My Top 10 Book Boyfriends of 2011 AKA Fantasy Boyfriends

I must confess that this was quite an enjoyable list for me to ponder on. Let’s talk about what it means to me to be a fantasy boyfriend for just a minute. These are the guys that won’t leave you alone after you’re done reading the book. They stay in your mind, and erm… other places even after you’ve moved on to something new. You want to talk about them and share them…well kinda share them…with your girlfriends and anyone else who will listen. You wish they were real, and that you could meet up with them. And, we all know that if that happened they would be as enamored of you as you are with them. Am I right?!?  Of course I am 😉

All of the men on my list are UBER  HAWT and completely own the UNF factor necessary to be one of my fantasy boyfriends.  Most of the guys on my list share physical characteristics, so yes I do have a particular “look” that I’m quite fond of, but I’m willing to make an exception occasionally. These guys make me break out in a sweat and get my heart beating just a little bit faster than normal…ok a whole lot faster than normal when if I fantasize daydream about them for very long. They get the gurly parts tingling while I’m reading/thinking about them. O. Did I just say that? You bet I did, and you know it’s true.

Are these men I’d like to meet in real life?!?  Are you kidding me?!? Um…hells to the yes on that one!  I’d go out on a date with any one of them right here, right now.

Hmmm… there’s a future post or two just waiting to be written 😉

This list contains a tie for 1st place. I absolutely could not do anything else, and believe me when I say I thought about it for weeks.  I went back and forth many times over, but ultimately they both own a special place in my heart, and I refuse  to give either of them anything less than 1st place. If you could only see all the highlights and notes and bookmarks in my Kindle that these two are responsible for. Yeah that. Ok, I’ve kept you from them long enough.

Ladies… I give you the best of the best…Careful now…spontaneous combustion may occur.

1) Christian Grey– Fifty series (E.L. James) and Gabriel Emerson– Gabriel’s Inferno (Sylvain Reynard)

2) Jericho Barrons – (Karen Marie Moning)

3) Matthew Clairmont – A Discovery of Witches (Deb Harkness)

4) Dominic Grayson – Supernova series (C.L. Parker)

5) Jamie Fraser – Outlander series (Diana Gabaldon)

6) Satan Jack – Crushed Seraphim (Debra Anastasia)

7) Calum Morrison – Emotional Geology (Linda Gillard)

8 ) Caleb Cochran– Small Town Girl (Linda Cunningham)

9)  Blake Hartt– Poughkeepsie (Debra Anastasia)

10) William Maddox– Seers of Light (Jennifer DeLucy)

With all those guys in my head it’s a wonder I get anything done at all. If you haven’t read the books they come from…perish the thought… you need to, and then we can obsess discuss them together like the rational creatures we are. #ASIF  Seriously tho, I must offer a ginormous thank you to the authors who conceived them, and then shared them.  I ❤ you all.

Tamie Xo

19 thoughts on “My Top 10 Book Boyfriends of 2011 AKA Fantasy Boyfriends

  1. CL Parker says:

    Dear Dominic Grayson,

    The way you strum that guitar while sulking with your beer, the way your sinful tongue rolls those Rs and presses those Ns when you whisper sultry Spanish cadences in my ear, the way you leave no question that I belong to you, the hug of your button fly jeans, that delectable potty mouth, and the intricate tattooed markings on your delicious skin … death by crotchsplosion seems like a pretty good way to go.

    Any woman who has ever read a page where you have graced us with your presence

    LOL! Thanks again, Tamie! My hoohah salutes you!



  2. jessica says:

    the only argument i could possibly have is that Dominic needs to be #1! lol pretty hot list you have here.


  3. Kelly says:

    I haven’t read all of the books yet, regardless, excellent list! Love your # 1 choices. Yum.


  4. “Do you know what is absolutely lethal about you, Calum? It isn’t the big blue eyes or the curls, it’s the way you somehow manage to convey that going to bed with you would be fun, would be… a real party.”

    Thanks for choosing Calum, Tamie. I was pleased to know he worked for you too, not just me & my heroine. 😉


  5. *fans self* What a post Tamie! I’m still trying to recover from all this hotness. If anyone of them decides to visit, let me know. We had Satan Jack and the Professor( *swoons* ) drop by , if I remeber correctly. Well, could we repeat that? 😉 And of course, can’t wait to “meet” all the others.
    Jamie Fraser is a new favourite of mine. I finished “Crossed Stitch” the other day and loved it!!
    Looking forward to reading all the other books and meeting all these hot dudes! lol
    Great post! Xo


  6. shama329 says:

    What a great list! I must admit, though, your number 4 is my number 1! Dominic can speak Spanish to me any day! Wall sex, anyone? Although, some of the others on your list are pretty smokin’, too!


  7. Very busy day for me, hence my being late here.

    I most definitely agree with choice(s) #1. With some Matthew there too.
    Gabriel, Christian and Matthew, oh my!!

    There are some men I clearly need to meet! But Jack, Jack, Jack… Oh dear.

    I must add Acheron (Ash) Parthenopaeus… And Sin.

    Then going deep in the archives, I will bring Ruark Beauchamp and Wulfgar. (I wonder if anyone will recognize these guys)


  8. E L James says:

    Hi Tamie
    How awesome to have made your top ten.
    Thank you so much.
    Fifty says, laters baby.


  9. I haven’t read any of these books so I don’t know what your particular look is, but I’m really curious about them. I just listed YA boys, but PR and UF men have always been my favorite. I love love love the dark and brooding types. Kendra Leigh Castle always makes the best male characters, I love them.


  10. The only one on your list that I have one mine is Christian Fifty Grey!!!! Love him! I need to read the Fever series so I can meet Barrons because apparently he is to die for!
    My Top 10 Book Boyfriends of 2011


  11. Just found this list – agree wholeheartedly with #1’s Christian and Gabriel. Based on the descriptions and comments I need to read these other books and become acquainted with these other hot babes. Laters…


  12. Ellie says:

    Your top two are my top two, too.
    I really hopes when DreamWorks makes the Fever series into movies they do it right, and spend extra time casting Jericho. Or else, they will have me to answer to Muhahaha.
    Also, what about the Fifty Shades trilogy being made into a movie/movies.. What do you think?


    • Tamie says:

      Thanks for ur kind words. I am always fearful when books go to movies. I hope that Dreamworks can do a good job with Fever. it’s one of my fave series ever…and Jericho?!? OMG!
      As far as the Fifty trilogy is concerned…I’d love to see it be made into a movie with the same trepidation. Casting and rating is crucial. If they can’t make it without at least some of the erotica it would be ruined for me.
      What do you think?


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