Beckett Taylor drops by…

***adult material***

Tamie unlocked her door while juggling grocery bags and her purse. She never even sensed the man behind her until he had pushed her through her doorway. He covered her mouth before she had a chance to scream.

He pulled her to him and slammed her door shut. In the mirror above her fireplace, Tamie saw her assailant.  She relaxed considerably when she noticed the tattoo on his forearm. The music note, cross, knife and knitting needles were familiar. As soon as the tenseness had left her body, the man removed his hand and picked up her dropped groceries.

“Sorry about that sweet cheeks. Debra Anastasia told me you wanted a little one-on-one, but the cops were following me, so…” He smiled winningly at her as she readjusted her outfit.

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