Review: Fifty Shades Freed by E L James

When unworldly student Ana Steele first encountered the driven, damaged young entrepreneur Christian Grey it sparked a sensual affair that changed both their lives irrevocably. Shocked, intrigued, and ultimately repelled by Christian’s singular sexual tastes, Ana demanded a deeper commitment; determined to keep her, Christian agreed.

Now, together, they have more – love, passion, intimacy, and a world of infinite possibilities. But Ana always knew that loving her Fifty Shades would not be easy, and being together poses challenges neither of them ever anticipated. Ana must somehow learn to share Christian’s opulent lifestyle without sacrificing her own integrity, identity or independence; Christian must somehow overcome his compulsion to control, and lay to rest the horrors that blighted his past and haunt his present.

Just when it seems that together their love can conquer any obstacle, misfortune, malice and fate combine to make Ana’s worst nightmares come true. Alone and desperate, she must face down the poisoned legacy of Christian’s past.

Seductive, shocking, sad and funny, Fifty Shades Freed is the compelling final volume in the Fifty Shades trilogy.

My review:

WoW! Where to start first?

I guess I’ll begin by saying that sometimes I find that it’s difficult for an author to keep me as engaged in a series as I was with the first book. That is NOT the case with this book or this author. I gotta tell you that my attachment to Christian and Anastasia both separately, and as a couple only grows deeper with Fifty Shades Freed. I felt an enormous amount of apprehension as I began reading because my expectations for Ms. James writing is extremely high. I am thrilled  to be able to  say…I was not disappointed….*deep happy sigh*

The prologue is heart wrenching and disturbing. It’s a memory/nightmare of Christian’s that is quite difficult to read. It’s very short but devastating.

In my review of Fifty Shades Darker I talked about Ms. James ability to make you feel the entire spectrum of emotions, and of feeling like you were being taken to the precipice of a cliff. Guess what?!? She does it again.  One minute I was giggling and happy, and then a few pages later I was reaching for a kleenex, or saying bad words because I was pissed off at either Christian or Anastasia, or I was swooning and all tingly for Christian. The effect that man has on me is erm…well…it’s erotica at it’s best, so let’s just say it makes me feel exactly the way it’s s’posed to…and then some *Hard Thud*

Fifty Shades Darker left us with an ominous ending, but it’s actually quite late in the book when Jack Hyde really reappears to try to do some devastating damage to Christian and Ana. You may be surprised by who his accomplice is…I was…didn’t see that coming at all.

The first part of the book goes back and forth between the now and what happened in the recent past. That’s a good thing because I would’ve felt cheated if  we didn’t get the “flashbacks”. Christian is his usual domineering, controlling self, but Ana reacts with a  feistiness  to be proud of. Of course to be honest and fair sometimes I think Ana overreacts just as badly as Christian does. What we get out of it is both a wonderful story and great erotica once they both come to their senses…I’m all for a whole lot of great sex when it’s written well, and I don’t mind saying so. I think Ms. James does a great job of balancing and forwarding the overall story while giving the reader all the pleasures of her talents in writing very steamy, sensual scenes between Christian and Ana.

**Ms. James,  my inner goddess jumps up and down, clapping her hands and cheering wildly  in adoration for your gift in writing uber HAWT sex**

Aside from the angst and sex is a great love story of two people getting to know each other better. Christian and Ana are two people who have fallen in love quickly and deeply, and passionately. Both of them make mistakes, but they  learn and grow from them. I really enjoyed that aspect. It would be easy to overlook what a beautiful romance this is…please don’t. It’s one of the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. Christian steals my heart anew with the issues from his past. Sometimes I wonder if he can ever get beyond them. When he makes realizations of his behavior and the consequences it has on the relationship between himself and Ana,  it is quite staggering. Sometimes I just want to weep for Fifty…Ok, OK…I admit it…I have wept for him.  Can Ana ever get through to him that she really and truly loves him? That he in fact is lovable and worthy and good?

There are many lighthearted and fun moments throughout the book as well. Those emails between Christian and Ana I’ve loved so dearly in Fifty 1 and Fifty 2? Yup… they’re back…and as clever as always. Also returning are Ana’s Inner Goddess who makes me laff like a fool, and her subconscious who makes me pause with trepidation…spoilsport. They are characters in and of themselves.

I guess I should also mention that THE BITCH is back as well…Yes, I’m talking about Elena…I thought we were done with her in the last book…sadly that is not the case. If I ever thought that Ana might actually abandon Christian…it was during this FiftyFuckUp. Whoa! You know how sometimes when you’re reading a book and something bad happens and your heart starts beating way too fast and your adrenaline kicks in on high gear?!? Yeah that! I was ready for my heart to break in little pieces…It happens a few times for me in this book.

I want to stop here for just a minute and talk about Anastasia. I know I’m usually pretty notoriously remiss in not talking enuff  about the gurls in the books I review…sigh…to tell you the truth most of the time it’s on purpose. Either it’s bcuz I’m just way too taken with the dood in the story, or bcuz the heroine hasn’t entirely captured me. I loved Ana from the  beginning. I loved her shy awkwardness. I loved watching her confidence grow slowly but surely. I loved her insights into Fifty and cheered her on in her journey with him. If anyone deserves Christian Grey…other than me of course…it’s Ana. Other than the asinine, and nearly deadly stunt she pulls in regards to Jack Hyde’s sudden and unexpected reappearance I’m OK with most of the way she handles things.  I may not have agreed with all of her tactics,  but overall I think she’s one of the most enjoyable female characters I’ve had the pleasure of discovering.

So much happens in this book that I could write a review that goes on and on. Let me just say that if you’ve read the other 2 books you will not be disappointed with this one. If you haven’t read this series yet…OMG! You need to.

A few other side notes-

Loved the trip to Aspen. I’ve always hoped we would get to go there with them.

Wasn’t sure how I felt about the monumental news we get, but once I’ve read the epilogue I’m good with it.

Floved the bonus materials, but especially the Christian POV. What a treat that was.

Still loving that 2 word phrase…Laters, baby.

Seven Shades of Sunday…WoW…u gotta read the book to get it…

Now it’s time to wrap this up…and I do so by saying this-  Thank you Ms. James for writing a series of  books that have given me hours of enormous pleasure. I know I will reread them over and over. The characters you created will remain in my heart. I wish you all the best in whatever you write next, and look forward to it with enthusiasm.

My wish? That one day we’ll see Fifty and Ana again in some fashion…hey there’s nothing wrong with wishing right?!?

My rating for Fifty Shades Freed: 5 of 5 hearts…and it deserves more.

This book is my life now…where I go…it goes.

Tamie Xo

41 thoughts on “Review: Fifty Shades Freed by E L James

  1. Andrea says:

    I’m in love with this series and I want more!


  2. Bee Whelan says:

    Loved your review as always. It’s the epitome of what I think of Fifty Shades (the trilogy – why cant there me mooooorre?) My life is better off from reading these books. J’adore EL James, Christian, Ana et al.. I’d read these two into their 90’s. *wishful thinking*


  3. Great review! Going to get them now!


  4. Anya says:

    Great review as always):

    Fifty Shades Freed is an emotional rollercoaster! And I enjoyed the ride:)


  5. Nanna says:

    Really like your review, and yeah agree Laters, baby, grows on ya. I’ve got a friend who keeps saying it after having read the books 😉


  6. Kasha says:

    I love fifty too, I agree that E L James is. A. Great writer and allb the books are equally intriguing. Great review


  7. Famousjane says:

    Great series. I wish they were available on nook book.


  8. Dottie Legatos says:

    I’ve never in all of my many years of reading seen so much positive feedback on a series of books. I bought the first book just because of the fabulous reviews. I can’t wait to read it finally since the third is coming out. (I like to read a trilogy one after the other!) I guess I’m in for quite a ride!


  9. Nicole says:

    This series is highly addictive. I can’t wait to get my hands on book 3.


  10. Traci says:

    Great review, and I would looooove to win this book. I’ve bought the other two, and I am sure I would buy this one, too eventually, but I’d rather read it right away than have to wait for silly things like budgets to be balanced. 😉


  11. ChocoMG2112 says:

    I love love these books. A fun story, an exciting story and an erotic love story. Seeing Ana be brave and act in her growth and watching Christian try, really try to trust and allow himself to be vulnerable. Love it.


  12. Stefter says:

    Loved your review. I completely agree with you on all counts. How can anyone not love Fifty and his fuckedupness (don’t know that I spelled that right) and all his kinky fuckery?
    Like you, I hope that someday we’ll get another look at Christian and Ana.
    I finished Fifty Shades Freed late last night, or shall I say early this morning. I could not put it down. I’d definitely recommend it to everyone.


  13. Pauline says:

    Watta great review! (: EL James is f*ckawesome. Wish we have the books here in the Philippines 😦


  14. lourdes chavez says:

    this story it’s extremly powerful… make you love the characters and you wanna know what’s gonna happen…. love them!


  15. Christina says:

    Wonderful, captivating series! I can’t wait to read the last book! 🙂


  16. Jackie says:

    I just loved the first book. MOTU was so good.


  17. Raizie says:

    I’m so glad we get the snippets of Christian’s POV! Great review. I echo your love for this series.


  18. Heather B says:

    Beautifully written review -thank you.


  19. What a great review Tamie! As always 😉
    I have yet to read the Fifty series( I know, I’m very late to the party) but I can’t wait to start!


  20. odiejae says:

    E. L. has written such a fabulous story and I’m so thrilled to see the fantastic feedback she is getting. She completely deserves it! I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this story and I can’t wait to get the final book! For those who haven’t read it, please do. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry but you definitely won’t regret it!


  21. magan bagan says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! I definitely can’t wait to read this 🙂


  22. nandeva says:

    Love, Love, Love It! Wonderful review!


  23. Tracyseb says:

    Great Review! I have been a Fifty fan since MOTU!


  24. Lisa Hoeppner says:

    I have read the other 2 books and can’t wait to read this next one. I simply love this story. I followed it when it was MOTU and I can’t wait to have the completed story to read over and over.


  25. kelly says:

    This trilogy has totally robbed me of sleep. The review for Fifty Shades Free is soot on with my feelings for the book and trilogy as a whole. I do so hope Mrs James will find another chunk of Fifty and Ana’s life to share with us!!


  26. Nicole O'Shea says:

    I love this series so much and I have been following it since the very beginning when it was MOTU. I am a huge Fifty’s fan and wish I could get a hold of him for real!!


  27. marijee says:

    I really enjoyed your review of Fifty Shades Freed. This is an amazing tale. The author is a wonderful storyteller.


  28. KCBC says:

    It is no wonder at all that this woman writes the best (& hottest) love scenes…I once read Ms. James has hundreds upon hundreds of romance novels in her possession! Love it!!

    Thank God my library stocks the latest and greatest in all things romance and erotica or I would be broke!


  29. What I find shocking is that she has managed to write 3 very good books within a comparatively short amount of time. Mostly when authors rush through like that, they tend to get sloppy or messy. Not so in this case!


  30. Gretchen Langton says:

    I think once you read about 50, he just owns you. There isn’t another like him. Icy has done such a fantastic job on the series. Wonderful to see her doing so well.


  31. I want to win me some 50! I’m so excited to read this, I can’t even stand it!

    Laters, baby.


  32. E L James says:

    Tamie, thank you so much for your lovely review… and indeed for all the support you have given me and Fifty and Ana over the last few months. It is very much appreciated and I wish you all the best.
    Good luck to those who have entered the giveaway.
    Laters baby xox


  33. Irene says:

    While I was reading the first 2 books my life was put on hold! They were THAT good!!! I can’t wait to read the 3rd one!


  34. Hedy says:

    Just heard about this series and started the first book. I am absolutely hooked on it. SO GOOD! Great review. 🙂


  35. Trayce Layne says:

    Fantastic review and love seeing E.L. get the praise she so rightly deserves.

    Cheers ~ Trayce


  36. I love this series! I can’t wait to read Fifty Shades Freed! I have been dying for it! I love their emails to each other. These books haves such great humor, character development, romance, and of course super hot love scenes!


  37. Sarah says:

    I was until all three books were out because I knew once I started I wouldn’t want to stop. Can’t wait to get to know Christian better *wiggles eyebrows*


  38. Lucy says:

    Id love to win this book 🙂


  39. anna says:

    What a great review. I’m going to see if I can fit this if for my Feb reading 🙂


  40. gladys aoun says:

    Love Christian and his controlling ways!


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