Observations- Author Connections, Book Trailers, Blog tours…

Every once in a while I like to share some of my observations with you on various literary related topics. Dood! Did you just notice what a proper sentence from me looks like?!?  Whoa!!! Don’t get used to it 😉

So, here we go…

Y’all know how much I love books right?!? Did you just say…”Well duh Tamie?!?” OMG!! Ok, but really it was a rhetorical question. Obviously, I love books or Bookish Temptations wouldn’t exist. Here’s the thing tho…I don’t just love reading books. Nope…I’m all about talking, writing, and discussing them as well. Do you have any idea how happy it makes me when I share a great book with someone and that person feels just as passionate about it as I do?!? It’s like all the best cliches in the world…having ur cake and eating it too, the cherry on top, icing on the cake…

Another thing I really enjoy is reading a great book then finding the author on twitter.  Know what’s even better?!? When I like the author as much as I like their book. Now sadly that’s not always the case. Some authors have a twitter, but it’s really run by their publicist, staff member(s) or a fan group. BTW, if you think that’s just for “well known” authors you’d be mistaken. Some have a twitter but really never tweet anything from it. That’s kind of disappointing as well. My least favorite tho is the authors that do almost nothing but promo their book(s). Yep, there really are those that don’t do anything but tweet teasers… All. Day. Long. It’s boring and truthfully turns me off of reading a book I might have otherwise. Twitter is a great promotional tool when used right, but when it’s done badly? *headdesk*

Lest you think I’m advocating that a writer should spend all their time glued in front of a computer with their tweetdeck on, I realize that an author has more to do than sit around and tweet their readers all day. Many have other full time jobs and families, and let’s face it…we also want them to fit in time to write us more fantastical books.  But, in this day and age of social media is it really too much to ask someone to take say 10-15 minutes a day to talk to and interact with the peeps that buy their books? I think it’s a fair question. Lucky for me, most of my favorites are great about doing just that. Does it have benefits for both?!? Of course it does. People are much more likely to pimp an author repeatedly and consistently who’s willing to go that extra mile…yes, me included.  The benefit for the reader? Let’s just be honest here…it makes us feel important and validated, and connected to something we love and gave our time/ money to.

O… and I hear some of you shouting…”Hey Tamie…what about Facebook?!?” I confess that I’m not much of a FB gurl myself, but I know lots of peeps who are, including authors. So yes…time spent on FB is valuable to those who prefer it. This may sound odd to some, but others will understand perfectly what I mean when I say that twitter feels so much more intimate and less sterile than FB does. If an author provides a link in a tweet to their FB page I’ll probably click on it and I might leave a comment, but otherwise I rarely go there. I heard an author once say that FB was where you go to visit with family and business peeps, but twitter is where you go to visit friends and have fun…like a great big party. For me…I’d rather join in the party 😉

Wanna know what I don’t like?!? I don’t like debating about books, characters, or authors. Nope…no way…I’m a discusser not a debater. I don’t like conflict or drama so when someone tries to draw me into that type of conversation either on twitter or in person I end it as soon as possible…yep…even when it’s my mother. It’s just not my thing, altho some peeps seem to revel in it. I’d much rather spend my time  happily exchanging fervorish adoration for the aforementioned than in defending what or who I like.  Something else I don’t enjoy? Seeing someone talk trash about those same three things. I’m not talking about just the stuff I favor either. When I read something I don’t like, I won’t recommend it. If asked about it I can let peeps know that I didn’t care for it without savaging someone, or their work.

Case in point#1…I receive ARCs from publishers and authors for review purposes. Sometimes it’s been solicited by me, or it’s in connection with a book blog tour, or an author I’ve reviewed in the past will send me one. Sometimes an author finds Bookish and submits their book as well. In the review policy it’s stated that I won’t review a submitted book if it’s not a 3 or above. Why? I’d rather spend my time with you sharing stuff I thought was hells to the yes rather than what I didn’t. However, just because I don’t like a writers story or writing style doesn’t mean that someone else won’t think it’s the best thing ever. That leads me to…

Case in point #2…Recently I saw oodles of peeps talking up a book…everyone was dl’ing it and “couldn’t put it down”, it was rec’d to me by several friends that have similar tastes in books, so naturally I finally dl’d it as well and began reading…guess what?!? I was able to put it down…over and over again. For me, the story itself was ok, the characters were pretty good, but I hated the writing style. I found it repetitive and not engaging at all. In fact, I will confess that I quit reading it when I was 82%  done. Yes, I intend to finish it at some point, but will I ever review it here?!? Not on ur life. It’s just not worth my time to review a book that I can’t enthusiastically embrace. If I’m ever asked my opinion on it I’ll be truthful and answer that I just didn’t care for it. No harm, no foul.

One last thought for now about personally connecting with authors…When I was a little girl…Yep, that was back in the day…I loved the Pippi Longstocking books. If my mother would’ve let me I’d have happily dyed my hair bright orange and worn the same kind of clothes that Pippi did. I loved her so much that I wrote the author a letter which my grandmother mailed off for me. Clearly, this was long before email and internet…cuz I’m really old as dirt. I remember that I wrote her how much I wanted to be Pippi’s best friend, and how much I loved her stories. I think it was a month or 2 later that I got a reply. It was one of the most extraordinary things ever for me at that age. I carried that letter around with me, and read and reread it till it was pretty tattered. Then I finally put it away in my secret treasure box. I wish I could say I still have it, but I don’t. However, the impact it had on me was wonderful and obviously long lasting.

Book Trailers-

I’m a huge fan of book trailers for the most part. Of course I’m a very visual person so no big surprise there, and if it’s combined with great music, or a fabulous voice over then better still. I also love it when the author appears and talks about the book being promoted. Know what else I’ve found that I flove?!? Fan made book trailers. The reason I adore them is simple. Someone was passionate enuff about a story and/or characters to take the time to create a showcase for it.  I fully admit that I’m really techtarded. If I wasn’t I’d be making book trailers for my faves as well. Of course not every professional book trailer is well made. Some are pretty awful to be honest. Sometimes I wonder if they were ever previewed and approved by the authors cuz they’re so bad that it’s almost embarrassing. ***Note to Publishers*** Preview with real peeps…just sayin’.

Let’s have a look at some that I actually enjoyed…

Deb Harkness- A Discovery of Witches

Myra McEntire- Hourglass

Divergent- Veronica Roth

Gabriel’s Inferno- Sylvain Reynard

Debra Anastasia- Poughkeepsie

My favorite fan made video tribute is one for Fifty to the music of Toxic.

If you know of any really great book trailers do me a favor and lemme know…

Last subject for this edition of Observations…

Blog tours-

I love ’em…ur not surprised by that revelation are u?!? Seriously tho, it’s good business for all parties involved. An author can do way more blog tours in a very short amount of time as opposed to say book signings, and other personal appearances. It’s a huge $ saver too. No airplane tickets, hotel room accommodations, food, taxi/car, etc.  It also has the potential to reach thousands of people all over the world vs hundreds at best in one location. Sure we’d all love nothing better than to meet our faves in person…shake their hands…OK in my case I’d want hugs… get their autographs in our much loved and well worn books.  The reality is a blog tour is cost and time effective…so in this economy let’s be glad for the opportunities the internet affords us. Another cool thing about blog tours is that most of the time there’s a giveaway of either an ebook or some book related swag.

Most of the time when an author does a blog tour the blog does a review and the author does say a guest post, or interview in conjunction with a giveaway. I think that’s a good give and take for all parties concerned…BUT…and there’s always a but right?!? One thing that’s always bothered me is this…doing the review and whatever the author contributes in the same post/same day. Why? Well, I’d rather both the author and my review get the face time they deserve…so going forward here at Bookish that’s what I’m going to do… schedule them on different days. ***Some were already scheduled in the future before I made this decision*** I know lots of you will be happy to see more posts that include ur  favorites. Hey, me too.

That’s it for now…peace, love, and hugs…

Tamie Xo

17 thoughts on “Observations- Author Connections, Book Trailers, Blog tours…

  1. katiebirdie says:

    My mother always said, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. That’s always been my mantra with my comments and book/story recs. here and other blogs as well.

    I like hanging out in places with a positive vibe. 🙂


  2. ChocoMG2112 says:

    Great thoughts and insights Tamie!!


  3. Elena says:

    Great post Tamie! And I agree, no need to be negative about something. It’s just a waste of time.
    I love book trailers as well! The ones you put in this post are particularly awesome. Thanks!


  4. CL Parker says:

    Bravo, m’dear!

    Speaking as an author, I think it’s sooooo important to connect to readers on a personal level. I, for one, want to show my appreciation for their support, and I genuinely love to talk to them – and not just about MY books. Personally, I have seen other authors, who seem to get a lot of attention from readers but give none in return. I’m still confounded by that. First of all, where would they be if not for the support of the readers? Notice I said “readers” here, not “fans”. Ahem! Double Ahem! Tripple Whammy Ahem, Ahem, Ahem!!! No, I’m not pointing fingers. *giggles* Secondly, when an author goes off on an ego trip like they’re doing the reader a favor by acknowledging them . . . that’s a definite turnoff for me. Period. End of story.

    Anywho, as a READER . . . I want to feel like I know that author on a more personal level, even if I really don’t. I enjoy getting to know who the real author is, not just who I perceive them to be. Especially if they’re uber cool and a shit-ton of fun. Honestly, it’s added entertainment for me and endears me even more to what they write because then I’m trying to find their personality hidden in their writing as well. After all, whether an author will admit it or not, a piece of them is in everything they write.


    • Tamie says:

      I gotta admit I used to use the word fan until very recently. That’s when I noticed that one of my fave authors kept using the word READERS instead of fans, and I was impressed by that. It’s a much better term. I do know of several authors that NEVER tweet their peeps and I think it’s sad, and a missed opportunity for all.
      I feel exactly the same way as you do in the 2nd part of ur comment. High fives and bootie bumps 😉


  5. Hey, Tamie,

    Awesome post. Totally honest and to the point. There seems to be a lot of negative reviews out there, mostly in conjunction with indie authors. Granted, there are self-pubs that are less than stellar reads, but are some readers acting as gatekeepers, waving red flags of warning to stay away, when what they have to say is merely just one person’s opinion? I wonder if those same people would have the same sense of urgency to be so negative to the big name trad published authors. Whatever it is, I agree that the negativity is unnecessary. If one absolutely must relate they don’t like the book, there is a way to say it without being so playground-ish.

    Fro me, part of the fun of being a writer is interacting with the reader. Writing is such an isolated existence, I’d think author would want to get to know their readers. Both sides can learn from getting to know each other. It’s a win-win situation.

    I like your style, Tamie. Very upbeat and fun to read your posts. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  6. […] Observations- Author Connections,Book Trailers,Blog tours…(bookishtemptations.com) […]


  7. msdebraanastasia says:

    I love you Tamie, but you already knew that.


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