Fanfic Friday: ‘My Beautiful Storm’ and ‘The Ties That Bind’

Happy Friday! Thanks again to Annie for hosting solo last week while I gallivanted all over the GTA with Tamie 😉 Good times. Today, Annie and I each have a complete story to recc and, true to form, Annie’s is all human and mine is… not. *pinches bridge of nose for effect*

Like I said (yes, I’ll be talking like Edward for the whole post), my choice this week is a canon, vamp story. The Fallout really got under my skin and sent me on a canon Edward nostalgia-fest (say that, out loud – sounds like ‘gesundheit’, doesn’t it?). I ended up rerererererereading Midnight Sun and Dark Side of the Moon and then, THEN, I heard LJ Summers talking about this gem on A Different Forest. Do you miss the Twilight series but can’t stand to read them anymore? Do you watch Breaking Dawn Pt 1 and just KNOW that Rob is adding all these nuances to Edward but we can’t read his mind and he should tell us what he’s thinking? Well, here you go…

The Ties That Bind by NicoleTwilight

Edward’s POV of Bella’s pregnancy, burning and awakening in Breaking Dawn. Covers all the missing moments with Edward, Bella and the Cullens, and what they went through. See what happened after Bella ran into Rosalie’s arms at the airport…

I gush about the story and Annie swoons about hers… after the jump!

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