************BREAKING NEWS FLASH****************

 I love words. Seriously, me and words are tight, best buds, BFF’s…Wait! What?!? ? You’re not surprised by this revelation?!? This is not a stop the presses, call all your friends, monumental statement? Wow! Not much gets past you guys. 😉

Seriously tho, I do have a fondness for a great many words. I thought I might share a few of those with you. If you have any particular favorites please feel free to share them with me. Yeah we’ll share and compare.

I guess with some of the words it’s really a matter of liking how they feel when I say them, or how they sound when spoken. Other words conjure up certain images or memories. Some words are just silly and make me laugh. Some words  need a pairing with another word for the full impact. Quick…how many times did I just use the word- word?!?

We use words to convey our thoughts and to generate emotions. If we had no words…EGADS…we’d have no books, and thankfully there are those who are able to string words together in such a way that we derive great pleasure in reading them.  Words are important to me as well because I need them to do this. When I’m writing you these little gems I call posts there is a word counter. It keeps track for me which is a good thing. I like my posts to be a certain length. In general I aim for 500-1500 depending on the subject. At the end of all this wordiness I’ll let you know exactly how many I used, abused, and tortured in this one. And yes…sometimes I massacre the spelling of words here. By the way, most of the time it’s intentional and on purpose 😉

So,  with no further explanations then…On your mark…get set…WORDS!

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