Search Engine Terms…(April)

It’s time to share some search engine terms with you for the month of April. Some are new, and some are repeats. Some are expected  but many just make me say… huh? Everyday. Many times everyday 🙂

I’ve included some of my reactions under the search terms again, and I’ve grouped a lot of them this time. Remember these are just a few samples of what I see everyday…

“high heels”


(I’m ok if peeps associate footwear and Bookish :))

Sylvain Reynard and Gabriel’s Inferno

blogs for gabriels inferno

(Very happy to be one of those)

what to read after gabriels inferno

fantasy date gabriel emerson

(It’s coming soon…)

erotic romance novels with hero like gabriel emerson

gabriels inferno sex

sylvain reynard author all book

gabriel’s inferno who would play gabriel

(I’m still researching for this)

continuation of gabriel’s inferno

sylvain reynard author

where can i read teaser to seqeul to gabriels inferno

(Check out SR’s website

Also, he is releasing an excerpt here this month)

gabriel’s sylvain sequel

(I know what what you meant 😉

botticelli dante illustrations

(Yes…thanks to SR)

synopsis of gabriels inferno

gabriel’s inferno 2

gabriel’s inferno sequel release date

(Yup…I am assured it’s coming, and will post the date as soon as I know it)

gabriel’s inferno i cried

(Me too…hugs 4 whoever typed that one in)

is gabriel’s inferno erotic

(I would say it’s sensually erotic)


jericho barrons every womans fantasy

what is your favorite part of fever series

(#JZB and anything with him in it)

jericho barrons is a vampire

(I don’t think so…)

eduardo verastegui jericho

moning sex from jzb’s point of view

jamie frser jericho barrons

( 2 of my fantasy boyfriends)

E.L. James and Fifty

how to introduce kinky fuckery to spouse

(Let him read the book)

christian grey fuck

“you! you are my thing!”

shaded of today show review

i need more christian grey

(Yeah that)

how to find a guy like “christian grey”


50 shades of grey , masturbation

masturbating to 50 shades of grey

(Um…whatever floats ur boat)

fifty shades, news

e. l. james literary agent

(Valerie Hoskins)

why doesnt christian grey not like being touched?

new steamy adult book whips chains

i want a christian grey

(Line forms behind me)

christian grey facebook

Sexy Sentences

all s sentences wirh saturday in it

sexy sentenses

sexy sentence

Rob Pattinson

has robert pattinson endorsed fifty shades?

robert pattinson reading

robert pattinson

jeaniene frost bones and cats

New terms

dirty one shots stories annie and debbie

show some good shades


fanfiction edward mating

vishous and butch fanfiction

debra anastasia sequel to poughkeepsie

debra annastasia crushed seraphin sequel excerpt

love notes

hunger games well known outside of north america?


reading slump

(UGH! Been there)

what does quiero saborearte mean?

(I want to taste you)

supernova cl parker

supernova cl parker valentine

drink toasts

filthy twilight lemon oneshots

ur so special

temptations witch ones are still alive 2012

(Wrong temptation…sorry)

weight of words georgeygirl

jamie fraser’s oath to claire

lover avenged

the importance of reading


books you won’t be able to stop reading

(Gabriel’s Inferno, Fifty series, Supernova series for starters)

sempre jm darhower book trailer

fanfic where edward is addicted to sex

3 thoughts on “Search Engine Terms…(April)

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  2. CL Parker says:

    Score! I made the search engine terms post, FINALLY!!! Yes, I’m a stalker. LOL!


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