Book to Film Friday: Jericho Z. Barrons

As a reminder, Book to Film Fridays are your opportunity to tell us who you imagine would play a specific character if the book or series became a movie.  Of course, we’ll also be sharing our ideas and opinions too.  The purpose of all this…to have fun…and maybe to sway some Hollywood casting agents!!

This Friday’s character is: Jericho Z. Barrons

You know…book 4 chapter 4… Jericho Barrons…                      MmmHmmm.





Tamie: This is an impossible task. I don’t know if there exists a man in Hollywood or on the planet earth who could actually capture Jericho Barrons for me. However, Eric Etebari comes the closest to what’s in my head…I think…Ana:Wow…definitely the most difficult one yet!! Jericho is such an enigma. He’s sexy, mysterious, intelligent, dangerous and did I say sexy?!?  In short, he’s not your average guy.  So, I give you Eduardo Verastegui.  He’s a Mexican singer, actor and all around hot guy.  I don’t know much about him but I do know that I’d  happily let him “help” me if I was ever to become priya!😉

Eduardo VerasteguiEduardo Verastegui

Jag: This was impossible with a capital ‘I’. What ‘man’ could possible capture all the glory that is JZB? The entire time I read these books I always pictured this guy…

and I have a feeling this is Eric Etebari, Tamie’s choice.  Oh and that beatiful picture was created by DreamySim, so talented.

Celeste: oh, mama struggled with this one. I really haven’t found the perfect guy that is my JZB. If I did he would have the body of sexy dood #1 and face of sexy dood #2. Yes?

sexy dood #1

sexy dood #2

8 thoughts on “Book to Film Friday: Jericho Z. Barrons

  1. MrsKowski says:

    Hands down it’s a tie between Oded Fehr & Jason Momoa. Oded Fehr captures that sexy, mysterious yet refined look and Jasom Momoa captures the sexy, dangerous & animalistic look.


  2. OK there are about 50 gazillion babes out there that are asking WHAT about David Gandy? The favorite character on Twiter for JZB He has also been favorited as Vishous in the Black Dagger Brotherhood! He is absolutely AMAZING!!! Of course I will suffer if it is Jason Momoa cuz he is beyond amazing and EPICas Kahl Drago in the Game of Thrones…but Eris doesn’t cum close to Jason or David Gandy in my opinion…


  3. Linda says:

    No, JZB has got to be Eric Etebari🙂


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