Tamie and Elena Discuss Gabriel’s Rapture- Chapters 9-20

Welcome to our second week of discussion questions for Gabriel’s Rapture by Sylvain Reynard.

This week we move into chapters 9-20 and some very emotional and powerful scenes play out. In fact, you might want to bring some tissues with you…

Discussion Questions: Chapters 9-20

1) At the beginning of chapter 9 Julia says no to Gabriel…he doesn’t react very well to the rejection but it’s interesting as to why…”He needed to make love to her to know that it was all right –  that they were all right”  Have you ever experienced that kind of  feeling? Of needing physical reassurance?

Tamie: I really love the way SR crafts his stories and this is a great example of what I’m talking about. I thought that Julia was rejecting him physically because she was upset with him. I felt the pain of that rejection for Gabriel, and then a few pages later it’s revealed that something entirely different was going on. SR does that a lot…sometimes I think to myself…Tamie are you never going to learn? Things aren’t always what they appear to be with this couple. There is no predictability in the way SR writes.  I love when an author is able to do that…keep me surprised and glued to the book. As for the question…yes…I have experienced those feelings…that need for physical contact. Sometimes a hug or a cuddle will suffice, but sometimes not. 

Elena: I agree completely. I love the way SR surprises his readers. While reading I often tried to make a few guesses and then I always had to take back what I had initially thought…In this scene I too thought Julia was rejecting Gabriel because of what happened that afternoon and I felt for both during that particular scene-for Julia because of the terrible day she had, a day where all the insecurities came back to nag her and for Gabriel, because he was not able to express how much he loved Julia through the act of making love. I found the whole exchange between Julia and Gabriel very interesting, especially because we get to see how Gabriel reacts in front of a real rejection. We saw him angry and frustrated when Julia said no to him in the museum, but I never saw that “no” as a real rejection, because the excitement was there. While in this scene there’re a lot of issues at hand. True, Julia wasn’t rejecting him because she didn’t want him, the reason was another, but the whole atmosphere between them was already tense and that made her rejection even more painful to Gabriel. As far as the other question goes, I am a person who needs physical reassurance, so yes.  

2) In chapter 10 Gabriel and Julia are celebrating Christmas…what would YOU put in a stocking for Gabriel? What present would YOU like to receive from him?

Elena : Hmmm… Probably a cd with songs that are particularly dear to me. Then, let’s see…some argyle socks for him and for me ( you know for the playful times coughKitchenTablecough ;) ) , a set of book ends painted and decorated  with Botticelli’s images and a reproduction of “The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt. I’m very fond of that painting, for several reasons.  And I’d also include some Baci Perugina ;) As for what I’d like to receive from him, I’m sure whatever he decided to give me would be wonderful.

Tamie: Let’s see…I’d include a Mont Blanc fountain pen, a few pairs of uber sexy argyle socks, as well as some fine silk boxer shorts…MmmHmm, and because I happen to think it’s erm…stimulating to watch a guy shave I’d certainly include some sandalwood scented shaving soap and perhaps a new mug and shaving brush as well. Lastly, I’d include some sort of confectionary treats…chocolates, peppermints…O and a few mini bottles of Laphroaig. What would I like to get from Gabriel? Hehehe…ok aside from that…a poem or letter written from the heart…that’s all I’d want.

3) Richard says to Gabriel not to wait too long to make a commitment to Julia, because it could be too late. What do you think of Gabriel wanting to wait? Would you have agreed with him?

Elena : I understand Gabriel wanting to wait in order to give Julia room to pursue her dreams, and that’s honorable, but I have to say I agree with Richard. Sometimes we think we have all the time in the world, and then something happens and turns our lives upside down, leaving us with our own regret. Especially when love is involved I think we should grab every opportunity that’s given to us to stay with that person, and if we feel he’s THE person for us, I believe we shouldn’t  wait to make a commitment, because we never know what could happen. I’m not saying it’s right to rush things, far from it. But if we are sure of our feelings for a person and there aren’t other external factors interfering, then why wait? There will never be an absolutely perfect time to do things. Problems and difficulties will always be there. So the sooner, the better, for me.

Tamie: Elena, I couldn’t agree more. Nobody knows what the future holds. None of us have a guarantee for tomorrow. Too often I think people spend way too much time and energy worrying about the future, and don’t give enough consideration to the here and now. We take people for granted. We expect that they’ll be around when “the time is right”, or worse “when I have the time”.  We worry about being politically correct, or wonder if others will think we’re being too forward, too fast, too familiar…on and on. What I’m talking about is letting people know that they’re important to you…that they mean something…they have value to you. It doesn’t have to be a big production, or public. I realize that some people are uncomfortable with expressing emotions, but I have to ask…is your comfort level worth more than what it would mean to the person(s) you need to tell it to? My advice to Gabriel would be this…Carpe diem DOOD! …you might wake up one day and find yourself without, and how sad and wasteful is that?!? I saw an awesome quote on twitter that I want to share with all of you because there is so much truth in it… One day, you’ll be just a memory for some people. Do your best to be a good one.

Elena: Beautiful quote, Tamie. It brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing it.

4) Julia’s discourse to Gabriel about the sticky little leaves is a very powerful one. What do you think about it and about the effect it had on Gabriel? What are your sticky little leaves?

Elena: The discourse about the sticky little leaves was wonderful and very touching. I find myself re-reading it often and it’s one of my favorite moments in the series. I loved what Julia said about goodness in the world. There’s a saying in Italy that says : “Trees that are cut down make more noise than those that grow.” There is goodness in the world, a lot of it, but it’s the evil that makes the news.  I believe the discourse was a sort of epiphany for Gabriel, Julia gave him hope and made him see the world and what happens to us with different eyes. My sticky little leaves are my family, especially my parents, who always wanted to make sure I missed nothing, despite all the enormous difficulties they went through; I love them with all my heart. My friends, those in RL and also those whom I met through this wonderful book. And my faith in God.

Tamie: I thought it was stunning. It was so beautiful, touching and powerful, yet so simple. I was so emotionally moved by it that I stopped reading and just thought about it for a while. When I wrote my review I listed it as one of the things I FLOVED because I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I wanted to talk about it with somebody so bad, but I couldn’t because I was reading it as an ARC. It just about made me break one of my own rules which is no discussions with the author about the book until after my review is published. OMG! I started to email SR so many times…but I didn’t.  It’s certainly one of my favorites as well. My sticky little leaves are my family,  friends, and my belief in God. As for Gabriel, I think it had a powerful effect on him as well. I think Julia is his biggest sticky leaf, and she certainly opens his mind as well as his heart over and over again.

5) In chapter 11 Gabriel makes some new revelations about him and Paulina. Did your opinion of her change at this point of the novel?  What about at the end of chapter 12 when we’re given a scene of Paulina in a motel room?

Tamie: I gotta admit I was shocked by the revelations. If I were Julia I swear I would have slapped him…several times, hard, and I am NOT a violent person. Then I probably would’ve started bawling my eyes out…ugly crying for sure. My opinion of Paulina didn’t really change until the motel room scene…that scene made me cry.

Elena: I had several reactions when I read Gabriel’s revelations. Like you Tamie, I was shocked and taken aback, cause I didn’t expect them. We see Julia being very hurt and stating to Gabriel she won’t put up with more lying on his part. The whole scene tore at my heartstrings, I was sad for Julia, who got hurt once again, and for Gabriel, whose past came to taunt him again and to present him with the clear possibility he could very well lose Julia at that moment. It makes me think back to chapter 31 of Gabriel’s Inferno, where Gabriel reveals his past to Julia for the first time and in both scenes we witness the power of forgiveness, something that always moves me. I admit I pity Paulina. On one hand, I don’t like how she constantly tries to reach for Gabriel and to break him and Julia up. Her attachment to him is one of a desperate woman, and it’s clearly shown from the fact that she doesn’t want to let him go. But on the other hand I feel compassion for her. Gabriel himself admits he slept for years with her without loving her while she did. Furthermore, she created a child with him, and that could have given her the chance to have a part of him forever and even that reality was taken away from her. I wanted her to find her own personal redemption. When I read the motel scene I had to stop reading for a second and regain my composure, cause tears fell. It was a touching scene.

6) In chapter 15 there’s a scene where Paul worries about what might have happened to Julia.  Was there ever a moment when you thought Paul’s attentions toward her were too strong? What is your opinion of Paul in general?

Elena : I’ll be wordy here because, when it comes to Paul, I find myself having mixed feelings about him. On one hand, I believe he’s a great guy and an awesome friend to have.  I’d gladly spend hours with him talking, going out for walks, having coffee, helping each other with our respective University work, in general doing what we usually do with dear friends.  I particularly like him when he tries to protect Julia from Christa’s bitchiness and in all those moments  when he behaves like a friend to her( and I stress the word “friend”) .  I probably mentioned this before but  there’s a scene where my fondness for Paul started and I’m talking about the Starbuck’s scene in Gabriel’s Inferno: Julia’s top strap falls off and he immediately puts it back  into place covering her from prying eyes. He really showed his kindness in that scene and respect for women whereas others would have probably just ogled at her. But  he can’t  hold a candle to Gabriel Emerson. I’m irrevocably in love with the wonderful, complicated, charming, ever-so-hot character of Professor Emerson. I never rooted for Paul and Julia together, not even for a second. They’re great as friends, and I believe Paul  is the best friend Julia could ever have, but that’s it. Her soulmate is Gabriel and Gabriel alone.  Thus, yes, I believe Paul’s attentions sometimes were too strong towards Julia, especially since she told him she had a boyfriend.  From that moment on Paul should have just taken a step back. I know, he was in love, but to keep being attached to a person who doesn’t reciprocate your feelings, takes away from you your own happiness. Sometimes it’s better to just let it go and see that person with different eyes, the eyes of friendship.  I believe Paul was too invested into Julia and that made him act too strongly toward her than it was appropriate.

Tamie: O dear…I might make a lot of peeps unhappy with what I’m about to say, but I have to keep it real. Paul is not a favorite for me. Don’t get me wrong…I don’t dislike him. I would love to have him as a friend. He’s smart, caring…but there’s just something missing for me as far as any romantic/sexual feelings towards him, and I never thought for one minute that he belonged with Julia. Now I realize that my strong feelings for Gabriel color my perspective, but I think it’s a very rare situation when you don’t know that the feeling of attraction isn’t mutual, or is unreciprocated. Paul certainly knew that, and so I would answer yes, I did think his attentions were misplaced and too strong on more than one occasion.

7) What was your reaction when Julia received the letter from the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies, and when Gabriel told Julia about Christa accusing him of sexual harassment to the University?

Tamie: I may have said WTF out loud…more than once. I wasn’t necessarily surprised because I knew Christa was going to do something drastic. I wasn’t expecting a twofold attack as was written, but I was waiting for bad stuff to happen. I’m telling you guys… my neighbors must think I’m an absolute nut sometimes. I read on my balcony…a lot, and I shudder to think how many times while I was reading this book that I laughed, cried, and O yes…I cursed, and then realized that peeps were passing by below. I’d sheepishly grin and hold up my Kindle, saying…great book. I got “the nod” many times.

Elena: Me too, Tamie. I actually jumped from the couch with the book in my hands and yelled “No way! This can’t be happening!” I was so mad both at Christa and the Dean…I think my neighbor heard my hysterics LOL!

8) Food and sensuality…In chapter 19 there’s a very sensual scene between Gabriel and Julia that involves a fruit…Is there a  food you find particularly aphrodisiac?

Tamie: There are actually several foods that I find lend a certain umph…chocolate, avocados, strawberries, figs, and things with a very strong taste and scent of vanilla.

Elena: Chocolate for sure, honey and almonds.

9) Several times during these chapters we learn that Gabriel has withheld information from Julia…what are your thoughts on this? Also, is omission the same thing as lying?

Elena: I’m not pleased whenever he does this, both Gabriel and Julia end up hurting everytime despite his attempt to protect her. I understand that some things must be difficult to reveal to your partner but I also believe there has to be honesty in order to have a healthy relationship. As far as the other question goes, I think omission isn’t always the same thing as lying. It depends on the reason why we omit something. For example, in Gabriel’s Inferno Julia chooses to omit to say to Gabriel that she’s his Beatrice, the girl he met in the orchard. She doesn’t tell him because she doesn’t want to break him, because she’s good. “Sometimes goodness doesn’t tell everything it knows…” I believe it depends on the reason why we omit. True, sometimes even when we omit in order not to hurt someone, it can backfire. I admit it’s tricky.  But I still believe omission and straight out lying are two different things.

Tamie: Every time Gabriel does this I feel extremely frustrated. Whether he’s doing it to “protect” Julia or himself is irrelevant to me. It always comes back to haunt him in some way, and he’s not a stupid man. Why doesn’t he learn from it? UGH! And you’re right Elena…Julia does it as well. I’m kind of on the fence where this is concerned, but overall I would agree that there is a difference between omission and straight out lying. Having said that I think it’s very clear that both can be equally damaging to a relationship. Once trust is lost it’s so hard to gain it back…sometimes it’s impossible.

10) What are your favorite sentence(s), paragraph, scene in these chapters?

Elena: sentences :  -“I have become a great many things since you made me your lover.”

-” I would rather spend the rest of my life drinking your love, than emptying all the oceans in the world.”

-“I wandered in the darkness looking for something better, something real. I found you, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to lose you.”

paragraph: “Everyone wants to know where evil comes from and why the world is riddled with it. Why doesn’t anyone ask where goodness comes from? Human beings have a tremendous capacity for cruelty. Why is there any

goodness at all? Why are people like Grace and Richard so kind? Because there’s a God, and he hasn’t allowed the earth to be entirely corrupted. There are sticky little leaves, if you look for them. And when you

recognize them, you can feel His presence.”

scene: Belize…

Tamie: sentences: Julia laughed at the sight of him, this very proper professor sitting in his spectacles and underwear, attacking his presents like a four-year-old. 

I would never have pegged you as a cuddler, Professor Emerson.”

You are my sticky little leaf.”

paragraph: It was a subtle language – this shared language of lovers: the reciprocation of sigh and groan, anticipation growing and feeding until groans became cries and cries became sighs once more. Gabriel’s body covered hers completely, a delicious weight of man and sweat and naked skin upon naked skin.

scene: Belize…


Here are the three questions and answers from SR that were selected this week. He also asked me to pass along his appreciation to all of you who are participating.

1) Gabriel seems to omit or withhold information from Julia quite often in these chapters. Is he being protective towards Julia, himself, or both? In your opinion is omission the same thing as lying?

 With respect to the omission of information, I think Gabriel is protecting himself and Julia. He doesn’t want to lose her and so he tells himself that if he leaves out certain facts, that will increase the possibility that she will stay with him. And no doubt, he tells himself that an omission is not the same as lying. But when the facts are revealed, he’s faced with having to justify his behaviour to Julia. And as Julia points out, the withholding of information from a partner can be detrimental to the relationship.

2) In these chapters we begin to learn more about Katherine Picton’s personality. She’s one of my favorite characters in the story, even though I admit that I’d be very intimidated by her if I met her. What was it like for you to write this particular character?

 Thank you. I enjoy Professor Picton a great deal and I’m glad she is a favourite amongst readers. I can imagine her played by Judi Dench and having a charming but no-nonsense approach to academic politics. If I were to write a third book, she would have to be included.

3)  It was so difficult for me to come up with a question – so much happening in all these chapters!  But, this is something that really resonated with me – after Gabriel opens his Christmas “gift” from Paulina and runs off to the orchard, he and Julia have a rather heated discussion.  It seems that just when this couple takes a step forward, they fall two steps back with Gabriel retreating to safety and coldness (both represented in the safety of his orchard and the real cold in the air).  You have a gift for writing such exchanges with an honesty and passion.  When you are in that place writing such heartfelt, tumultuous exchanges, do you find that you can just let the words flow through your fingers to the pen (or keyboard) all in one sitting, or do you have to stop and collect your thoughts before you can continue?

 Thanks very much for your kind words. Sometimes I’ll write an entire scene without a break. Sometimes I’ll write part of a scene and then I’ll be interrupted. But in all cases, each scene and each chapter goes through multiple revisions and rewrites to make sure that the dialogue is right.


Thank you SR…it really means a lot to us that you’re willing to share.

We love the idea of Judi Dench as Professor Picton, but even more we’d love a third book.

Wow! What a great discussion Elena and I had…very powerful topics don’t you think? Now we want to hear from all of you…

Tamie and Elena

58 thoughts on “Tamie and Elena Discuss Gabriel’s Rapture- Chapters 9-20

  1. yl110 says:

    Hello Tamie and Elena.
    I’ve been waiting for today’s post eagerly. Your discussions always are interesting and I can’t help myself but think about this (and other topics) witty things. I swear, in RL I’m a polite and serious woman. Well, almost.
    On question 1. Men never reacts good about a NO so I think Gabriel was rather a gentleman and I’d haven’t expected anything less from him.
    Moreover she’s so shy and unable to recognize her own strenght yet. Really, girl, where’s the problem to declare what’s happening? And about your question, my needs of physical reassurance at this time are usually fulfilled by ripetitive afternoon shopping and sadly melting icecream.
    Question 2. Well, Elena, I could wrapped myself in a Baci Perugina paper and stuck me in a suitable argyle sock but before all this , the boy should pledge to be less heavy. A holiday at Turtle Inn would be appreciated, by the way.
    Question 3 . “L’attesa è lunga; il mio sogno di te non è finito – The wait is long; my dream of you is not over”- by E. Montale, La bufera.
    I’d have pay more attention to Richard advice.
    Question 4. Those lines, and several others in SR stories, makes me feel in awe. The person who writes such words is a precious soul and I think we are lucky to have the chance to know his thoughts. All we are sticky little leaves for someone and someone is that for us .
    About myself, sometimes I think I am my sticky little leaves.
    Question 5. This is a rough chapter and I can understand the feelings of Julia and I’m very sorry for Paulina. She behaves wrongly but she had hard times.
    On a lighter note ,my mischievous soul would likes take a peek into a certain crowded scene recalled by Paulina.
    See you later, kind Tamie and Elena

    • Tamie says:

      Hello Yl,
      It’s always so nice to see you in the comments.
      I’m right there with you on the repetitive shopping, and I had an ice cream yesterday too :)
      I love what you said about the sticky leaves…I think you’re absolutely right that we are in fact our own sticky leaves…at least sometimes.
      I am in awe of SR’s words as well.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. I look forward to seeing you again next week. <3<3

    • Elena says:

      I love seeing you here, YL! <3 Thanks for stopping by!
      I'm giggling at your Bacio Perugina comment. I too would like to be wrapped up in one of those and to be delivered to Gabriel ;-)
      I completely agree with what you said about SR's writing. We're lucky, indeed.
      Thank you for you comment!

  2. Lisa-Marie says:

    Hi Tamie and Elena,
    I very much enjoyed your discussion today. I did feel a little stupid for having missed the point in some of the questions though. :)
    So here are my answers:
    Question 1: Well just like Julia said boys are dumb. I think Gabriel may have overreacted a tiny bit. As for the actual question, I can’t really answer to that as a ..well young thing.
    Question 2 : What I would give to Gabriel would be Dali’s drawings of the Divine Comedy and a reproduction of Leda and the Swan by Gilbert Thomas.
    Question 3 : I think it is a good thing for them to wait. Getting married at the stage they’re at wouldn’t be appropriate. They’ve made idols out of each other. They both see each other as their savior ( which they are to a degree), but in my opinion to work out in the long run , they should try and find a balance between the two of them. I think they’re a little bit like ‘ when I have this person , I’ll be happy, when I can tie this person to me, all of my worryings will disappear.’ Maybe Julianne and mainly Gabriel should make a distinction between longing and desire. Longing is something to be enjoyed, it’s perpose is to create life, where as desire makes a person restless, destroys and asks for immediate satisfaction. Desire is the domain of the junk and begs for an instant release, but will leave one unsatisfied in the end. I therefore think that they should wait, till they both have control over their feelings. Becuse I slightly feel the balance between longing and desire isn’t really stable.
    Question 4 : Though I’m an atheist and I don’t really agree on some points in this section of the novel, I found the discourse about sticky little leaves to be very eye opening. My little sticky leaves: the sun, she is my great mother, the source where I get my strength. And as YL110 said myself, I’m am my sticky little leaf at times.
    Question 5 : My first thought was What a bastard. How dare he have treated her that way, it’s no wonder she looms like a spectre over him. It’s official the Professor and I are not on good terms right now. Paulina, she is probably the character that challenges me the most. At one side I dislike her for her ungracefullness in dealing with the situation. On the other hand I can’t help but feel sorry for her. Though it was very noble for Gabriel to set-up a trust fund for her, this way she will always have access to him, he’ll never get rid of her spectre this way. After reading chapter 11, Gabriel more messed up than I initially thought. By the end of chapter 12 I may have shead a tear or two( probably a whole bucket of tears). I hope things will go better for Paulina in the future.
    Question 6 : Nice chap. Overreacts at times, but nontheless a good friend to Julia.
    Question 7 : That skanky bitch ( please pardon my language) was my first thought, and that they’re most likely in for a bumpy ride.
    Question 8 : I’m not a big foodie ( allergies), so I only appreciate the smell of food. Anything with the smell of Vanilla or Cacao I find to be a great aphrodidiac.
    Question 9 : It’s very hard to tell, the line between omiting and lying is very vague. Gabriel wanted to protect Julia by ommiting the truth, but he did omit major things , which in my opinion were a tad too grave to omit.
    Question 10 : favorite sentence: ” I would rather spend the rest of my life drinkling your love, then emptying all the oceans of the world.”
    ” I wandered in the darkness looking for something better, something real. I found you, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to lose you.”
    “Love makes things beautiful.”
    favourite paragraph: ” The universe isn’t based on magic- there isn’t one set of circumstances fot the good and one for the evil. Everyone suffers sometime. The question is what you do with your suffering, right?”
    scene: Belize.
    So that were my answers, I look forward to next week.

    • Tamie says:

      I don’t think you missed the point of the questions at all, and from your answers I can say without reservation you have nothing to feel stupid about.
      I found your responses to be very thought provoking and I enjoyed reading your take on things.
      That’s what I love about this.
      Thanks so much, and I really look forward to seeing you next week.
      *high fives for the boys are dumb* I did enjoy that immensely when I read it in the book. LOL!

    • Elena says:

      I always love reading your comments, Lisa-Marie and you didn’t miss the point at all. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us!

  3. Roseann says:

    This is from the first book but I was wondering did Julia know Gabriel was in Toronto before she went there?

    • Elena says:

      Hello Roseann. I think she did.

    • Tamie says:

      I’m saying yes. Even though I don’t remember a conversation where it’s said explicitly.
      Certainly she knew it when she signed up for the seminar with him.

    • VickiG says:

      In GI, when Paul was asking her about Harvard, she said, ‘ I didn’t want to come here. I knew he was here. But I had no other choice.’ That exchange always makes me think…did she ever plan to confront Gabriel? She wanted to go to Harvard, but couldn’t afford it.
      I would like to know more of what was going on in her head when she decided to go to Toronto.

      • Tamie says:

        Hi Vicki…I was hoping we’d see you here today :)
        I too have a lot of questions regarding GI.
        There’s always the possibility that we’ll do a discussion on it later down the road.

  4. Great discussions here. As a newcomer to the GI/GR books I welcome these insights. Thank you SR for your clarifications. Obviously, the character of Gabriel is an enigmatic one even when he’s laying his heart on the floor before Julianne. I felt many times that someone of his ilk must be holding back in many respects. I’m actually re-reading the books now and am seeing things I missed first time around. Thank you SR for gifting us with such beautifully crafted works x

    • Tamie says:

      I find something new or look at something from a different angle every time I read them.
      I’m glad you’re enjoying the discussions and I hope you’ll join in as well.

      • Thank you Tamie. Without doubt these books have touched me deeply. They’re visceral, full of feeling and, most importantly of all, don’t patronise. I love the literary/art/musical tropes and the Dante/Beatrice motif. As a lover of Italy I can relate very strongly x

      • Tamie says:

        They’ve touched me deeply as well. To have a story with such fabulous writing and characters would be enough, but then we’re treated to the art, music and literature as well.
        It’s just a gift to all of us :)

    • Elena says:

      Thank you for stopping by blogmaitresse!
      I was actually discussing this with a friend of mine the other day. We both find ourselves getting something new out of both Gabriel’s Inferno and Gabriel’s Rapture every time we read them. It’s amazing. Also, this friend of mine usually doesn’t re-read books, but with these ones she couldn’t help herself. I was so happy when she told me :) They are indeed unique. I’ll never stop thanking SR for the great story he gave us.

  5. Iris~Elli says:

    1. At first I too though Julia was rejecting Gabriel from being mad and insecure over what happened with Paulina. Julia accused Gabriel of using sex to replace feelings on other occasions but that was before her. I think we all have done this a bit at least I know I have. Needing to make up. To know they are alright. To show her not just tell her how he feels because he does express his feelings and desires. Julia too has times where she needs his physical contact.
    I actually kind of laughed when she revealed it was because she was on her period. It reminds us of how young and naive she is about such things in a relationship. Embarrassed to tell him? Or is it yet again that she assumes he should understand that rejection just as she assumed she should recognize her when he didn’t? Julia assumes a lot and is naive to how a guy’s brain works. She expects others to be inside her head or perhaps doesn’t want them there. (hobbit hole) They are in a new relationship and this is the first time Aunt flow has come up so it isn’t surprising that Julia wouldn’t just out and say, “Sorry dude, not tonight, I have wicked cramps and I’m bleeding a river at the moment.” (perhaps Rachel would but…;-) I think it was kind of a combo for her of being upset over Paulina and what she perceived as rejection and abandonment over Gabriel leaving to deal with her and not wanting to go into intimate detail over her monthly cycle. She is very perceptive, so she feels he is hiding something from her about Paulina, and later we find out she was right. Yet again he was trying to protect her from information when she would rather just know it all.
    Now the actual question… ;-)
    Yes I do sometimes NEED to express myself physically with my partner or with my other loved ones for that matter. A hug, putting my fingers through their hair, rubbing their arm or back, a touch of the cheek. With touch. Something tactile. With physical love. Not just sex, but ya that too. The concept of makeup sex is real. Hopefully you have talked it out too or will do so after, but that connection brings you together. Makes you one. Reconnect. Opens you up to the feelings and breaks you open. Release.
    I think Gabriel knows he is still learning how to love Julia. He is an emotional virgin, he even said so. He knows he is good at making love. And making a woman feel good. And he knows that is all different with Julia too. For the first time he is ‘making love’. He is a confident lover. (understatement;-) *Fans self*

    • Tamie says:

      One thing I’ve always found interesting but frustrating about Julia is how mature she is one minute and then the next she’s so naive.
      I think she’s less so in GR but there were still times when I thought to myself…really?!?

      He is an emotional virgin which is probably why I forgive him more readily.
      Confident lover?!? Yes please ;)

      • Iris~Elli says:

        I think we are harder on Julia as women ourselves. Gabriel also makes her a saint. His Angel. His Beatrice. Paints her as being able to do no wrong. He wants to care and protect her vulnerable side and be worthy of her. He is in awe of her. So it is easy to sometimes expect more from her. That is hard to live up to. It makes her want to retreat. (hobbit hole) So she isn’t perfect and she does have a lot of insecurities. She has had to care for herself. It isn’t able to give some of that responsibility to someone else. Simon broke some of her confidence. Made her feel less than as a lover. frigid. Her parents didn’t give her a great foundation so she cared for herself growing up. I have to remind myself to give her a break. She is doing the best she can and she has such a great outlook on life really for someone with her experiences. She still believes in love, hope, kindness even for the likes of Christa and Paulina. She has a huge heart.

    • Elena says:

      Exactly, Elli. I believe physical reassurance can be found in different ways, not only sex. I too am a person who sometimes needs to express my affection through physical gestures in general, even the small ones, also to friends and relatives. Hugs are very important to me for example, both when I give them and receive them.
      I agree that Gabriel is learning how to love Julia. I love the part of the book when he says : “You’re teaching me to love, and I suppose I’m teaching you to love too, in a way…” They’re both learning how to love each other in different ways. They’re both teachers and students…

      • Iris~Elli says:

        I’m a huger too ;-) I love that. Teacher and student. there is the give and take or equality that Julia seeks. As academics they are devoted to being life long learners. In love They are both novices. It is not their area of expertise so they can learn together bringing each of their strengths and hope for balance. ;- )

      • Iris~Elli says:

        Another thing on #1. Here Julia “rejects” Gabriel and doesn’t tell him why. Isn’t that something that bothers her about him? Was that not an omission/lie/secret?

      • Tamie says:

        Yes, I believe it is an omission. She knows right away that he’s upset. Why didn’t she just tell him? You know what? She does it another time too.
        She waits to tell him about what happened at the restaurant with Natalie.
        Clearly, this couple has major communication issues.
        I know, I know…duh…LOLOL!

    • LOL, love your response to ‘aunt flow’ and I agree, Rachel would not have any problems telling anyone her thoughts. And I agree, I think that Julia being young and a little naive, has its play in the relationship. Especially, in such an intense relationship that they have. I also agree, she is very perceptive and knew about the secrets Gabriel is hiding about Paulina. To me, hiding facts is very upsetting. Gabriel doesn’t see it that way, though. :-(

  6. Iris~Elli says:

    2. I loved that he gave her Christmas panties ;-) LOL And then I found these:
    For her:
    For him:
    What do I want from Gabriel? Easy. Emgasm >;-)
    “For me, your name is synonymous with orgasm. I’m going to start calling them Emgasms.” P 43 Gabriel’s Rapture

  7. Iris~Elli says:

    3.“Julia is like Grace in several ways — not least of which is her willingness to sacrifice herself for those she loves.”( ~Richard) p 93 “I won’t allow her to sacrifice her dreams for me, you can be assured of that.” p 94
    I think Gabriel is over thinking as academics tend to do. ;- ) He is waiting for the perfect time. Perfect place. He wants to plan it and that is all well and good. He does try to hint at his feelings and say it without saying it. That he loves her and wants to ask her those important questions without being out with it. Yes Julia, I love you and I want to marry you. She reads all his deferments as meaning he must not really mean it. She too feels unworthy. Not good enough. He must not really love her if he is keeping things from her. He wants to protect, she wants him to leave his past behind him and tell her about it. Share. Equal. There is no true equal. Gabriel says it all the time. She is his better. “Gabriel groaned in frustration and cupped her face in his hands. “Julianne, we will never be equals. You are my better.” P 144 GR
    He is also determined to see her dreams through, but his focus is on her academic and professional dreams. Her biggest dream of all is him. I don’t think he understands it because he doesn’t love himself. He doesn’t feel worthy of it. And his behavior in the past makes that true. He didn’t. But he is striving to be worthy. I think he thinks again like his skills in bed he is trying to use his connections and experience to help move her professional life forward. He likes giving her things. He is a giver. ;-) But he is almost trying to buy her affection even though it isn’t necessary. He doesn’t think he is enough of a gift. She just wants him to love her.

  8. katiebirdie says:

    I wish that I had more time to answer all of the questions, but I’m working today. I thought I would take some time at lunch to see everyone’s answers. :)

    1. I don’t think that Gabriel would have reacted so strongly if he had understood WHY Julia was saying no to him. But it’s an example of them still learning about each other, and communication isn’t their strong suit.

    3. I think that Richard was putting too much pressure on Gabriel telling him to marry Julia now. I think that they definitely should wait. There are too many examples of them not really understanding each other yet. Gabriel was right to say it’s too soon. Why rush into things??
    This is coming from a woman who had a year & 1/2 engagement, after living with my boyfriend for three years first. So I guess I’m all for working on communication and understanding first. Committing to each other is important though.

    6. I thought that Paul stepped over the line with Julia at times. I was happy to see her stand up to him, saying her name is not Rabbit. He has given her great support in the past, but he needs to respect her relationship with Gabriel.

    9. Gabriel is lying to Julia when he is not sharing with her about his past. It really proves my point that they have alot to learn about each other, before going in to marriage. Warning bells always went off in my head every time Julia would find out something about Gabriel’s past from someone else.

    10. If I could pick a favorite chapter in this book, I would have to say Ch. 10. I also loved their time in Belize together. Favorite lines:
    “We’re all sinners. If only non-sinners went to church, the churches would be empty.”
    “The universe isn’t based on magic–there isn’t one set of circumstances for the good and one for the evil. Everyone suffers sometime. The question is what you do with your suffering, right?”

    Whenever someone asks me my opinion on why bads things happen in the world, I usually say Free Will.

  9. Iris~Elli says:

    4. “The sticky little leaves aren’t faith or salvation. They’re the rem¬nant of hope. They stave off his despair, demonstrating that despite the evil he has seen, there is at least one good and beautiful thing left.”
    I feel you both. This part of the book struck me hard in the chest. I try to be an optimistic and positive person, but Julia’s grace in this moment was astounding to me. Such a gift for Gabriel, the hope and love she gives him. So wise above her years and so forgiving of all the wrongs she has encountered. She truly does rise above. For all her naïveté I talked about in the last question this is where she goes above and beyond. She is his very smart girl. She is a woman though Gabriel, perhaps it would help her if he referred to her as one. ;-) Yesterday I was exploring all that is Sting on the fan twitter. I am now listening to SR’s favorite Sting Album Nothing Like The Sun, and my favorite song is on. Fragile. “How fragile we are.” But our sticky leaves give us strength.

    For me My Sticky Leaves are my family especially my father who I miss every day. He gave me my foundation. His love was quiet, kind, nonjudgmental, unconditional and huge and he gave the best hugs.

    My husband is my soul mate and my children are my joy. I love my Maiya and Xander with all my heart. I love all the children in my life, family, friends, cousins and students. I find joy in every one of their accomplishments be it a first step that has come late or when they surprise me with something I didn’t know they were capable of.

    God is my “Guide and my light” (ya another Sting ref.)

    Music is a sticky leave for me and now books. Who knew the girl with dyslexia and language processing disorder would learn to love to read. It may take me a long time but I’m doing it. ;-)

    And of course my friends close around me and the muses throughout the world. Oh the muses and this book and all they have brought to me. I love you dearly!

    Thank you again SR for my friends. *tears*

    • Tamie says:

      I too try and be an optimistic, positive, and encouraging person even when I’m feeling the exact opposite.
      I don’t always succeed, but I keep working on it.
      I agree wholly and unconditionally that this is a moment when Julia truly shines.
      Elli- you are one of the most inclusionary people I know. It’s one of the many things I love about you.
      You’ve always made me feel that I belonged, and I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. *Huge hugs and tears*
      SR has brought so many people together…I have to say thank you as well!

      O…and the fact that we also share a love for Gandy? Bonus…pure icing on the cake of life <3<3<3

      • Iris~Elli says:

        *more tears* Ya I get all mushy ;-) Love to you too Tamie! 17 FOREvah! ;-) lucky/favorite number. You are an angel dear!. And thank you so much for the compliment. I hope some day to add you and Elena to my meet in person Muse list. There is a place for you in my muse Copy of Gabriel’s Inferno to sign. And duh, Gandy *Thud* We had quite the marathon on twitter yesterday. ;-) I so got one of my birthday presents in the mail today. (Not the Gandy book yet) ;-) Legos anyone?

    • Karen says:

      Ditto, to everything you’ve said :-)

    • Oh Elli, what a beautiful response. (I will definitely be checking out the Sting album, now.)

      I think it’s amazing how through SR’s story, we are all brought together. I know I’m totally new and have probably displayed a great many faux pas in the virtual world, but I am glad to have ‘met’ all the fellow GI/GR fans. There are times when I feel like an outsider intruding but you gals have been more than welcoming, so thank you all for that!
      Tamie:: Yes, Gandy is an added bonus!!! *giggles uncontrollably*

  10. Iris~Elli says:

    5. Well we do see that Gabriel the ass really struck Paulina more than anyone. What he did to her is not OK. She was a vice just like the drugs, alcohol, lust and sex. He used her up, but on that note she let him. She wanted him to. She tempted him. She wanted whatever she could get from him and how ever she could get it. She became convenient. And that must of hurt to have deeper feelings for him and have them not returned. It made her desperate. Now she thinks she loves him, but I don’t think that is the defining emotion involved. She wants him how ever she can get him. People who love each other do not try to trap them with a child or at least they don’t try to guilt them into loving them by throwing in their face over and over again. It is pathetic. It is cruel to make Gabriel responsible for the loss of Maia. They both lost that child. Where was her motherly instinct to protect that child no matter what? That responsibility was not Gabriel’s alone. And as Julia says Gabriel did save Paulina’s life and paid for it every day after Maia’s loss. Over and over. She continued to use his guilt to remain attached to him.
    Once Julia sees how Gabriel treated Paulina she does feel sorry for her. I think Julia is torn between being glad he says he never loved Paulina and sad that he would be with her and not love her. What does that mean for her? Could he turn his back on her too? He treated Paulina like she was nothing. She occupied space. He was so broken his feelings were cut off. That scares the shit out of Julia. But he is changing. He has changed. All of this happened before the apple orchard. He did regret it all. He did feel bad for his actions against Paulina and his dear Maia. Maia made him love again. Opened him up to be ready to meet his Beatrice. His angel. His guide to redemption. But he lost her before he realized she was real. Not a dream. Not an angel. Finding her again restores his hope.
    Paulina at the end. I understand what she has become. She is a woman scorned. It doesn’t excuse her vindictive intent but I understand it. She is finally rejected by Gabriel fully and he loves another. Something he never felt for her. And that hurts. That makes you want to crumble. It makes her seek revenge. She makes a poor choice. The wrong path. A path to destruction attempting to taking down Gabriel, Julia and herself. Is she can’t have him no one can. But she has lost everything. Her baby. Her lover. And she is broken and alone. Who wins in that?

  11. Iris~Elli says:

    6. I love Paul. I really do. He is also comparable to Paulina. The opposite with a similar role. He is Virgil in a way but he acts as Julia’s guide rather than Gabriel’s (Dante’s). He is rejected by Julia just as Paulina is rejected by Gabriel, but he is mostly good and light where Paulina succumbs to the darkness. Paul wants to protect Julia just as Gabriel does. They both see her vulnerable side, little rabbit/kitten. They both want to pet her. ;-) Paul hates the idea of violence. He is a natural hero. Seeing the bite on Julia makes him see red. I think he is also disappointed in her. For choosing “Owen” over him. He assumes it was her boyfriend that did this. And if it isn’t him he feels as though he would have done a better job of protecting her from such an act. In a way he thinks he would be a better suitor for Julia and he wants her too. He is falling in love with her. He steps back but he is always in the background hoping Julia may choose him in the future. He is waiting. But not like a tiger waiting to pounce like Paulina. He is more noble than that. He would always want it to be Julia’s choice and he will respect it even if he doesn’t like it. I want him to be happy. I want him to find his soul mate. He is a good guy, he just isn’t the guy for Julia. He has to let her go so he can find the one for him.

  12. Iris~Elli says:

    7. Oh Shit. I mean, I knew it was coming, but it was like the ticket to the angst. Here we go. *deep breath* Heart fail. I felt so bad for her to be given both letters at the same time. I could see the lady of justice standing there with both letters. Her future and the possibility that it will all crumble. It just sucks balls! Some of me wants to yell at her for not being more angry at Christa, but that just isn’t her. That’s Ok Julia, you have many readers that will scratch her eyes out for you. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR! RAWR!!!!!! *lynch mob for the bitch* So ya I had some strong feelings about it. ;-)

  13. Iris~Elli says:

    8. Forever the mango! “I needed to match the song to the fruit,” “Who’s singing?”
    “Bruce Cockburn.” Ya I added that to the playlist ;- )
    fruit always works. Biting into it. Sticky juice you have to lick and clean up. Yum.
    I like to eat. It is my vice. So I can’t really think of any one food that turns me on as most do. LOL ;-) Ice Cream always works. Baileys and cream or rum and coke and licking it off various… That works. ;-) Scallops eaten with chop sticks. Something about that. Bacon wrapped scallops even better. Everything is better with bacon.

  14. Iris~Elli says:

    9. I talked a bit about this already. I think some of Gabriel is protecting himself. He likes to live in denial. He thinks he is protecting her from his past but he is ashamed of it. Like he says he can’t change it so why dwell on it. He can only change his future. I think he fears is she sees it all that she won’t possible still want him. That is his greatest fear. He thought for sure that he would lose her when he told her about Maia and Paulina but he didn’t. That may have been the time to tell her all of it but he didn’t. The little omissions grow into lies. She just wants his honesty and love. No secrets. To be equals. She persists on equality. I am glad when her therapist addresses this issue later in the book, but I get why it upsets her and I agree. I HATE secrets and I am not one to hate much of anything. Secrets fester. They grow. They emerge. They are kept out of fear and they can destroy. Keeping the secret tends to do more damage than that the secret itself. There is no little white lie. I know not all feel this way. Some may not want to know. Sometimes the secrets do damage too. I just feel for me I need to let it out and gather strength from my sticky leaves to help bare the weight of it. I offer a shoulder for others and know I will need theirs in times of need. Give and take. It would be great if we were all Give give give, with plenty to go around, but that isn’t how the world works. I think of the Footprints poem. I think faith can get you through those times when you feel alone.

  15. Roseann says:

    Hi Ladies, wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a book signing and discussion in person with SR. I know he is up in Canada but we all have alot to say and a discussion with our favorite author would be fun. I went to a book signing when E.L. James was in New York and got to meet her and it was such a thrill. She is a lovely and funny lady. Well, maybe someday. Laters

    • Tamie says:

      It would be wonderful. A dream come true in fact. It’s on my bucket list even.
      However, SR has been very clear and upfront that his writing is a hobby…at least for now. And he keeps his private life very private.
      Maybe some day…

    • Elena says:

      I’d LOVE a discussion in person with SR! That would be awesome! *fingers crossed* ;-) I too had the chance to meet EL James when she came here in Italy and it was a wonderful experience. She’s a lovely lady. Let’s hope our dream will come true someday… ;-)

  16. Iris~Elli says:

    10. Fav quotes ch 9-20
    “A happy Gabriel is about as rare as a hobbit. We’re all glad to see it.” ~Aaron Ch 9
    “He was so excited he was practically bouncing.
    (In a very dignified and professorial way, of course, despite his lack of shirt.)” P 96
    Gabriel on xmas morning = adorable
    “You are the greatest gift,” p 98
    “The universe isn’t based on magic — there isn’t one set of circumstances for the good and one for the evil. Everyone suffers sometime. The question is what you do with your suffering, right?” p 101
    “It isn’t God who’s evil — it’s us.” P 102
    “Despite everything that had happened to her, she had not lost faith or hope or charity.
    She is not my equal; she is my better.
    She is my sticky little leaf.” P `102
    In her whole life, no one had ever looked at her like that. Like a blue tractor beam that froze her and pulled her in. Like she was the only woman in the room, in the world, the only woman ever. Like she was Eve. P121
    The geek is revealed ;-) #Star Trek Ref.
    “I’m proud of you.”
    Julia grew a little teary at his praise, for apart from Grace, no one had ever expressed pride in her or her accomplishments. “ Ch 16
    “Gabriel groaned in frustration and cupped her face in his hands. “Julianne, we will never be equals. You are my better.” Ch 16

    “You aren’t going to disappoint me, Gabriel, unless you keep secrets from me.” P149 ch 18

  17. Hi! Thanks for hosting the 2nd segment of the discussion. I’m sorry I don’t have enough time to answer all the questions but I will paste what I have so far. On a side note, I’ve realized that I really need to get GI & GR in paperback, so I can bookmark and highlight all my favorite parts/scenes/paragraphs!

    1. As much as I think Gabriel is a mature, fine gentleman, when Julia rejected him, I had a feeling he was not going to take it well and would be…pouty. He was not one used to rejections so I was very anxious to see how he would react. I loved “Boys are dumb”, it was a cute statement that showed Julia’s state of mind at the time. She had one extremely messed up and emotional day, I felt that she did not want to reiterate or justify her rejection towards him. I can’t lie and say I’ve never felt the same way, needing physical reassurance. There are moments where a simple hug or hand-holding would make my crummy day brighter and lift my spirits, and there are days where I would need more.
    2. He was so eager to give her the presents, it was adorable! I’m not sure what I would get him, everyone posted some great ideas (especially, the argyle socks). I need time to think of something original, but off the top of my head, I would perhaps get a frame with an excerpt from a poem or scripture to reflect my feelings for him. I agree with you – I would love a letter from Gabriel.
    3. Gabriel’s wanting to wait, I feel, there may be a little more than the reason he gave Richard about mid academic year and life changing decisions for Julia. Selfless as it is, I think maybe he is also afraid. He does not want to lose Julia, and for now things are working (even though they’ve reached some bumps in the road) so he is afraid to stir the water. I don’t agree with him waiting. Although, like you said, it was honorable to give her room…I just feel that giving her room to pursue her dreams is a one sided decision, and not the right answer for his waiting.
    4. The sticky leaves part is my favorite. It’s so simple, but it is so powerful. Like her question to him, asking what his sticky leaves are. It was a simple question but it surprised him. Julia’s explanation made me cry, I sound like a broken record, but it was so simple yet so powerful. “It isn’t God who’s evil – it’s us.” “Why doesn’t anyone ask where goodness comes from?” These lines ring so true. We are quick to find fault and blame when things are bad, but rarely do we question the simplicity of goodness. I think Julia’s explanation showed Gabriel that it is not just okay but necessary to have hope and little sticky leaves.

    One of my all time favorite lines from any novel,

    “Because there’s a God, and he hasn’t allowed the earth to be entirely corrupted. There are sticky little leaves, if you look for them. And when you recognize them, you can feel his presences.” (S. Reynard, p. 101)

    My sticky leaves are definitely my family, my friends, and God. When I am at my lowest and most defeated days, they are there to pick me up and remind me of the good. There are a great many days where I feel lost and I pray for guidance, and the simple act of prayers helps me through some rough patches.

    • Tamie says:

      *Runs to give you hugs*
      I’m so happy to see you here, and never worry if you can’t answer all the q’s.

      Fabulous Queenie. Thank you for sharing your insights.
      I love what you said about prayer…it’s the same for me. <3

    • Iris~Elli says:

      Hey Queenie! If you have a PDF copy of GI & GR you can use the highlight and underline function. That’s what I do and then I can copy to grab quotes for things like book club ;-) etc. My first paperback copy of GI (I have 3) is all underlined with notes too though. And signed by the special muses I have met in person. A GI yearbook of sorts. RandomCran had that great idea.

      A letter from Gabriel would be grand! And how could I forget argyle socks. ;-) We know she isn’t going to support his bow tie habit ;- *snort*
      I agree with your views on Why Gabriel was waiting. He is afraid. And it was yet a again him making that decision without consulting her. He talked about it a bit but also didn’t let her disagree and she isn’t going to push for a proposal. Fear is such a strong emotion. Worse than anger and guilt. Gabriel needs control to not fall into his fears and this is some what how he keeps control by making all the decisions.
      Love your sticky leaves and quotes. Profound. :-D SR does a great job of making us feel doesn’t he?

      • Tamie says:

        As much as I love my Kindle…there’s nothing like having the hard copy.
        I have 2 copies of GI and one of GR…so far :)
        The 1st GI copy I have is very special to me…it’s well loved, and has traveled out of state and out of the country with me.
        It’s full of post-its and markings…I don’t lend it out anymore. That’s why I bought the 2nd copy :)

      • Hi Elli! How are you? I don’t have the PDF version, I only have the one through Amazon for the Kindle app. What a great function that you can highlight and underline on the PDF version! You gals have convinced me, I will order the paperback versions. Wowee you have 3 copies – how awesome! And what a great idea of Cran’s to have you all sign it, what a creative way to keep the memories.

        Oh, how can I forget the bow ties?! I love them on the professor! Right, I don’t like that he sort of took charge of the decision making and not let Julia have her say. It was a very selfless and humble thing he is trying to do, and I understand he is older and more mature, but I just feel because it very much involves Julia, she definitely must have a say in it.

        The sticky leaves part is by far, my favorite of the whole series. SR is an amazing author that can pull out all the emotions through his characters and his words (and I am honestly in love with his characters).

    • Elena says:

      Thank you so much for stopping by, Queenie! I love seeing you here <3
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and I agree completely with what you said about God. I always ask Him for guidance and when life gets tough I find in Him great comfort. The act of praying is really important to me. Thanks again for your lovely comment!

      • Hi Elena, thanks for the warm welcome, I love being able to participate in the book discussion! I agree, I find myself asking Him for guidance often, and sometimes it may not appear right away, but it does show its way. Thanks for sharing your thoughts as well! You & Tamie have an awesome blog, here!

  18. Karen says:

    This has been a busy weekend for me and so I am just happy that I’ve been able to find the time to read through these very deep, thought provoking questions and all of your equally thought provoking answers. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone’s thoughts about these chapters. Makes me want to go back and read the books a third time. I may never get through my “to be read” list at this rate, and as Julia had mentioned about Gabriel, I sometimes truly feel that SR has ruined me for all others anyway :-)

    I do not belong to a book club, ( except for the informal one that has seemed to have transpired on Twitter LOL) so I am thankful for this forum. Thank you.
    Looking forward to more ;-)

  19. sararrice says:

    This is my first contribution to the Bookish book club but I have been out of town and getting back into the swing of things has been hectic. Too much going on over the summer. But I digress…..

    I have been reading all the comments and love how Elena and Tamie have been really dissecting the book and all it’s chapters. I am really impressed how both of you have really expressed so much. Wow!

    The question I am going to comment on is the question you posed about Chapter 15 where Paul worries about what might have happened to Julia. I always thought Paul had other intentions for Julia from the beginning. To me he seemed like a nice guy but for as long as they knew one another I always had a weird feeling that he always want her to himself. I think earlier in the books, he is just a friend and friends do care about one another but I think the way the book describes how he looks at her, makes me think otherwise. Come on, he knew she had a boyfriend. He should have respected that. Maybe in his mind he thought if he hangs around and makes it appear to her that he is always there for her at some point maybe he is thinking he will change her mind? Didn’t like him too much.

    • Tamie says:

      Thank you Sara! That means a lot. We’ve really worked hard to come up with a good mix of serious q’s but adding in some fun as well.
      I tend to agree with you about Paul…he has stronger feelings for sure and thinks if he holds on long enough that the feelings will be reciprocated.
      I’m so happy you joined in! Mwah!

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