A Fantasy Hookup with…Satan_Jack

Tamie had changed her outfit four times. How do you dress for a date with the Devil? Jeans, a fancy dress, and a negligee all lay in a pile on her floor. It was a cloth grouping of failed disguises. She tried to remind herself that she’d asked for this. The dealer was an author named Debra Anastasia who was of questionable sanity. Satan Jack had seduced Tamie from afar. From pages. Even though his hand had never run down her cheek, her skin was branded as if it had.

Tamie was almost out of time, if he was on time that was.  She slipped her negligee back on and pulled on her jeans. She tucked the flimsy satin into the pants. The resulting outfit was sexy and casual. Her doorbell rang.

Jack was early. If it was Jack. She thought briefly of calling Debra Anastasia and cancelling the whole thing. Her daydream had gone too far, here in her real world, she couldn’t entertain a man she barely knew.

She stumbled down the stairs and decidedly past the telephone.  Her curiosity had her by the neck. Or breasts. Or anything. She looked at her front door. Smoke was seeping in the sides like an impatient cloud was waiting on the opposite side. Tamie glanced in the mirror above her fireplace. Her hair was wild from all her quick changes, but she refused to pat it down. It fit her actions, reckless and daring.

She strode confidently to the door, unlocked it, and swung it open.

There was smoke, but no man. The smoke was a hazy fence, but she could see only darkness beyond it. Disappointment slammed into her heart. She sighed and looked down. A single white rose was on her doormat. Tamie reached down to pick it up. The instant her fingers touched the petals, they evaporated. The very real-seeming rose had been composed of smoke. A million year old motorcycle boot was close to her hand. She slowly straightened up, taking in the other boot, the worn jeans scattered with rips. By the time her gaze found his large belt buckle her heart had forgotten to beat.

His chest was bare, which was ridiculous in this weather.  His leather jacket hung open, showing off his smattering of tattoos. Piles of leather necklaces with various intriguing charms decorated the center of his chest.

It began rumbling with his laughter as Tamie finally had the courage to put her stare on his face.

It was Satan Jack and he was straight from Hell. His blindingly white teeth were showcased as he chuckled.

“Ask and you shall receive.”  Jack took a drag from his cigarette.  “Breathe Tamie.  If you’re going to lose consciousness tonight I’d prefer it was from the multiple orgasms I’ve planned for you. “

Tamie did as she was told and found the air tainted with the sweet smell of his smoke.

“Can I…come…in?” He winked.

The word “come” looked so incredibly obscene on his lips. Tamie nodded and took a step back. She found her voice and used it, surprised that talking could be so hard.

“Welcome Jack. Can I get you a drink?”

He kicked her door shut and locked it with a snap. When he turned around uneasiness pooled in her stomach. His smoke acted like a pet and curled into a corner like a cat. “Brought my own poison. But feel free to imbibe if you’d like.”

Jack took out a metal flask and twisted the top. His deep gulps were well practiced.  “So, do you always meet strange men in your sex clothes in the middle of the night?”

He raked his gaze from her chest to her knees and back again.

“No. You’re the first.” Tamie folded her arms to cover her skimpy top.

“And what, sweet Tamie, if I’m the last? What if your boldness was the decision that changed everything for you?” Jack walked past her and blew gently on her exposed shoulder, eventually having a seat on her couch. He kicked his feet up on her coffee table.

Tamie shook herself and laughed uneasily. She made her way to the matching loveseat, trying to find some regret to match the fear she knew she was masking. There was none.

“I’m safe with you. I know that.” She tried smiling at him. He was so damn handsome. His long brown hair was loose, landing just at his shoulders, softening his sharp jaw line.

“Safe is such a tricky word. I could keep you safe. Tied to my bed, I’d make sure nothing ever hurt you. But is that safe? Would you like that?” Jack took another drag, watching her intently.

“Honestly? Yeah. I think I’d like that. At least for a night, maybe two.” Tamie couldn’t figure out where to put her hands. She’d never had them be in the way before.

“What about an eternity, sweetness? I don’t deal in nights. I deal in lifetimes, sentences, and damnation.” Jack pulled his feet from the table and sat forward. His magnetic brown eyes daring her to answer.

“Are you always so dramatic or can you just go on a date from time to time?” She bit her lip the minute the words were out.  Taunting the devil had to be a bad choice.

To her surprise, he began laughing. A deep, addicting belly laugh. Eventually, she had to laugh with him.

Tapering off, he stood and stretched. “I came to warn you away from me Miss Tamie. And now, here you’re making me into a drama queen. I like you.”

Tamie stood as well. “I wouldn’t say queen, but it might do you some good to quit threatening me with obtuse threats and maybe –just maybe– enjoy yourself.”

“Brave statement.” He crossed the distance between them and up close, he was just pure sex. He looked from her lips to her eyes slowly. “From a bold mouth. I wonder if you’ll taste like cinnamon or cotton candy.”

Tamie couldn’t say anything witty, his nearness had paused all of her coherent thoughts and words. She leaned in, just having to feel his kiss. Tamie reached up and grabbed two fistfuls of his hair. His eyes registered surprise. She was betting he was usually the aggressor, used to making the first move. She bit his lower lip lightly then traced it with her tongue. When he moaned in appreciation, Tamie’s knees went weak. In one swift moment Jack lifted her off her feet and pressed her against the nearest wall.

“Stop.” His voice was laced with need and anger.

She refused to listen to his words and kissed him again.  He balanced her with his legs and punched the wall near her head in his frustration, kissing her back, pouring his potent talent over her skin. His hands were everywhere.

Tamie tilted her head back to breath and he stopped, cursing under his breath.

She looked in his eyes, smiling at the obvious torture he was in and was startled when she saw the sadness there. “Oh my gosh. What’s wrong?”

He rubbed his lips with one hand, but didn’t set her down. “Don’t you get it? This, you, it’s all a punishment. A taste of what I’m never allowed to have. The women I deal in are bitches, horrid pieces of life. But you.” He held her face softly, “You I could get addicted to. Is that even fair? You want a night, maybe two. Once I have you I’ll know all I’m not getting.”

Tamie felt a deep sadness then.  It wasn’t fair to play with him. He was Satan, the devil. He had just a small respite from Hell, she’d wanted to have a lovely date. But for him, this was like a work release program, a brief bit of freedom. Making him experience something that he would long for wasn’t even a little nice.

She leaned forward and hugged him like a friend. He set her down on her feet.

“Okay, change of plans. Let’s go. Let’s go for a walk, get some ice cream.” It was killing her not to see what he would do in her bedroom, but he needed her to be kind to him.

He took a step away and shook his head as if to clear it. “I’d love that Tamie, but you’re going to have to cover up. That top is killing me.”

“Same for you. I’ll get us both a sweatshirt.”

After both were wearing Tamie’s favorite old sweats, they ventured into the night planning on cramming as many sweet pleasures as they could in the small amount of time Jack was allowed away from his place of business.


This was written for me by Debra Anastasia.

Mad love to you Debra and Satan_Jack of course,  who will 4ever be 1 of my favorite fantasy boyfriends <3<3<3

If you haven’t read Crushed Seraphim yet you need to. The sequel is coming out this year and I can’t wait. More Jack.

Tamie Xo

7 thoughts on “A Fantasy Hookup with…Satan_Jack

  1. Wow. WOW. Lucky you!!!!!


  2. Ah Jack. Make my headache go away…


  3. I need a drink. And a smoke. And I don’t even smoke!


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  5. Elena(TwiArcady90) says:

    OMG! I absolutely loved this! You, lucky you! ;))


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