Fan Fic Friday: ‘The Fallout’, ‘Perfect’ and ‘Duty Weapon’

Happy Friday Fic-lovers! Annie is taking a week off (she’s writing! Squee!) so you’ll have to put up with solo me. This was an exciting week in our Fan Fic Friday corner. I’ve been waiting, for what feels like a very long time, for a certain story to complete. Well it did and I’ve been immersed all week and it was so worth the wait. 🙂 As if that wasn’t enough, we received our first reader submitted fic. So exciting to have the fic come to us. 😉 Especially when it’s such a lovely read. Shall we dive in?

First up, nuclear war, dangerous Districts and the possible end of the Cullen family as we know it? Have you read…

The Fallout by OCDindeed

Lots more (I got wordy this week) after the jump!

March 16/06 the world the Cullens knew ended. Faith, hope & love are powerful things. Edward is about to find out how powerful they are. Yes,set during a post-apocalyptic nuclear war. Try the Prologue before passing judgment. You might be surprised! NM/AU

If you’ve been checking in regularly at Fan Fic Fridays, you’ll know I have a certain fondness for gloom and doom and the end of the world stories. This is what I am. *sparkles for a minute* Anyway, OCDindeed calls herself “the slowest writer in the fandom” and it was a sort of torture waiting for this to complete but I didn’t dare start it until it was. I’ll be honest, I’m ripping through it now and have a feeling I’ll be going back to read for detail. This is how I read books I’m really invested in; I read once quick for the story and then again to appreciate the rich detail.

Man oh man does The Fallout have detail.

OCDindeed has created a whole world, and it’s a terrifying one. I saw this world while reading. I also love a layer or two or three in a story and the words ‘fallout’ do not refer only to radiation. The Cullens fall apart, each of them kind of succumbing to the negative side of the trait that set them apart and made them special. Imagine the effect on Jasper in a world where every human is suffering, grieving or completely hopeless. It debilitates him. OCDindeed has made incredible use of the vampire canon we see in the books. Really amazing.

The metaphorical fallout doesn’t stop there. This is an AU story picking up after the New Moon break up. Edward is dealing with his own devastation, knowing that leaving Bella may have cost her her life.

Excerpt from chapter 2:

She shook her head again. “That’s just it—I see nothing. It’s like it’s turned off or shorted out. There’s nothing!” she yelled, turning back to Jasper’s chest wrapping her arms around him.

“Sssh, it’s okay.” I felt Jasper’s soothing words to her as he continued to project his power. Edward, can you see anything in Alice’s mind?

I discreetly shook my head and looked down. Alice was right. It was like looking at a TV screen filled with static. There was nothing.

Esme stood up with a frantic look on her face. “We have to warn people.” She looked as if she was about to jump out of her skin. The fierce lioness was resurfacing as she thought of ways to protect us all. Her mind was racing through all kinds of scenarios, and each one of them ended with the destruction of those she loved so dearly and her being left alone. She started to panic, and I looked at Carlisle and Jasper, silently speaking with my eyes to comfort her. Immediately we all felt the effects from Jasper.

Carlisle gathered Esme in his arms. “We’ll figure this out,” he said.

“How can you say that? How can you promise me that this will all work out? I can’t lose any of them, Carlisle. I won’t!” She sobbed. “Not again.”

I could hear everyone’s thoughts as the panic started to set in. There is so much to do. Where will we go? How can we stop this? This changes everything. My head was spinning out of control, images and voices flashed through my brain. I couldn’t concentrate, my world was crashing down around me, and I started to panic as well. I tried to focus on my own thoughts, when one image, one face from the recesses of my brain made it to the surface. I could see it so clearly above all the others invading my mind, the fear took hold of me and I clutched my head between my hands yelling at my family to stop. My family froze, as I lifted my head staring solemnly at each one of them.

I whispered one word, “Bella.”

The story is plot-rich. The Cullens function as a rescue unit, intent on helping the surviving humans. At different points in the story they face complications from the Volturi’s meddling and the emergence of new vampire armies, along with the human stories of Charlie and the people of Forks and yes, even the woofs. 😉  All the while, Edward searches for news of Bella and fights his own feelings of hopelessness.

The Fallout is told in two parts with a detailed backstory and jumps between 2006 and 2016 throughout. It is dark and intenst; this is not an easy read but a fascinating one if you like this genre. Like I said before, so worth the wait.

On a significantly lighter note, I was so happy to read this sweet, sexy story of young love. Here is a fantastic story from a first time author. Please check out….

Perfect by IM1LuckyWoman

Edward seems perfect. He’s gorgeous, sexy, sweet…and way more experienced than Bella thought he would be since he’s only 17. Should it matter to her then that she is older? Is it right? Is it wrong? Is it…’perfect?

This was a wonderful ‘escape real life for a while’ story. I always love revisiting the early university years (although I end up wondering bitterly where all the Edwards were. 😉 ) This Bella is likable; cautious, funny and of course, unable to resist the all-grown-up Edward who shows up for a campus visit. The age difference isn’t large but she worries about what people will think and the ‘rightness’ of the situation. Edward is so sweet, so swoony and so much more mature than Bella was betting on. This causes alarm bells for her and for us as a reader but we have to wait a bit to hear his side of the tale. This is a drama story, not angst, and the plot development here is utterly believable if a little heart breaking at times. This story is a lovely ride with the characters; the rush of first love, the heat of first passion and the oh mah gaaaahhh of Bella’s first… *cough* You’ll have to read to find out.

I have to make note of the lovely lemons here. I’m all for a bit of kinky porn from time to time but I really love a romantic moment and heart felt connections. Im1LuckyWoman delivers in that department.

Excerpt from chapter 2:

Not saying anything, Edward took both my hands and lifted them up and placed them behind his neck. Releasing them there, he moved his own hands to my waist and pulled me closer.

“Look at me, Bella,” he said softly.

I couldn’t.

“Please…look at me.”

I raised my head and looked into his eyes. The smile on his lips had made its way to them. He looked happy. “Listen to me. You are so beautiful. I can’t believe you don’t see that. You have amazing eyes; they’re the most unique, warm brown I’ve ever seen…and so expressive. You laugh with them, you know. I love your hair, how it’s long and thick and I love the way these tiny curls formed around your face when the fog came in as we were walking to the dining hall tonight. You have the cutest nose…and I have a thing for freckles across a nose, so it’s perfect. And your lips? Well…your lips look absolutely perfect…for kissing.”

With that last, he lowered his mouth to mine and, tentatively at first, placed a kiss at its left corner and then at its right and then perfectly in the center. His lips were soft, but firm…and warm…so warm. He pulled back for a second, just enough so that he could run the tip of his tongue along my lips, teasing first the top and then the bottom…and then he pushed it gently but firmly in the middle to part them. His tongue slowly and thoroughly explored my mouth and mine returned the favor. It was easily the most sensuous, long, slow, soft, wet kiss that I had ever experienced and I wasn’t sure how much longer I could remain standing. Every nerve ending I had was tingling in the most amazing way. It was a good thing his arms were around me. I sighed and moaned softly as I gave in to the best kiss of my life.

‘Oh, my God’, I thought. ‘This is too good to be wrong.’

I hoped I was right.

I should point out that Edward is only wearing a towel during that kiss. *waggles eyebrows* ‘Perfect’ is 22 chapters in and IM1LuckyWoman estimates there will be 40 chapters total. So hop on, ride along with the kids as they figure it all out. Remember to leave some love… it makes the world go round. 😉

Okay, we had the heavy, the swoony and now for the funny. HIGHlarious one shot. Vamp, canon. Really well done.

Duty Weapon by BettiGefecht

“Put the gun down!” – Bella and Edward caught in the act. By Charlie. And we all know Charlie owns a gun. Silly, schmexy entry for the Remember-When-This-Was-Fun contest. Rated M. One-shot.

Edward and his junk in all sorts of trouble. Just read it.

C’est tout! Let us know what you’re reading. Have you checked out any of our recs and found a new favourite? Talk to us in the comments or we’ll be all 😦 when you want us to be all 🙂 Check us out next week when Katie will be guest posting with some stories she is very excited about.

Happy weekend loveys! xoxo Debb

23 thoughts on “Fan Fic Friday: ‘The Fallout’, ‘Perfect’ and ‘Duty Weapon’

  1. katiebirdie says:

    Very subtle, woman…

    I remember hearing about The Fallout a long time ago. So glad to hear that has finally finished. Downloading it as we speak.

    The WIP Perfect sounds interesting. An older Bella with a younger Edward is a premise I don’t read often. I’m usually disappointed in some way. Normally with the way Bella treats Edward. I’ll give it go though. 🙂

    Don’t have anything to rec. this week. In total book mode. Right now, I am completely immersed in Inescapable by Amy A. Bartol.

    There are some new WIP that I am reading that I love though. I wouldn’t have known about them, if weren’t for you, so thank you!

    The Tourist by Belladonna1472
    My Mate by Princess Rachel
    Taken by Tinkrbe1l3


  2. deb24601 says:

    Taken is amazing. I just did the preread on the next chapter. HA!

    I had such a good time reading those stories this week. They feel old school, you know? Long chapters, convoluted plot lines, not giving much away at the start. They’re investment fics. 😉

    *checks my birth certificate* Well would you look at that? “Subtle” is my middle name…. *giggles* What did I do??? And did you get my email Katie?


  3. im1luckywoman says:

    “Swoony”…I can do swoony. Oh wait…I am! Thanks so much for including me here, Deb (and for the fabulous banner…IT’S perfect!). Much appreciated.


    • deb24601 says:

      You are very welcome. I really enjoyed reading it.

      I’m SO glad you liked the banner. That was fun to make. I saw you updated today too… I’m gonna wait until the family is around to enjoy that. 😉


      • im1luckywoman says:

        You’re going to wait until the family “IS” around!! Wow! You’re brave! lol Just kidding. Typo or Freudian slip….I think we know which it was. 🙂


      • deb24601 says:

        Major typo!!! LOL “Everyone gather round and watch me read this!” *falls off chair*


  4. Elena says:

    Love these, Deb! Thanks for the recs. Can’t wait to read “Perfect” by IM1LuckyWoman, sounds like my kind of fic 😉 And did I read Edward with a towel? Ok, I’m in! 😉
    Great post, as always. Happy Friday!


    • deb24601 says:

      Oh, there are chapters I will be rereading. ANNIE! I forgot to tell you there is a shower lemon in Perfect. They’re so sweet but there’s that whole “naughty because we’re not supposed to be doing this” thing going on. ah memories… what? *cough* lol


      • abinar says:

        A shower lemon? You know I love shower lemons. How could you forget to to tell me about a shower lemon?! It’s like you don’t love me at all. *sobs quietly* *calms down and goes to read shower lemon*


      • deb24601 says:

        It wasn’t so much as I forgot as I was saving it special, like a bonus. Yeah, that’s it. That’s what happened. *rereads the shower chap* Edward is so naughty. Jebus.


  5. tinkrbe1l3 says:

    im REALLY excited about The Fallout. i started reading fic May 09 but didn’t know what i was doing. lol i was trolling twifans and saw people submitting Midnight Sun continuations. i was so intrigued by this. i was already reading RAoR at the time but would skip Sunday posts bc i didn’t understand what they were. our fandom needs a manual! lol anywho…i was fully immersed in the fic world by mid-summer. lived for the Sunday posts on RAoR. The Fallout has been on my TBR list since 2009. im WAY excited to read this. i have it saved and will be uploading to the Nook. thanks for rec’ing it and letting me know – it’s time.


  6. christa64c says:

    I’ve been really looking forward to reading Fallout. I love those type of stories too Deb. Perfect looks great too!


  7. christa64c says:

    YAY!! The Fallout is complete. I’ll be downloading tonight and hopefully will be reading it soon!


  8. Thanks Debs for the rec’s. Perfect sounds fab, and Duty Weapon sounds like fun. The Fallout sounds really interesting and different – will have to add to my every growing list. I just need more time to read. Still got to start Taken!!


  9. artgirlnyc says:

    Thanks for the rec’s! Always looking for new fics to read (even though my to be read list is soooo long.) Very excited to get started on Perfect by IM1LuckyWoman. I look forward to these posts every Friday.


  10. […] I’ll be talking like Edward for the whole post), my choice this week is a canon, vamp story. The Fallout really got under my skin and sent me on a canon Edward nostalgia-fest (say that, out loud – […]


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