My Book Boyfriend: Eidolon

This week’s boyfriend is Eidolon from book 1 of the Demonica series by Larrissa Ione. Lemme share how I came to read this book in the 1st place…

I had just finished reading the Fever series…for those of you who are HUGE fans like I am you’ll totally understand what I mean when I say I felt kinda bereft once I was done…I kinda moped about for a good week after… all the while thinking…Holy Crap! What if I never find something that good again?!? I tried to start a new book…more than once, but I just couldn’t get into anything…AT ALL!

Finally I made a trip to my local bookstore *Waves to everybody at City Lights* and started looking at the paranormal book shelves when something caught my eye…It was,Pleasure Unbound, by Larrissa Ione. I liked the cover art…liked the synopsis…bought it. I started reading it the next day, and COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN! OMG! I loved it…and the main dood?!? That was Eidolon.

He’s a DR. and a demon… more specifically he’s a Seminus Demon (sex demon, like an incubus) O. My. He’s got a strong personality, strong beliefs and a strong sense of loyalty that I find admirable. O…and did I mention that he’s uber hawt?

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