BB Contest, Gabriel’s Inferno,and more…

Hey peeps…Happy Easter!
I just wanted to talk about some upcoming events and I wanted to ask a favor…
Goodreads is featuring a contest for book blogs. The voting will begin on Tuesday. I have entered Bookish Temptations. 5 entries were needed for submission and I gotta tell ya that it was really hard to decide which posts to enter. I wanted to show off the versatility of Bookish. We do so many different kinds of posts here and have such a great team that work really hard to bring you stuff that we hope you find both fun and interesting as well as helpful and thought provoking. The 5 entries I finally decided on were the following:
1) Make the Time (written by Tamie)
2) Morgan Locklear…Wordslinger…March (written by Morgan Locklear)
4) Once Upon a Museum (guest post written by Shari)
5) A Valentine from Gabriel to Julia (guest post written by Sylvain Reynard)
I hope you’ll take a minute to go vote for us.                 Remember voting doesn’t begin until Tuesday, April 10th. Thank you.
Gabriel’s Inferno related news-
I’ll be providing a link every Tuesday for SR’s Teaser Tuesday Cover Reveal. I know there are lots of people who are still discovering Gabriel’s Inferno, and believe it or not there are many peeps who follow Bookish, but aren’t on Twitter to get the link there. I’d urge everyone that isn’t signed up to get an email alert from SR’s website.
Sometime this month he will also be sharing an excerpt from the sequel here, and SRSLY! I can’t wait!
Lastly, for those who have been asking about the Fantasy Date with the Professor: Hold ur horses…it’s coming 😉


This week I go off on a journey I’ve been wanting to take for a couple of years now. One thing or another prevented that from happening, so I am ridonkuously excited about it. I’ll be spending 10 days in Toronto, visiting as many of my friends up there as I possibly can. One of the things that I’m very excited about doing is taking the Gabriel’s Inferno tour. Yes, I am bringing my print copy with me…poor bedraggled book…and yes I will be taking pictures to share when I get back. Don’t you worry about that!
Postings at Bookish will continue normally…I couldn’t and wouldn’t leave you guys for that long.
In case you’ve somehow missed the news…Morgan is writing an exclusive 3 part story for Bookish. It’s going to be quite nawty from what I’ve been told…Actually I think the term he used was…SUPER FILTHY! I squeeeee every time I think about that! Y’all know how much I flove erotica. It will be posted in May along with his regular Wordslinger post. As yet he has not even given me a peek at it…*insert pouting of epic proportions* but I am hopeful that will be changing very soon… Hey MORGAN, are you listening?!?!?
You know how guys talk about women being a tease?!? OMG! 2 of my favorite peeps are fully capable of dishing out the tease as well as anyone I know…male or female *coughSRcoughMOGcough*
I’ve noticed something on twitter that I really like, so I wanted to chat about it for a minute…
Omnific Publishing is the publisher for (among others) Sylvain Reynard, and Debra Anastasia who are two of my most favorite authors…I know, I know…ur all saying “Hey Tamie, tell us something we didn’t know”…Anyways…I noticed recently that they have been tweeting much more exciting promo tweets for their authors than in the past. I LOVE it, and so do many peeps I’ve discussed this with. It’s more tantalizing, fun, and I think it’s WAYYYYYYYYY more interesting to see in my timeline.
Also, there’s a new writing duo that Omnific has signed and the promo tweets have certainly captured my attention as well as many of my friends…YOU know who YOU are…OMG! the tweets and DM’s were flying fast and heavy on the day that Omnific revealed the video on youtube for Dr. Ivan Rusiko and Everly Drummond. I was traveling in a car and can I just say that it’s a good thing I wasn’t driving?!? Holy crap! If that didn’t make you sit up and take notice then you must be brain dead. The book is called The Winemaker’s Dinner and is scheduled to be released this summer. Both of the writers have a twitter account btw  @ivanrusilko and @EverlyDrummond. I’m hoping that they’ll make an appearance or 2 here at Bookish…whatcha think gurls…think I could handle that?!?
Holy Hawtness…check out the video…remember to keep breathing…
I’m gonna admit that I have watched that video like a bajillion times…it just never gets old.
So kudo’s to your marketing team Omnific…keep up the good work…looking forward with great anticipation to a book trailer for the Gabriel’s Inferno sequel…
Tamie Xo

8 thoughts on “BB Contest, Gabriel’s Inferno,and more…

  1. ChocoMG2112 says:


    So much good stuff upcoming how can anyone NOT be excited!!!


  2. ChocoMG2112 says:

    Oh yes, you must get the Doctor to visit!!!


  3. Stefter says:

    I’m voting as soon as they’ll allow me to. ❤

    As for the good Dr….*thud*


  4. I have heard so many good things about Gabriel’s Inferno, I think I have to check it out!! 🙂


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