FanFic Friday: Spotlight! ‘Saving Myself’ and ‘Between Pleasure and Pain’

Pardon me while I yell TGIFFFriday… see what I did there? 😉 Welcome to the first FanFic Friday of the year 2012 #we’reallgonnadie. Annie and I have two recs for you, plus a couple of fic contest announcements!

First up, Annie has a work in progress for you. Seven chaps in and Annie is loving it. (Me? SOLD!)

Saving Myself by 107YearoldVirgin

He’s fresh out of the Army. She’s fresh out of luck…and her mind. They’ve just met, but when an opportunity to win 2 million on a reality show arises, can they pretend to be in love? And saving themselves for marriage? BxE/AH/Fluff-fic WIP

From Annie: It seems like a lot of us could use a bit of comedy right now. This fic ought to fit the bill. It’s seven chapters in, Bella has the strangest workplace (Some of which is based on reality. Scary.), and Emmett as a roommate is always a win. Someone on the twitter described this as quirky. They had me right there. It is. And hilarious. Hop on and enjoy the ride.

Excerpt from Chapter 2:

“You know he’s a turbo slut, right?” I pointed my empty bottle at Emmett while closing one eye so that he wasn’t a variation of three Emmett’s and only a slightly fuzzy one, instead. “And a drunk.”

Emmett ugly laughed and made a face before returning his attention to his laptop. “She,” he pointed back at me, “is both of those things, as well. Because I taught her everything I know.”

“He hooked up three girls in one night.” I shifted to the edge of the couch and narrowed my eyes. “In a five hour time frame. In the front seat of the Jeep. All of them.” Masen pressed his lips together to stifle a smile. “I rode in the back. I didn’t wanna get syphelpes from the aftermath.”

“Nice use of syphilis and herpes as a hybrid,” Emmett drawled, cocking a finger gun and shooting it at me.

“S’true, you know. That’s why his nuts are so swollen.”

Masen choked on the remainder of his beer, spitting dribbles down his chest, and stood quickly to remove his shirt. And that’s when I got to see his body firsthand and I dropped my bottle on the floor, blinking slowly as my mouth fell open and I struggled to form a coherent thought. Masen excused himself and left the room, making me turn my head and follow him all the way out of my sight.

“Get a burp cloth; you’re drooling,” Emmett slurred.

P.S. When Debb asked me to rec a WIP this week I had one in mind. It’s just getting started though and I just didn’t have that, “Oh man! You HAVE to read this!” feeling yet. Then I started Saving Myself and clouds parted, angels sang and the world was right again. Kind of like how things would be if we had gotten a certain pic of Rob in Bel Ami. coughWTFBelgianscough (Note from Deb: I was skimming to find an excerpt for you guys and ended up reading all posted chaps last night. Go read!)

My kinky rec (you’ve been warned), and some great contest announcements, after the jump!

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