Dare to Dream…

Long ago I abandoned my dream of being a Princess…I gave up the dream that Prince Charming really existed and was gonna show up any minute and whisk me away to a beautiful castle, because I moved on from being a child…and fairy tales.

Then I dreamed that I would become an Olympic gymnast…I even took lessons, but then I discovered that boys really didn’t have cooties…and I didn’t want to spend hours in a gym anymore.

So then I dreamed that maybe I could be an author and write great books, or a poet who would touch people’s hearts, but instead I dropped out of school with just 2 classes left to graduate with a 3.5 GPA…because I wanted to be an adult…when I really wasn’t.

Later on I did go back to College, and I did really well…and I dreamed once again. This time my dreams were for a successful and long career  in my chosen field. 10 years later I was burnt out…and so I quit dreaming for awhile.

Today my dreams are more realistic and smaller. I want Bookish Temptations to be successful.  I want to get in my 20 years at my job, and then move onto something else. I’d really love to work in a smallish bookstore and talk about books all day with people. I want to meet a lot of the peeps I twitter with. I want to travel all over  Europe. I want to travel around the US. Nothing too huge. I’m ok with having smaller more manageable dreams.

You may be wondering why I’m talking to you about dreams…where I’m going with all this…

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