Morgan Locklear…Wordslinger…and his Cover Reveal…


Can you believe it?  Right after I wrote last month’s essay on writer’s block, I couldn’t get anything going for a week so I spent my time watching Game of Thrones for the first time and listening to the Revolver album while catching up on my latest Walking Dead graphic novel. (Well, my son’s but he let’s me read ’em).

Fortunately, the dry spell was followed by a flurry of activity on my little wireless keyboard that has yet to cease, (unless of course, I just jinxed myself).

I also got to thinking about other aspects of writing that block us even when we are productive.  That is to say, we are writing, but it’s familiar ground and not pushing the craft or ourselves.  I had a little bit of experience with that when I wrote a fan fiction novel (or two) that contained erotica.  I am no prude, but as a man, I prefer to watch my porn, not read it, and writing it seemed almost like fucking homework.

Fortunately, my fan fiction was a period piece and the narration did not call for graphic descriptions, rather, it benefitted from a tableau approach.  An artistic glimpse into elegant love-making instead of a peep-hole into a frenzied fisting.

Still, I have often wondered if I had it in me to put aside my preferences and  scribe a filthy little romp like Fifty Shades of Gray.  (I consider the author to be a friend and am absolutely delighted for her success).

It would be a challenge, but it would be a bit freeing as well I think, so, I have decided to go forward with a writing project with erotica at its core and this very website was goodly enough to offer to host it.

It will be nasty, funny, and I’m scared as Hell, but, I have to put my money where my mouth is if I expect you to keep coming back for advice and commentary on writing.

So, I hereby pledge that I will submit, (In addition to my Wordslinger offerings), a tart little hump fest called: Pirate’s Booty.

It will not contain any nonconsensual sex, nor any anal sex for that matter because frankly, that grosses me out.  Writing outside your comfort zone is one thing, but writing something you find distasteful will never produce quality work so I suggest avoiding pushing yourself beyond the point of what you would actually read.

I am doing this for the same reason a radio DJ might spend the night in a school bus; because I don’t know any better.

I do hope that it will end up as a “stunt” that will encourage us to push ourselves harder to try new styles or genres.  Maybe even attempt something that requires more research than you’re used to, or more emotion then you usually write.  Even trying humor when that isn’t necessarily your thing will often strengthen and surprise you.

This is not recommended when you have writer’s block mind you, it’s something to do when you are full of vigor but want a small break from a current project or want to start something new.

I have many ideas but they all appeal to me.  Erotica makes me squirm.  Don’t get me wrong, I plan on swinging for the fences and putting my every attribute to the task and hopefully it will unclench me when it comes to writing about sex, for good.

I was offered a chance to sky dive for free once and I turned it down.  I still sometimes feel like a coward for doing so but it was a week before my wedding and I like the movie Harold and Maude too much not to notice life’s little ironic cruelties.

I simultaneously revere and regret that decision to this day.  But I will NOT regret being scared to use the words “nipple clamps” in a story.

So, what is it that scares you in writing?  Sci-fi? 3rd person POV?  A lavish period piece containing dialogue laden with “thee” and “thou”?  If you have a good idea, challenging yourself might just show you that you were up for a good challenge.

I will admit that I am about six thousand words into what I am certain will be a three-part piece with installments that will weigh in at eight to ten K, and I am surprised at how much sex there ISN’T in the tale. Don’t get me wrong, there have already been three lemons, but the character development is the same discipline, as is the setting structuring and the plot outline.

It’s really not so bad, in fact, the hardest part might be letting everyone read it.  I’m not brave enough to jump out of a plane but I am brave enough to fill the pages of this fabulous website with enough smut to fill a condom.

I will see you in May and until then, maybe you will try to come up with one idea that takes you into new writing territory.  You don’t have to name any characters or choose a setting or even pick a title.  Just one idea of a way to push yourself.

If you know it already, please share it below, I will be available for discussion and maybe we’ll find that we share some of the same hang-ups and can continue the conversation…



Morgan has a special surprise for you…a Cover Reveal for the story he’s writing for Bookish. When he sent it to me I was all kinds of excited, and I wanted to show  it to everybody right away, but I restrained myself…not an easy task for me either. So here it is in living color. The designer is on twitter @m81170 and I can’t say enuff effusive thank yous for it…and can I just tell you that I am beyond happy that Morgan is going to share Pirate’s Booty as an exclusive here at Bookish?!? OMG! When that conversation went down on twitter?!?  I was acting like it was my birthday and MOG just gave me the best present…cuz he did. I can’t wait til I finally get to read it.

Here it is…….

8 thoughts on “Morgan Locklear…Wordslinger…and his Cover Reveal…

  1. ChocoMG2112 says:

    Go Morgan!

    Gee, I thought you did wonderfully with BV and BP. Shake that pirate booty!!!!!!


  2. Bee says:

    Go Morgan!

    Cant wait to read it. You saucy divil.




  3. Lady Fallow says:


    You are brave indeed Word Slinger…and you made a valid point. Guys would rather ‘see’ erotica than ‘write it’…why is that?

    This is pretty random but when I first read your title it reminded me of Masuka on the ShowTime program ‘Dexter’.

    He prepared the bachelor party for the lead character Dexter. It was a nautical theme – Pirates and petticoats – very naughty…I’m guessing your story will be too ☺


  4. Lady Fallow says:

    *tackles back*

    Hey Racer…yeh, the Locklears gave me no choice☺ had to see what my little cyber-bro was up to.

    Seems like we’re gonna have a LOT to talk about and sooner rather than later!!


  5. yl110 says:

    “writing it seemed almost like fucking homework” It’s an interesting point of view . So, I’m waiting for this homework…


  6. Morgan says:

    Oh, yl110, you confirmed that subtlety works! Howdy Racer, Bee and Lady F. Yes, we will share a mouthful, won’t we!


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