FanFic Friday: Free for All Friday with Annie and Debb

It has been a great Valentine’s week here at Bookish Temptations! If you missed, be sure to check out sweet messages from some of your favourite literary characters. Swoony, smexy goodness. 🙂

A Valentine from Blake to Livia

A Valentine from Gabriel to Julia

A Valentine from Dominic to Kerrigan

A Valentine from Gabriel to Jessie

A Valentine from Caleb to Lauren

Now, Annie and I thought about doing a Valentine’s post but to be honest we don’t particularly like the holiday (lol – if it ain’t Edward who cares, right? I kid. Kinda). And besides, too much sugar is bad for you. 😉 So, in the spirit of “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get” we are having a Free For All Friday with a little of this, a little of that.

I recently read two very sad but incredibly well done one shots and have been dying to share them with you. First up, a very short one. I was actually stunned when I saw the word count after reading because I was rapt for what felt like hours. I was truly swept up in this not-an-easy-read story. Maybe it felt longer because I was holding my breath the whole time.  If you check this one out let me know. I’d love to discuss it in the comments.

Forever Mine by 107yearoldvirgin

The one shot that stemmed from two simple words: What if? Twilight – Rated: M – English – Suspense/Angst – Chapters: 1 – Words: 1,848 – Reviews: 36 – Published: 12-14-11 – Bella – Complete

Fans of 107yearoldvirgin’s stories will be happy to hear she has been reposting previously pulled fics!!! I’m especially excited to have Mannyward back on FFn. 🙂

Next up, another sad one. I love a tortured Edward and I love mentally shouting at a character while reading. This is beautifully descriptive and so poignant.

The Only Right Way Left by SleepmyBella

What if Edward never changed Bella? To him, it’s the only right way left. One-shot entry for the Black Balloon Contest. AU/in character. Rated M for lemon and mature subject matter.

*puts on my Renee voice* Okay… enough with the heavy. This next fic is just about one of the sweetest things I’ve ever read. I read it with sappy, happy tears in my eyes. I just loved it – and if you read the above fics you may need a little pick-me-up. Here it is.

Tiara by SydneyAlice

Edward had been unable to give his princess the wedding of her dreams the first time around. Can he convince her to marry him again? Valentine’s Day fluff. AH.

Two more one shot recs from Annie! First up…

I’ve had this next one on my list for a while. With Annie’s stamp of approval it’s being read TODAY!

Cherry Moon by Lola-pops

In 1962 I find truth in bad boys, loud cars and cheap bourbon. Originally written for the 2011 FGB Compilation.

From Annie: The secrets people had to keep back then are mind blowing. Angst alert. (and thank you to Nancy, aka Socalmom2four for the 1962 Edward and Bella pic! *smooch*)

Another one shot rec from Annie…

Bad Penny by elusivetwilight

In the sultry summer heat, Bella finds a dirty penny. Can she expect more in exchange from the person who finds her? One Shot written for the Fun With Your Clothes On Contest. AUAH E&B

From Annie: This one is pretty and wistful. The ending is wide open so you can imagine your own HEA.

The Age of Edward contest is now open for voting!! There are so many fantastic entries and banners. Remember, there are Young Adult and Literotica categories as well as a banner contest. A treasure trove, my friends. Be sure to check it out and vote, vote, vote. 🙂
Thanks so much for stopping by. We can’t wait to see what YOU have been reading. Have a lovely, fic-filled weekend. xoxo Annie and Debb

18 thoughts on “FanFic Friday: Free for All Friday with Annie and Debb

  1. katiebirdie says:

    Being the Twilight geek that I am, I watched BD1 on Vanentine’s day, the Fast Forward Edward version of course, and rewinded the “giggly” Edward in bed part, over and over again. Did you know that you can hear him growl at the end!?!? *giggle*

    I didn’t read any romantic stories, but I did start Taken by Tink, because I needed a good vamp AU story. I can’t believe that this is the first story I’ve read with an underwater sex scene?!!? 🙂

    I read one completed story, that I really loved, called A Matter of Life and Death. It’s a collaboration with Whatsmynomdeplume and Derdriu oFaolain. Both amazing writers. Bella is a scientist who is working on an elixir that gives eternal life. Edward plays Death personified, who is sent to stop her. As heavy as that sounds, if you’ve read any of the authors’ works, you know that both are capable of finding humor in any situation.

    I have 107virgy’s one shot on my TBR list already. Thanks for reminding me to read it soon. 🙂


    • deb24601 says:

      That sounds like a nice Valentine’s Day. The growl. I can’t even. Seriously, closest I’ve ever came to getting thrown out of a theatre. Good thing I can watch it over and over in the privacy of my home now. 😉

      That rec sounds AMAZING! Very cool.

      107v’s one shot is really short but so powerful. I’m still thinking about it.


    • tinkrbe1l3 says:

      thanks for the shoutout Katie 🙂 you sent a few folks my way. i was wondering why the extra alerts today and came over here to check.


  2. katiebirdie says:

    So ironically enough, on Valentine’s day, I got a notification from Omnific publications, that a certain story has been published, and is now available to purchase. After reading the description of the story, I nearly peed my pants. *happy dance*

    The book is called A Grave Refrain by Sarah M. Glover. I am so excited because this story is my favorite fan fic story EVER. It’s The Lost Boys by hwimsey!!! I’ve been reading fan fic for over 2 years now, and this particular story still holds the top spot for me. I would give a story summary, but I don’t think I could do it justice. I’ll let publisher’s description to the better job for me.

    I wanted to share this with you here, because I knew that if anyone understood my excitement, it would be you. 🙂

    The book is also available at Amazon.


    • Annie says:

      Love love LOVED The Lost Boys. I had no idea it was going to be published! So great!


    • deb24601 says:

      That is one that I missed. I remember everyone talking about it but can’t recall the tone. Is it angst? It’s so exciting to see great stories taking the next step. I love that. Katie, have you read Sempre? Apparently it was reworked at Young Adult. Sounds interesting.


      • Annie says:

        I think you would like it Debb. Suspense not angst. There’s also humor, romance and mystery. And ghosts! Edw- er, Andrew is waaay romantic and sexyswoony.


      • Annie says:

        And British! They take a bahth.


      • Katiebird says:

        Everything Annie said below, and more. And the bathtub scene….Steamy doesn’t even begin to decribe it. Best. Line. Ever.
        Don’t want to give too much away. I just got the book yesterday, and started reading last night. 🙂

        She kept the band name, The Lost Boys, btw. Yeah deb, He’s lead singer/songwriter in a band and He’s British. *whimper*

        I’ve not read Sempre. What was the original story called? Wait! Is it EP?


      • deb24601 says:

        OMG everything you guys said is killing me.

        Sold. *skips off to Amazon*


      • Annie says:

        Katie, Yes EP.


  3. Annie says:

    Shout out to Nancy aka @socalmom2four for making the Cherry Moon pic. Thank you so much for your help!


  4. Elena says:

    Thanks for these recs! Can’t wait to read them!


  5. Debb, still thinking about Forever Mine. I keep having what if questions. What if Twilight was a world Bella created to get her through the day? What if Bella really lost her mind in New Moon? What if Edward were human and he died and Bella lost her mind? I’m still thinking about it.


  6. Really liked Cherry Moon and Tiara. Bad Penny was really good but it had me crying at the end. Great recommendations Debb and Annie!


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