**Adult Material**

I’m one of those people whose mind is always whirling away, thinking of stuff to write here, thinking of conversations on twitter, work, etc.  I keep a small notebook with me to write the brilliant stuff down, cuz I tend to forget if I don’t. O, and I keep a notebook next to my PC for the same reason.  I’d share my notebook with you, but I use a shorthand that would probably be hard to decipher. Sometimes I have trouble with that myself, and I’m the one who’s  writing  it 🙂

Anyways, I was looking through it the other day, and I thought I’d pass along a few of my observations that have to do with literary stuff… and  fantasy boyfriend type stuff.

I don’t know about you, but I really do find arrogant men in fiction to be quite sexy. A few good examples of this in my opinion are Jericho Barrons, Gabriel Emerson, and Christian Grey. I think they all come off as arrogant in one way or another, yet I find them all to be quite…erm…arousing. Yes?  Now in real life I rarely find arrogance sexy, altho there was one guy…HUH?!? O. Wait. Never mind.  I’ve actually given this some thought…imagine that… and maybe at least part of the reason I find it so irresistible is because I feel like these guys actually have a reason to be a bit pompous. They’re all men of means, smart, and sophisticated. They all have good taste in clothes, cars, wine. And well geez,  the sexual skills they all possess is …um…outstanding, impressive, desireable…

Hey, I gotta admit to something here…I sure am  curious as to why the authors make them that way. Authors, feel free to let me know the answer to that.

Have you ever noticed how much it adds to a fantasy boyfriends value if he’s able to speak a foreign language? OMG! *HARD THUD* When they start speaking in Italian, French, or Spanish?!? Well, let’s just say that I do some pretty heavy duty panting swooning. Seriously, they could be talking about the national debt, or a business deal and it would sound erotic as long as it’s in another language. I’m thinking it almost demands to be a fantasy boyfriend prerequisite. Hmmm.

I think it’s pretty well known that I have a particular fondness for certain physical characteristics, and recently when I was reviewing my fantasy boyfriends I realized how many of them share those certain traits. Not that I’m unwilling to take on a different type now and then.  Let’s see…1st of all, I like ’em tall. Admittedly, this might  stem from the fact that I am quite short…just a wee bit over 5’3″ if you must know. I’m sure a psychologist would tell me I have some sort of height issues…which I don’t. Believe me when I tell you that my big personality more than makes up for any lack in that area 😉  Maybe it’s the thought that a tall man would be able to protect me should the need arise? Naw, I just like ’em tall.

I like my guys broad shouldered and slim hipped… um yeah the well known reverse triangle…that’s just hawt! Moving on…since these guys are nearly perfect male specimens they gotta have some muscles. Nope, I’m not talking Mr. Universe type bulging muscles either.  I’d much rather my guys bulge somewhere else…capisce?

I prefer dark hair and either blue or green eyes. Maybe the eye color thing is because I have brown eyes…kinda one of those opposites attract things?

I don’t really have to have washboard abs…but I do insist on being able to gawk at the glory of the deep vee. Mmmhmm…the deep vee…

Almost all of my pretend doods are financially well off, but I want you to know that this is not a necessity for me. It’s an added perk of course if he has the ability to  whisk me away at a moments notice to somewhere far away…Paris or Florence come to mind, but I’m good with just being able to cuddle and…and…and…for long hours at a time. You do know that stamina is a requirement right? This is never an issue with fantasy boyfriends. Some of my guys are ready and willing to go 24/7 which might interfere with actually having a life outside of the bedroom…or wherever, but hey I think I could make do. Of course that tends to be a whole lot easier if they have gobs of money, so maybe I need to rethink that earlier thought.

Ok moving onto a different topic for a bit…

I love descriptive writing. Some peeps are quite happy with minimalism in this category, but not me. Huh-uh…I like it when an author uses vivid words that spark my imagination while I’m reading. So what do I consider good descriptive writing? Does descriptive necessarily mean wordy? Nope. Let’s take a look at a few passages that will give you a better idea of what I love. I’m pulling these from my Kindle. I do in fact have many such passages highlighted. (and you thought I only highlighted the sex stuff…pfftt) I will tell you that I rarely highlight my 1st time through a book. Why? Because it takes too long. My 1st time is all about being focused on the story, so I bookmark a lot and then during subsequent readings I highlight and/or make notes.  Someday I might be persuaded to tell you how many bookmarks and highlights/notes some of them contain. Honestly, it’s just an embarrassment of riches.

Through an opening in the trees they entered a small clearing that was carpeted in thick grass. Wildflowers and weeds and old rotting stumps littered the expanse of green. The air was quiet and vibrated with peace. And at the edge of the open area stood several aged apple trees, weary-looking and worn. (Gabriel’s Inferno, Kindle location 1270)

Angelfucker, thought Gabriel. The expletive sprang into his mind, unbidden and uncensored, and he tensed, rumbling low in his chest. (Gabriel’s Inferno, Kindle location 1378)

For basier in French could mean either the innocence of a kiss or the animalistic quality of a fuck. One could say le baiser and refer to a kiss, but if one said, Baise-moi, one was begging to be fucked. Both innocence and begging were wrapped up in the embrace of these two lovers whose lips never touched: frozen together, yet separated for all eternity. (Gabriel’s Inferno, Kindle location 1738)

The breeze swirled in, rustling her hair almost affectionately and bringing with it the scents of fresh-turned earth, green leaves, and the first flowers of summer. (Small Town Girl, Kindle location 181 )

I feel him before I see him. It’s as if my whole body is highly attuned to his presence. It relaxes and ignites at the same time- a weird, internal duality- and i sense that strange pulsing electricity. (Fifty Shades Darker, Kindle location 1094)

What is your thing, Anastasia? he asks, his voice soft and his secret smile  is back. I gaze at him unable to express myself. I’m on shifting tectonic plates. Try and be cool, Ana, my tortured subconscious begs on bended knee. Books, I whisper, but inside, my subconcious is screaming: You! You are my thing! I slap it down instantly, mortified that my psyche is having ideas above its station. ( Fifty Shades of Grey, Kindle location 526)

Pink little girl, pink dress with pink ribbons, pale pink skin, clean and scrubbed, like sugared almonds, like coconut ice, powdery soft, pink and white. (Emotional Geology, Kindle location 1643)

Holy Crap! Le satisfied sigh…I could go on and on…see why authors are some of my most favorite people in the world?

I have a definite preference for books of a series rather than “stand alone books”. This one is pretty easy to figure out. When I flove a book I don’t want the author to let the characters go because I don’t want to let the characters go. Does that mean I think every book should have a sequel or more? Nope, just the ones I fall helplessly in love with.

I think you’ve all figured out by now that I have a certain… erm… shall we say proclivity,  for the romance/erotica/paranormal genres, and if a story contains all 3? Well then I’m counting my lucky stars. In any event, it might surprise you to learn that I used to be all about the mystery/thriller genre. Yep, for years that’s about the only thing I read. Now I’m a bit more balanced in what types of books I choose. I say a bit more balanced because I don’t see my current ratio changing any time soon.

As much as I love my Kindle and the whole e-book phenom I still adore a physical book. I love the weight of it in my hands. I like the smell of a new book the 1st time you crack it open. I enjoy turning actual pages. I like to feel the coverwork art with my fingers. It’s an experience for me that I never tire of. One of my favorite places to spend time in is a bookstore. I can quite happily spend a couple of hours just feasting my eyes on book after book. All the various colors and textures are both soothing and exciting to me. I never fail to feel uplifted as I leave a bookstore. That is one reason why I still buy them. For that little rush of euphoria I get. I also like to support my authors by purchasing any and all versions of their work that I can. That’s important to me.  I have been asked if I ever go back and purchase the books I receive free as an  ARC from a publisher or an author. Simply put…HELL YES…  I’m buying that book if I love it. It’s a present to myself that I won’t be denied, and more importantly, I want those who give the gift of their words to be compensated.

I think that’s a good place to stop for now. Don’t worry I have lots of other observations I’ll share with you in the future.

Tamie Xo

P.S. Just one more thing before I go…Is it just me or is it especially hawt when our favorite guys use a certain word? Not just in a sexual context but in just about any context? Yep, I’m referring to the word FUCK in particular. There’s just something about a guy saying that in the fictional world that makes me squirm in a good way. Why is that? Anybody?