The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning

So for those of you that don’t know me yet,  I’m completely obsessed/addicted to the Fever series books, and the ultimate bad boy that IS Jericho Z. Barrons.   This is literary crack at its best.

btw I blame  thank JAG for getting me hooked in the 1st place. Xo J 😉

There are 5 books in this series.

1. Darkfever 2. Bloodfever 3. Faefever 4. Dreamfever 5. Shadowfever

The 1st two books were interesting and enjoyable, and unlike lots of folks I love pink Mac. She’s what I wish more 22 yo gurls were like. Her biggest concerns? What color of nail polish she’s gonna wear next,  tanning evenly, making sure she’s perfectly accessorized…and then comes the phone call that changes EVERYTHING.

Mac finds herself in Ireland trying to solve a murder that the Dublin police cannot. There she hooks up with Jericho Z. Barrons. He’s the mysterious, and dangerously desireable attractive owner of Barrons Books and Baubles who teaches Mac to survive in a world she never knew existed. In return Mac helps JZB to search for the sinsar dubh aka The Dark Book of Magic in a way no one else can.

O…Hi there!

I never knew whether I could trust JZB, but I did know I wanted to get to know him better…up close and personal if u know what I mean 😉

KMM drew me in slowly, teasingly, but it was book 3 that really sucked me in grabbed and held onto me, and kept me turning pages at all hours of the nite. #NinjaReading

Part of what makes these books so achingly great is the UST between Mac and Barrons. OMG let me just tell u that KMM is masterful at keeping u waiting…and believe me you’ll want it before you get it. Want it real bad.

There are major cliffhangers at the end of books 3, and 4. My advice which was learned the hard way? Make sure you have books 4 and 5 in your hot, sweaty hands BEFORE you finish book 3. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

A smokin’ hawt, squirm in ur seat, and turn up the a/c NOW good time awaits you in what is simply known to all true Feverheads as…  Book 4 Chapter 4. You can even buy a shirt to celebrate it. Wait… What?!? No I can’t tell you more it’d ruin it.

There’s also the hotly debated question of what exactly is JZB anyways. Well there are many and varied theories and ima let you come up with your own. Um, you didn’t really think I was gonna tell you right? But now since you’ve begged asked so nicely here are a few more pictures of MY Jericho Z. Barrons


Mmmmm…yeah me too. Licking and drooling is always encouraged allowed here 😉  and srsly who cares what he is?

One more character I must indulge in mentioning becuz he’s a major player, and um ok he’s effing HAWT,  is V’Lane. This man, creature  Fae has some AMAZING talents that he unleashes on the female persuasion, and I do mean AMAZING. His abilities alone make the books worth reading. And the verbal sparring between Barrons and V’Lane is LOL funny.

Have I piqued your interest??? Well what are you waiting for…go…read, and then tell me what you think.

I’ll be sharing some of my favorite Fever quotes soon. MmmHmmm!!!!

The Fever series gets a 5 heart  rating  
Now you tell me. What’s your literary crack?

Ok one more picture b4 I go

Tamie Xo

6 thoughts on “The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning

  1. Jag says:

    I am fully prepared to take the blame for getting you hooked on these books. They are my brand of literary crack 🙂


  2. hellokittee says:

    Oh gawd! First it’s Jamie and now JZB! You r totally killing me! Sofaking hot! Gosh who is that guy? He is so my fantasy of Jerricho? Unf!


  3. beingbold says:

    JZB & V’Lane…yes and yes!! But, let me also add Christian McKeltar….and there you have three very good reasons to give these books a 5-hot dood rating! I totally agree that once you start these, you can’t put them down! Once you get the “fever” it definitely stays with you!!


  4. Celeste says:

    awesome review, Tamie! I loved these books and they totally deserve the 5 hotties rating.


  5. Stacy says:

    Ohhh, I’ve been waiting and waiting to start this series. I’ve been trying to save my book allowance, and buy all of them 🙂 However, I couldn’t wait…so, while my son was tutoring at the library, what do you know? A table in the middle of the room, displaying all books…minus book 1. So, I asked them to order it for me…and ta-da, it’s here. The hubz will pick it up today, and I guess I will be engrossed by 7 pm 🙂


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