Fifty Shades on the Today show…

It appears as tho Fifty Shades will be among the discussion topics tomorrow on the Today show, so now that I finally have TV again u know I’ll be DVRing it! How about YOU?!?

Thursday, March 1

  • (7-9 a.m.): Secrets in the suburbs: 50 shades of grey.

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With many thanks to Gothic Temptress for letting me know about this. Xo

My Book Boyfriend- Vishous

***Adult Content***

V.I.S.H.O.U.S.   V-I-S-H-O-U-S   V*I*S*H*O*U*S   VISHOUS   V<3I<3S<3H<3O<3U<3S<3

O. Hi there…I was just checking out all the ways I could spell out My Book Boyfriend’s name this week, but no matter how I do it he’s still one hawt BDB mother…erm…Brother 😉

Do you remember a few weeks ago that I told you I have four favorites among the Brothers? Well, V is one of those. Yup! I lurved him from the beginning. Not only is he one of the most hellacious Vamps ever…he’s one of the most hellacious DOODS ever. And the relationship he has with Butch?!? Fanfuckingtastic! It helped make V’s book something special to me. I flove any scenes in which both appear. Not that I don’t have mad love for Doc Jane…I do, but it’s just not often that you get 2 buddies that you almost wish…well…I’m glad he ends up with Jane.

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