Fifty Shades on the Today show…

It appears as tho Fifty Shades will be among the discussion topics tomorrow on the Today show, so now that I finally have TV again u know I’ll be DVRing it! How about YOU?!?

Thursday, March 1

  • (7-9 a.m.): Secrets in the suburbs: 50 shades of grey.

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With many thanks to Gothic Temptress for letting me know about this. Xo

My Book Boyfriend- Vishous

***Adult Content***

V.I.S.H.O.U.S.   V-I-S-H-O-U-S   V*I*S*H*O*U*S   VISHOUS   V<3I<3S<3H<3O<3U<3S<3

O. Hi there…I was just checking out all the ways I could spell out My Book Boyfriend’s name this week, but no matter how I do it he’s still one hawt BDB mother…erm…Brother 😉

Do you remember a few weeks ago that I told you I have four favorites among the Brothers? Well, V is one of those. Yup! I lurved him from the beginning. Not only is he one of the most hellacious Vamps ever…he’s one of the most hellacious DOODS ever. And the relationship he has with Butch?!? Fanfuckingtastic! It helped make V’s book something special to me. I flove any scenes in which both appear. Not that I don’t have mad love for Doc Jane…I do, but it’s just not often that you get 2 buddies that you almost wish…well…I’m glad he ends up with Jane.

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Fifty Shades is in the New York Post!

In case you haven’t seen it yet there’s a great article written by Dana Schuster about one of my most fave books (series) that has been published in the New York Post…Yup, Christian Grey from the Fifty trilogy by E.L. James is in the news. Awesome!

You can read the entire article here.

This and That…

Today I wanted to discuss and share  a little of this and that…some quickie thoughts if u will. Altho I must confess I don’t normally advocate for quickies…sometimes a quickie is just what you need…for the moment 😉

Titles – When I first started doing reviews and other posts one of the hardest things for me to do was come up with a title. I knew I wanted it to be something catchy, and I wanted it to be something that would make people want to read whatever it was. Reviews don’t really lend themselves to that however, unless I want to make it so long it takes up 2 lines…Problem with that is I never liked how it looked at the top of the post. A secondary problem is that it makes the link sooooooooooooo long. I kind of gave up being creative on that, and pretty much just stick with the standard book blogger format, boring tho it may be.

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Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë. Classic Novel Recommendation



“My greatest thought in living is Heathcliff. If all else perished, and he remained, I should still continue to be…Nelly, I am Heathcliff! He’s always, always in my mind: not as a pleasure…but as my own being.” Wuthering Heights is the only novel of Emily Bronte, who died a year after its publication, at the age of thirty. A brooding Yorkshire tale of a love that is stronger than death, it is also a fierce vision of metaphysical passion, in which heaven and hell, nature and society, are powerfully juxtaposed. Unique, mystical, with a timeless appeal, it has  become a classic of English literature.

Welcome back to the classic novel recommendation of the month. My selection for you this time is “Wuthering Heights” by Emily Brontë.

I’ve always been particularly fascinated by this book, by the impossible and visceral love story between Catherine and Heathcliff, the two characters whom the entire plot revolves around.

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Coming Up This Week…

WoW! My week went by Super Sonic fast. I hope you’ve had a great one!

Here’s what’s coming up this week at Bookish Temptations

Monday, February 27th- Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

***Elena’s Classic Novel Recommendation***

Tuesday, February 28th- This and That– I’ll be discussing…

Wednesday, February 29th- My Book Boyfriend: Vishous

***From Lover Unbound by J.R. Ward***

Thursday, Feb. 29th- Gina Reviews: Lover Unbound by J.R. Ward

***This is book 5 in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series***

Friday, March 1st- FanFic Friday with Special Guest: Katiebird

***I know, I know I’m excited too!***

Saturday, March 2nd- Morgan LocklearWordslinger

Join us for all the fun…

Tamie Xo

Observations- Author Connections, Book Trailers, Blog tours…

Every once in a while I like to share some of my observations with you on various literary related topics. Dood! Did you just notice what a proper sentence from me looks like?!?  Whoa!!! Don’t get used to it 😉

So, here we go…

Y’all know how much I love books right?!? Did you just say…”Well duh Tamie?!?” OMG!! Ok, but really it was a rhetorical question. Obviously, I love books or Bookish Temptations wouldn’t exist. Here’s the thing tho…I don’t just love reading books. Nope…I’m all about talking, writing, and discussing them as well. Do you have any idea how happy it makes me when I share a great book with someone and that person feels just as passionate about it as I do?!? It’s like all the best cliches in the world…having ur cake and eating it too, the cherry on top, icing on the cake…

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