Favorite Book Passages from…a whole lotta books.

One of my favorite things to discuss here…other than my fantasy boyfriends are great quotes, scenes, and passages from my favorite books. I do this because I’m hoping for one of two reactions.

1) That I spur the interest of someone who hasn’t read the book they come from enough so that they’ll go read the book.

2nd) To bring back good memories for those who have read and enjoyed them.

Most of the books I choose to read nowadays don’t come from the big publishing houses. They are books not readily available in places like Barnes and Noble, or even from your local library. There is so much talent out there that needs your help and support. I really hope that you’ll take a look at the smaller publishing companies like Omnific and TWCS if you haven’t already.

When you find an author(s) you love make sure you spread the word. Recommend, review, list, tag, rate.  You don’t have to have a blog to do any of those things. You can do it on Goodreads, Amazon, Twitter…

Do the authors appreciate it? YES! They do!

I promised you great passages didn’t I?  Well what are you waiting for? Make the jump and read…O by the way…most of the ones I chose are …erm…spicy. Did you bring your fan with you?

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