My Top 10 Book Covers of 2011

After putting myself through the trauma of choosing an order for my Top 10 Books for 2011 I decided I deserved a reprieve  for my favorite Top 10 Book covers. They are presented in no particular order, but I loved them all. Several of them were what drew my interest to the book in the 1st place.

I’m afraid in this day and age of ebook popularity that book covers aren’t given as much thought and attention as they should receive. I believe that’s a huge mistake. Whether I’m in a book store browsing,  looking online, or perusing a publishers site, I’m still drawn in by a great book cover. Sometimes it’s the colors that catch my eye, sometimes it’s the design/ picture/text, and sometimes it’s all.  I work in retail as a merchandiser when I’m not doing this, and my boss has a saying he’s fond of…It’s a 5 second decision for customers.

I don’t know how much input an author has on his/her book cover, but authors if you do have anything to say in the matter make sure your book cover speaks for you.

Alright, show time…



I’d be interested in what you think on the subject of book covers. Maybe I’ll do a poll on it sometime. For now leave me a comment. And if you have a book cover YOU love…share it please.

Tamie Xo

8 thoughts on “My Top 10 Book Covers of 2011

  1. Elena(TwiArcady90) says:

    Love these book covers! Really beautiful!
    And to me, a book cover is really important. It’s the first thing I notice and that makes me want to check a book out.
    I also like reading authors’ explanations about the covers of their books: the meaning behind them, the choice of the colours and so on… I think it’s really interesting.
    Thanks for the post! May the beauty of these covers shine 😉


  2. Thanks Tamie, for selecting the e-book cover of EMOTIONAL GEOLOGY. It features a solitary tree on Loch Lomond in Scotland. That isn’t the part of Scotland where the novel is set but I think the image conveys the mood of the book – bleak & beautiful.

    Interesting about the “5 second decision”. I don’t know whether you’ll agree, but whenever I’m browsing online I always think US book covers are much more appealing and exciting than their UK counterparts. They seem to have more energy somehow.


  3. I bet that hand one is a homeless romance with a ton of creative cursing. 🙂


  4. Great picks, Tamie! I am also a big fan of cover art. Few things make me happier than seeing a particular cover and trying to figure out what hides inside.

    I was drawn to the covers of Fallen. Hush, Hush and Matched. But my all-time favorite is the cover for The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. That cover alone is enough to make me all teary-eyed : )


    • Tamie says:

      I even talked about book covers in at least 2 of my reviews so they’re very important to me. The Giving Tree is just about my all time favorite children’s book.
      I have an autographed copy that I cherish.


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