Make the Time…

I’ve often wondered about why some of us read voraciously while others could care less, and why some of us are very fast readers and others struggle. Could be that it’s just how our brains are wired differently…right side vs left side, and all that scientific junk that I’m not so good at. Perhaps it has something to do with how we were raised, and that is what I want to explore a little bit with you today.

I consider myself very fortunate in that both of my parents were avid readers as were my maternal grandparents. Even tho my dad lived in another state, I remember when I would visit him that he always had a book close by…he always read before bed, and wasn’t one for much television. My dad loved to read encyclopedias. I always thought that was absolutely fascinating. I liked them as reference books, but I gotta admit that I never cracked one open and just started reading it from cover to cover. I don’t really remember what else he liked to read, but I know he liked big, thick books…funny…me too.

My mom has always been a big before bed reader as well, along with being an in- the- bathtub reader…funny…me too. I flove soaking in a super hot bubble bath with a good book and a glass of wine 2 or 3 times a week. My moms taste in books were always geared toward contemporary fiction. She likes romance and  mystery best, but she’ll read a historical novel or a biography once in a while. She reads the newspaper every day, and the Reader’s Digest was always laying around somewhere…open to whatever article she happened to be on.

The interesting thing about both my parents that might surprise you? Neither of them read to me when I was too young to read myself. I don’t know why not…I never asked…they just didn’t. BUT…my maternal grandmother? Now that’s a different story all together. Her name was Polly, and she was one of the greatest human beings to ever grace my life. When family members tell me that I have a lot of her characteristics…I am beyond proud. She was born and raised in Canada, and came to the States to attend Northwestern University in Illinois. I think she wanted to have an adventure away from her parents, and her tante lived nearby. It’s probably the only reason her parents let her go off. She met and married my grandfather and never went back to Canada other than for a few visits. She was someone who read almost every free moment she had, and she read to me a lot. We would curl up on the couch and she would read me not just one book, but several every evening before she sent me downstairs where my mother and I lived. She also took me to the library every Saturday, and patiently helped me to select my weeks worth of books. Even after I could read on my own this was a ritual we performed together. I s’pose that’s where I get my love of libraries from. One of the 1st things I do when I move to a new town? Find the closest library and get a card. Even tho I have a Kindle I still love to visit them…just not as often as I used to.

When I became a mother myself I read to my children every night, and I took them to the library at least once a week. Whenever any children’s program was available I took them to it…even when I had no car, and we had to take a bus. It was that important to me to give them that experience. Guess what?!? All 3 of them are readers too, altho my youngest is the one most like me as far as reading speed, and passing along great books to others. Just last week he got a coworker reading one of his favorite series of books. That is utterly delightful to me.

Now…you may be asking why on earth I just shared all this personal stuff with you…here’s why…

Too often I talk to parents whose children are involved in a zillion different activities, and yet these same parents tell me their children struggle in school. When I dig a little deeper I find that for the majority of them neither the parents or children are readers. I don’t mean that they’re illiterate, but that they don’t spend any quality time reading for pleasure. This breaks my heart.

Reading is so important for life skills, and adds so much richness to the quality of every day life that I find it almost incomprehensible when I find out how many people put so little value on it. I encourage people all the time to make the time to read…every day…even if it’s just 15 stolen minutes from TV, or another activity, and parents please…make the time to read to or with your kids. Take them to the library for free books to read. Visit bookstores…many have a used book section where you can buy very current books for a fraction of the “new” price. Second hand/thrift stores are another valuable gold mine to find books for next to nothing. Being able to and having the desire to read and read well is something that I treasure, and never take for granted. I hope all of my readers share their joy and passion for books, magazines, newspapers, or whatever as often as possible.

As the tag line says on the home page of this blog…

Just read. Feed your mind and open your heart.

Tamie Xo

10 thoughts on “Make the Time…

  1. Theo Black says:

    Now that he’s too old, I really miss those nights reading my son to sleep. First I read the picture books to him, turning the book so he could see the pictures every page; then I read the longer books to him, and then he started reading to me, and we’d switch off, reading a few pages alternately. When he was 8, he read all the Harry Potter books in a couple of months. Now he’s an Ipod-head, but he does have a vocabulary, when he cares to use it.


  2. Seriously Tamie, this post has made me cry! That is exactly how I feel about reading. My mom is the reason I read as much as I do today. She read to me and my sisters all the time and even as I got older, you never found me without a book in my hand. I remember a time in high school, I was having some difficulty adjusting so I used to play hooky. I know what you’re thinking… innocent Gina doing something so naughty? *evil grin* Well, I actually would head down to the library and stay there all day reading until school was finished. Quite the rebel eh? There was nothing else I wanted to do more, than read.
    Every night I read to my daughter. I want her to find the same passion in reading that my mom showed to me. It not only helps her academically, but it’s a special time, just for us.
    Thank you for sharing!


    • Tamie says:

      Thank you Gina…not that I want to make peeps cry, but there are some posts that are extra special to me, and yes I do want peeps to feel moved.
      This is one of those posts, so I am extra thankful for ur comment.
      Can’t imagine YOU being naughty at all *winks*
      I love the special time aspect as well as the academic. So important in our busy world.
      Hugs 🙂


  3. My parents always read to my brother and I when we were kids and they both always were and still are reading something. I didn’t mind reading in grade school but in grade 8 Sweet Dreams books came out and i couldn’t stop reading them. Light, fluffy, romance novels where the kiss was the big sigh moment. I had a thing for owning my books, (still do) and I never stopped reading. Don’t have kids of my own but I’ve always bought books for my niece and nephew and both of them love reading. A, (9) just finished Call of the Wild and really liked it. C, (6) likes princess books, Jillian Jiggs etc. She’s in SK and just starting to read on her own. Their parents bring them to the library all the time.


    • Tamie says:

      Love this Cathy…I remember back in 6th grade I started reading books that had just a touch of romance to them.
      Very chaste, but I was just starting to think of boys as something other than team mates or disgusting creatures. LOL!


  4. BTC says:

    Great post, especially as I am being the ‘mean mom’ right now and making my 8 y.o. read when he would rather be watching tv! He doesn’t even realize that he’s been reading for 30 minutes now lol.

    We read to our kids constantly and my parents were both avid readers. It’s such a great way to open your mind. Thanks for sharing your story!



  5. Elena says:

    Beautiful post, Tamie. I’ve always been an avid reader, and my parents were the ones who passed on to me this passion for reading. I never saw them without a book and they always told me how important reading is.
    I can’t do without a book, I serioulsy get distraught if I don’t have a story to read. It’s such a beautiful feeling to lose oneself completely in a book, isn’t it?
    When I’ll have kids, I hope to be able to pass to them this passion for reading and I hope they’ll understand how important books are to one’s developement.
    Thanks for sharing xo


    • Tamie says:

      Thank you Elena. A world without books is a world I wouldn’t want to be in. Whenever I go somewhere…even to the grocery store I either have my kindle or a book with me. Sometimes both. LOL!


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