My Book Boyfriend: Christian Grey

***Adult Content***

Christian Grey…Christian Grey…Christian Grey…OOPs…Hi there! You caught me daydreaming didn’t you?

The thing is with this fantasy boyfriend? I just see his name, or say it in my head and I lose all coherent thought. Logic and reason?!?  Nope…gone…out the door.  There are some characters that are written so well that they just own a piece of you.  Christian Grey is one of those for me. I guess I’ve read well over a thousand books in my lifetime, yet my list of truly memorable literary men is actually pretty short considering that.  O, I’m not saying that I don’t remember a lot of them, but the ones that keep me thinking of them? Continuously? Wanting just one more book? And then just one more? The ones I want for a fantasy boyfriend foreveh?  Well it’s under 10 to be honest…and Christian Grey is mighty high on that list. In fact, he shares the top spot with one other,  so yeah…I have mad love for him.

I first discovered Christian aka Fifty in August of 2011. I know, I know… I was late to the party on that one, but in a way I’m glad I was. Mostly becuz I was able to read the series without a whole lotta time in between the books coming out. I’m so impatient and greedy that way…greedy…hmmm…that’s an apt term for how I feel about Fifty. I admit it. I want him. I want all of him in all of his Fifty Fuckedupedness<-<- is that even a real word?!?…never mind, it doesn’t matter.

Let’s discuss Christian…something I could do all day long. First off his name. I flove his name. I love saying it in my head over and over. There’s just something about it that calls to me. I like men that have polysyllabic rather than    monosylabic names. * Oooo… big words.*  For some reason I just find them much more sensual and erotic sounding. I for one would never shorten his name to Chris…EGADS! Heaven forbid. I’ve noticed that when I love the names an author chooses I’m much more likely to respond positively to that character. Does that happen to you too?

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