This and That…

Today I wanted to discuss and share  a little of this and that…some quickie thoughts if u will. Altho I must confess I don’t normally advocate for quickies…sometimes a quickie is just what you need…for the moment 😉

Titles – When I first started doing reviews and other posts one of the hardest things for me to do was come up with a title. I knew I wanted it to be something catchy, and I wanted it to be something that would make people want to read whatever it was. Reviews don’t really lend themselves to that however, unless I want to make it so long it takes up 2 lines…Problem with that is I never liked how it looked at the top of the post. A secondary problem is that it makes the link sooooooooooooo long. I kind of gave up being creative on that, and pretty much just stick with the standard book blogger format, boring tho it may be.

On most of my other posts I can work with it a little and it’s become a whole lot easier. Maybe the cliche that practice makes perfect isn’t such a cliche after all…Wait! Not that I’m claiming perfection…yet…but I don’t struggle over it like I used to. Holy crap! When I was in college and had to come up with essay titles?!? OMG! I really sucked at it. It’s a good thing I didn’t get graded on them…I’d have been done for. I found some of my old essay’s recently…I have no idea why I’ve kept them all these years, but let me share how utterly hopeless I was back then…

1) A Comparative Essay on Blake, Wordsworth, and Coleridge ( and subtitled) Visionary, Naturalist, and Mysticism…it’s ok… you can epic eye roll that one.  I did however get an A-  on the essay itself.

2) A Last Supper Date…Yep, it was a breakup dinner. I got an A on that from both the Professor…Nope, not that one…I wish I’d had that one…this was a woman, and from a fellow student who read it 1st.

3) My Nurturing Spirit…it was an essay where I had to pick what I thought was one of my best qualities and write 2 pages about it.

4) Percy Shelley- A Man of Passion (I only got a B on that one.)

5) The Reformation: A Revolution in the Church ( that baby was a 14 pager and I was very proud of my A)

So you can see why titles might scare the hell out of me right? Not anymore tho…Now I just try and have fun with them.

Subject lines– Any of you who have received emails from me know that I suck at subject lines…My apologies…If I had my druthers I’d just as soon not put anything in the subject line, but then gmail always pops up that little box that accusingly asks- Send email with no subject? and it makes me feel bad…so I type something, anything, and usually as few words as possible…just so I won’t feel guilty. I’ve tried hard a few times to be clever and witty, but as long as I don’t get that popup I’m not going to sweat that one too much.

Genres– It doesn’t seem that long ago that there weren’t near as many as there are now. Maybe I just didn’t pay close attention to it because dayum there are a ton…

Paranormal…Romance…Erotic…SciFi…Mystery…Thriller…Dystopian…Young Adult…Fantasy…Dark Fantasy…Chick Lit…Contemporary…Family Saga…Action and Adventure…General Fiction…Graphic Novels… Historical Fiction…Religious and Inspirational…Multicultural…Humor…Horror…Military and Espionage…Gay and Lesbian…Western…EGADS! and that’s just in the fiction section. If I ever hear somebody say they can’t find anything to read they’re definitely gonna get a look…you know the one…the arched brow?!? Yep, that one.

Alpha Males as characters- What can I say?!? I LOVE Alpha Male characters in my books. In case there’s anyone that doesn’t know what I mean by that…They have VERY strong personalities to the point of arrogance. They’re very protective/possessive and usually in an over the top way. They have sexual skills and prowess beyond the norm. They have above average social skills. They’re usually very successful in their chosen field. They intimidate most males around them…not necessarily in the …I’m gonna kick ur ass sense, altho they can usually do that if it’s required, but more in the…they’ve got the rockin’ hard body… and the…I’ve got the most awesome woman that has ever existed kind of way. A great many of them also seem to have a bent for philanthropy. That’s not all there is to them tho. My guys may start out as complete and utter asses to begin with, but at some point…usually when they’ve lost or are about to lose the perfect woman for them…they come to their overbearing senses and are man enuff to admit the error of their ways and make a few changes. Sometimes they backslide…sometimes they reform for good the first time out, but they never turn into wimpy, boring guys…it’s fiction…what would be the fun in that?!?

Some of my favorite alpha males to date? Gabriel Emerson, Christian Grey, Dominic Grayson, Jamie Fraser, Satan Jack, and of course no alpha list would be complete without Jericho Barrons. I have tons more faves, but those guys are my absolute  cream of the crop. I know, I know…some of u are screaming “Hey Tamie, what about the BDB guys?” O…believe me they are most assuredly on my list, but the guys I mentioned have an inexplicable pull on me. Those are the guys that I go back and read over and over. I realize that the alpha male is not everyone’s ideal in a book, and hey that’s cool with me…whatever floats ur boat.  I’ve been asked many times if that’s the type of guy I like in “real life”. Well I’ve had one or two of them, and the answer is more of a no than a yes. I like a lot of those characteristics…just not so magnified. I have a pretty strong personality myself, so I like someone that can keep up with me.

You may be asking at this point… “Hey Tamie, what type of heroine do you like in a book?”  Hmmm…good question, but one I’ll answer another time…in another post 😉

Tamie Xo

4 thoughts on “This and That…

  1. Elena says:

    Great post Tamie! Let me say that I like the titles you come up with and also the subjects lines 😉 . Giving a title to something is one of the most difficult things in my opinion, and you do a great job!
    Titles terrify me too, especially when I have to give them to my essays, like you said. **confession time** : I am terrible at giving titles to essays. It takes me more time to find an appropriate one than to write the whole essay itself LOL .
    I love alpha males, I agree with everything you said about them.
    Awesome post!


  2. ChocoMG2112 says:

    I can’t write a summary to save my ass.

    So in the infamous words of the lovely Anya…



  3. katiebirdie says:

    I recognize a couple of your alpha males. Me likey. I’m partial to Matthew de Clairmont myself. He’s my new favorite leading man. God, how I love him. He just might replace Edward Cullen on my list. *gasp* Did I just admit that out loud!?!?


    • Tamie says:

      Ooooooo…I love Matthew. Yes, he is certainly on my list. He’ll be one of my book boyfriends post one day. I’m thinking of waiting for the sequel to come out first. Edward will always be on my list.He’s what got me liking vamps in the 1st place 🙂


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