Fever FanFic?!? Sweet!

Y’all know how much I love the Fever series right!?! Well, several months ago I looked for some Fever ff, and it was in rather short supply. I was really kind of devastated… I want more Jericho and Mac…OK…really more Jericho than Mac but hey can you blame me?

A couple of weeks ago I was perusing thru fanfic.net and OMG! Guess what I found?!? Yep…you guys are so smart. I came across a good deal more Fever stories than the last time I checked. I have since read a few of them, and it occurred to me that maybe I should pass them along to you…cuz I know a lot of you are huge fans of Jericho and Fever as well.

I’d love to be able to dazzle you with my knowledge of ff lingo, but sadly I’m lacking in that area, and haven’t mastered all the terms yet, so bear with me Mkay?

My first two rec’s are One Shots.  I like these for the quick and easy fix they provide my addiction  love for the J-man.

Hide and Seeking Fever  by Indigobuni (Rated M)

The time frame for this would be during Shadowfever, so if you haven’t made it that far in the series you might want to wait. It’s very lemony…which I love. Bring on the lemons as far as I’m concerned.


Wakingfever by gkkstitch  (Rated M)

This was actually the first Fever ff I ever had the pleasure of reading, and I read it the day it was published. It wasn’t long after I had finished the series, so I was going thru withdrawls pretty badly. It takes place during Dreamfever.


The last little gem I have today is a WIP. There are 5 chapters so far, and I’m loving it! It takes place during  Dreamfever…the first part of Dreamfever…MmmHmm…very lemony…FTMFW!

The Battle of Jericho by  BonTempsCutie (Rated M)


I hope you’ll check these out…O and if YOU run across any great Fever ff do me a favor and let me know pretty please.

Tamie Xo

One thought on “Fever FanFic?!? Sweet!

  1. Oh I am SO excited to hear about this! can’t wait to check this out and will be sure to share if I find something new 🙂


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