Libations, Amuse Bouche, and Gabriel’s Inferno (Part 2)

Hey there! Welcome back!

Guess you’re as ready for more beverages, snacks, and Gabriel’s Inferno as I am to share them with you right?

Last time I concentrated on the lighter side of GI, so this week I want to delve into the more fiery, lustful, and get your heart pumping emotions.  I think these require something a bit bolder for our palates. Now I don’t know about you but when I think lust, passion, lovers…I think chocolate. I’m a semisweet/bittersweet girl myself, and recently I’ve discovered a new love. Dark chocolate infused with chili. Don’t be scared to try it. It’s chocolate with a nice kick. It warms your mouth in a sensual kind of way. Like a lovers kiss. Like I would imagine a kiss from Gabriel would be…Yeah that.  In fact, what a great way to start off. A chocolate chile truffle or 2 and a chocolate spiced martini might seem a bit too much for some, but it’s actually quite good together. We can all just close our eyes… take a bite…take  a sip…  and imagine Gabriel’s blue eyes looking into ours as he comes closer, closer, and then the soft yet demanding feel of his full mouth on ours… YOWZA! Works for me.

OK, OK,   everybody take a moment to restrain collect themselves and cool  calm down   Deep breathes in…deep breathes out. We ready to resume?

Let’s reminisce together about two scenes in particular.

Envision Lobby if you will with a particular Professor who’s had a bit too much to drink, and looks to be on the verge of succombing to that nasty Christa. Don’t you just want to birtch-slap her…repeatedly?  MmmHmm… me too. But then things take a rather interesting turn once Julia thinks of a way to get Christa out of the picture. Clever girl our Julia. There’s a great combination of funny, swoony, unexpected moments that follow,  AND there’s mention of Gabriel’s  well defined abs and his deep V.  I SAID his DEEP V! Ladies, did you just lick your lips too?  That deserves a *Hard Thud* and an  UNF! Now I need a gulp sip or 10 while I contemplate that glorious visual. I want something that tastes rich and spicy on the tongue and gives me  a bit of a burn… like reading that just did. I’m wanting Disaronno. If you’ve never tasted this liqueur I urge you to have it the next time you read this scene (and a few others…ahem). For the burn…the glorious burn.

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