A surprise visit from…Jack!!!!!!!!!!! YOWZA!

Recently I asked Debra Anastasia about one of my favorite bad boys and fantasy boyfriends,  Jack…Satan Jack that is.  Well, he paid me a surprise visit and  doesn’t that just bump up your heart rate? I’ve been greedy in keeping it to myself. So now I’m sharing it with you. Swoon away gurls…I did!

“Tamie. I see you. I know you think about me.” Jack exhales smoke in the shape of a heart. “Come closer, let me smell your perfume.” He licks his lips, waiting.

“Debra Anastasia said you wanted me to drop by. I don’t blame you. You miss me. I bet there’s times at night when you wake up panting, not knowing why, but feeling like you can taste me on your lips.” Jack twists his long hair and ties it with a piece of leather from his wrist.

“So what’s there to talk about Tamie?” His lips curve around the name like he owns it. “I can do so much more than talk.”

Only silence greets his question. He plucks a bottle of rum out from the choppy smoke of his room. He takes a long swig before answering the question himself.

“It’s holiday time up there now, right?” Jack sits in a hard chair that forms just for his comfort. “Men in red suits, presents all around, those fucking peppermint canes.”

He runs his hand through his hair, forgetting it’s tied back. The loose bits fall around his face, softening his sharp jaw line. He focuses his brown eyes on Tamie, the smoke clears so she can see the bits of pain in his eyes.

“Things down here never change. Time flows above me and below me, but I never know for sure, where I am in it. Birthdays, holidays, it all passes me by. I can only live in the moment. My only gifts are my senses. Like taste.” He runs his tongue over his teeth.

“I love to taste.” All that isn’t said is implied.

“Perfume? The scent of a lady? That can drive me to drink and often does.” To prove a point, he takes another healthy gulp.

“I guess my favorite would be sight. The skin of a woman is so temptingly smooth. It’s almost hard for a man to resist, just to gently touch her softest parts. Hear her moan, maybe beg, if he’s lucky.” Jack takes another hit from his cigarette. He bats his eyelashes before blowing out the smoke.

“Those are the gifts I receive and the only ones I can offer. I do so lavishly, if I get the chance.” Jack stands and stretches, his leather coat falling open just enough to give hints at the tattoos on his chest.

“So Tamie, anytime you want your present, you know where I’ll be keeping it.” Jack looks at his crotch and gives a naughty wink. His smile hints at teasing but his eyes betray him, showing his deep, endless loneliness.

“Happy Holidays.” His voice was just a whisper as his smoke engulfs him, sealing him from the woman who cared enough to ask for him.

O. My. Jack.  It’s hard to form a coherent sentence after that isn’t it ladies?  Jack, you can visit me anytime.  Erm…yeah. I think I’ll just leave it at that.

Tamie Xo