IBT interviews Sylvain Reynard…

Below is a reprint of an interview conducted by JUSTINE ASHLEY COSTANZA for the International Business Times.

Romantic E-Book Sales Rise: Romance Novelist, Sylvain Reynard, Tells Us Why

Despite the controversy surrounding e-book sales and distribution, one thing is certain: the popularity of e-books like “Fifty Shades of Grey” isn’t going to die out anytime soon. Not only have sales of romantic/erotic fiction risen steeply but writers of the popular genre are capitalizing on the public’s e-book preference. Authors have been able to release their work more effectively and in a timely manner. Furthermore, e-books are cheaper to produce and are more readily accessible to readers. repeatedly

Romance writer Sylvain Reynard has experienced this phenomenon first hand. His sensual tale of intrigue and seduction, “Gabriel’s Inferno”, is one of the top selling romantic e-books on Amazon. The sweltering plot centers on a dashing college professor, Gabriel and his attempt to find solace in the arms of an innocent young women. The conflicted anti-hero’s pattern of bedding a string of young ladies is disrupted when he becomes enamored with Julianne, one of his students. Inspired by high art, classical music, and philosophy, the book has been a favorite in the realm of quixotic fiction.

The International Business Times had the chance to ask Reynard about the genre’s popularity, creative inspiration, and what route aspiring novelists should take.

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