexy as hell, but they are also not full /muscular/buff like EL writes Mr. Grey to be. *IF* we could combine Channing Tatums body with Wentworth Millers eyes, we *might* have a reasonable match. I watched an interview with Ian who clearly admits hes up for the role. I think hes a great vampire and sexy to boot, but I worry that hes a little too femme/metro sexual to really come across as being a true Dominate. It hard for him to be stern without some sort of grin. It will be interesting to see who does end up landing the role. But when I read it, I see a strong type, like Wentworth Miller. (or my own Mr. Grey ;0 )

      • LaLa Morina says:

        Tamie please google Henry Cavill…also google Henry Cavill in Tristan & Isolde he can do dark, cool, smoldering, and steamy hot all in one. HENRY CAVILL is the perfect Christian Grey because he can be demure, controlled, and every fiber in his body screams MAN…he could take on the DOM side of Christian very well. Oh and one more thing go youtube Henry Cavill on the Tudors as Charles Brandon…WATCH THE SEX SCENES and you will be SOLD.

  6. Angela M says:

    Come on! Did you guys really read the books?? Christian is in his late 20s. With a body like an adonis. Cillian Murphy and Zac Efron and Edward Cullen types…..TOTALLY NOT CHRISTIAN GREY!!! Who wants to look at their bodies—??

  7. Julie says:

    i can’t picture Pattison as Christian. I am thinking Ian Somerhalder b/c he has the smirk OMG and those eyes. Christian is a mesmerizing character and I wasn’t sure how I would feel about the book, but I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN. I am now 3/4’s of the way thru the 3rd book. Love this series, absolutely LOVE IT. I will be re-reading all of them.

  8. GRA says:

    I want Cillian Murphy to play Christian Grey.
    He has really great facial feautres!

  9. veena says:

    definitely Robert pattinson!!! i cannot imagine anybody except for rob, especially the way he cocks his head on one side!!!….hes perfect …i dont think ill be able to watch “the film” if its anyone other than rob!!! …btw…. is the author writing anything else … because i think she’s great…. would love to read more from her….

    • ChocoMG2112 says:

      I do believe she is working on something.

    • Tamie says:

      Would love to see that happen, but don’t think it will. However, one can always hope and dream :)
      She is working on something altho I don’t know any more than that.
      It’ll be good no matter what tho.

  10. Susan Smith says:

    rob pattinson is PERFECT he has the looks and the acting chops does an American accent well he will beef up some and he plays piano and he just played a sexy billioniare in COSMOPOLIS!!!!

  11. Debbie says:

    Matt Bomer without a doubt! I too am in love with Christian Grey! Why the hell are these men only in damn books???? How can you be obsessed with someone who isn’t even real? I am! Sad…lol

    • Tamie says:

      You are not alone in wondering why they only exist in books.
      I’m obsessed with both Gabriel and Christian…O and Barrons too *le sigh*

    • Real life Mr. Greys do exist. But, its not like you can go shopping for them. Most of them don’t advertise they are in to BDSM. And honestly, for all of you who think you want a Mr. Grey, do you really think you can handle it?

      • Tamie says:

        I think it’s more the idea of a Christian Grey and his sexual prowess rather than wanting a real BDSM relationship.
        At least for me.

    • amy hughes says:

      Yes matt bomer, and I feel the same way its nice to know I’m not the only one! I’ve read all 3 books and back to reading the 1st again because I miss him! I need help. Hope mrs james writes books from his thoughts!!

  12. Halle E. says:

    Robert Pattison just has to play Christian!!!! He is the focus of every Chrisitian Grey fantasy I have ever had (there have been alot!) lol. He is just sexy as hell, he has everything it takes to pull that character off! I don’t even care who plays Ana, I am more focused on Chrisitian!

    • Debbie says:

      I find myself comparing my live in boyfriend to Christian! I told him to read the book and that I keep seeing men reading it and saying there is a reason that women everywhere are reading this! I think everyone should read it! Maybe they would all get a clue!

  13. Halle E. says:

    Too bad Brad Pitt wasn’t in his 20’s- he’d make a steamy C.G.

  14. Joy says:

    OMG Christian Grey. I don’t even know where to begin…
    I hope, hope, hope that the movie really does get made & I think Henry Cavill would be perfect!! Google for some images & you’ll see what I mean…

    • Ana says:

      I TOTALLY AGREE!!! He has the bod and the face, oh & he’s 6’1″, what else do u want!

      • says:

        If there was ever any doubt in my mind that Henry Cavill could be Christian Grey (and there wasn’t!), watching him in the Dunhill Black ad that he did a few years ago completely sealed the deal for me…Henry Cavill IS my Fifty!

  15. Jessica Varney says:

    I am OBSESSED with Christian Grey!!!! I never thought I could fall in love with a fictional character but he is so well written and everything you could want in a man…I am looking for Christian every time I look at a man. I really hope that when the movie comes out, they use a really hot guy, use Robert Pattinson or Matt Bomer.

    • Debbie says:

      Matt Bomer and Robert Pattinson are hot as hell! But even though I love Rob there’s a picture of Matt Bomer on the phone and he is the epitome of Christian Grey! Why is this
      man in a book? He is perfect! I too am in love with a character in a book!

    • kim says:

      Matt Bomer!!!!

  16. Pisces228 says:

    I’ve never been so happy to have been born a “Gray” even if it is spelled differently. Christian has completely stolen my heart. Well done, E.L.!!! She wrote from the heart and created one of the most perfectly flawed men romantic leads in all of literature. He’s divine in his Fifty Shades of Fuckedupness. As for who should play Christian in the movie? There’s only one man that I’ve come across who even comes close to the physical embodiment of our beloved Fifty: Professional fitness trainer and sometime actor, Jessie Pavelka. Please, google his images. You will be SHOCKED with what you see!

    • Wow. I have seen his photos but never knew his name. You know, he does make a great Christian! I think some of the blonde might need to be tone down a bit, some of his photos hes very surfer looking. But those muscles are exactly what he’s described as having!

      • Tamie says:

        It will be fascinating to see who is chosen.
        Personally, I can see either Ian or Rob in the role and with the right trainer I think they could probably buff up nicely.
        However, I’m sure Ms. James will find the right person, and I’m glad she’ll be part of the casting decision.

    • Laura Heath says:

      I agree!!! Jessie Pavelka is perfect. People keep suggesting dark haired people. How often in the books do they say his hair is copper colored!!! Love this suggestion. I hope they ask the author her thoughts since she created the character.

    • leanne says:

      hurray,another jessie fan,if you on facebook,go fiind the page to support jessie to get cast x,hess smokin’ hot ,saeriously

  17. Debbie says:

    I don’t want Christian for the BDSM I want him for him!

  18. Lori says:

    I have to vote for Ian somerhalder! I have all 3 books 2x each. I am dying for something else. someon has suggested the whole trilogy written from Christian’s point of view. I’d buy that too! i think about Christian all the time. I know I have my own 50 shades huh?

  19. debbie says:

    i think rob pattison should play the part christian grey

  20. Brenda says:

    I read the other day the Matt Bomer is gay…that wouldn’t work. I think it should be an unknown because I want the movie to include good “bedroom” scenes…you know what I mean. And a known actor and actress wouldn’t do it…wouldn’t want to damage their reputation.. BTW any actor can change their hair color for the role curtains and rug…It wasn’t the best writing but I still loved the books…Wish I had my own Christian.

    • Tamie says:

      I’m pretty sure we won’t get an X-rated movie, so the bedroom scenes will be in line with an R. Therefore, I think known actors/actresses would be fine doing them.
      Personally, I liked the writing. If I hadn’t I wouldn’t have been able to love the books.
      Yes, there were editing mistakes, but I was able to get beyond those, and enjoy the story and characters just fine.
      I’m excited about the movie, and I can’t wait for it to get made already :)

    • ChocoMG2112 says:

      I have seen Matt steam things up on White Collar. In a bed and against a wall. Before I knew he was gay. That makes no difference to me. Those scenes were… Invigorating… **fans self**

  21. ChocoMG2112 says:

    Please no to Ryan Gosling.

  22. Melissa says:

    Favorite line…. “I do as I’m told!”
    Best actor for Christian — hummm…. Channing Tatum! HOT body and beautiful face!

  23. kerri says:

    Matt Bomer for Christian and Alexandria Dodderio are a perfect fit for the roles. I think it is important to have actors that are not all that known. this way they can step into the parts without having a type cast from other roles.

  24. C_Girl 71 says:

    Me and my husband both just finished the books, me for the 3rd time him the 1st time… Our sex life could not be better… well or relationship all together really..

  25. Julie says:

    I think Jessie Pavelka would be excellent in the role ! The books are amazing and someone asked if one could handle a relationship with him – yah with a couple hard limits *sighs*. I have to wonder when I am at the mall or on the street how many women are thinking about Christian as they walk along… Starting books for second time.

  26. The trilogy was one of the best I have read. I agree with “falling in love” with the main character, Christian Grey. The whole time I read it, I was thinking of the one man I truly loved (passed away a few years ago). Helped me remember him with a huge smile on my face. He was totally in control when we were in the bedroom, down to the hair pulling for a kiss, blindfold, and other stuff and OMG, every body part of his was talented.

    • Tamie says:

      Love Christian Grey, and of course the books and author. E.L. James is such a nice person. I can’t wait for whatever she writes next!

  27. Catherine says:

    Love Christian Grey – read all three books and cannot get him out of my
    mind. Hope E.L. James does the three from Christian’s prospective – would love that. James Scott would be a perfect Christian in the movie.

  28. MsAnaJ says:

    I absolutely adore Christian Grey. I learned of the trilogy because of my husband who happend to enjoyed the reading just as much as I did. So far, I think Matt Bomer would be great for the role, if he was a bit taller he would be perfect, but he has the eyes and the body for sure! Have you read “Bared to You” by Sylvia Day? Cross is HOT!!! Seriously hot!!!

  29. yeah it worked click on the link above guys tell me what ya think? I’d rather not have a “named” actor. A no name since Christian is new to us too ;) Ya know what I mean?

  30. April says:

    I am totally crazy about Christian Grey! I want him! And I only see Colin Egglesfield in this role. Gorgeous man!

  31. Betty says:

    E.L James has put together the best fantasy. I cant stop thinking about Christian. Am I the only one who thinks nobody is good looking enough to play CG? He just exists my fantasy the only one that could possibly play him in my opinion is Matt Bomer that photo of him kn the phone and there is a beautiful black and white closeup of him thats amazing. While I think Matt is the most beautiful man Ive ever seen, I still think Christian is in a league all by himself

  32. Anita-kay says:

    When I first read fifty(yes first because I have read it a billion times) i was flabbergasted! Never I had I ever read a book about such a man who both scared the shit out of me and intrigued me at the same time! I was your typical vanilla girl, I was so vanilla i reeked of it! Now I am proud to say that I am well equipped in the art of kinky fuckery! Am tired of the Joses of this world I need my fifties

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