Tamie takes U on the Gabriel’s Inferno Tour…

On my recent trip to Toronto one of the things on my itinerary was to visit some of the places in Gabriel’s Inferno. A GI tour if you will. I’m happy to say that I did just that and had a lot of fun. Sadly, not all of the places in the book still exist, but there are enough of them to keep a certified GI fan happy and busily exploring for a full day. To be honest it would be better to undertake the tour over a couple of days if you’re like me and want to really explore the different places in detail and not just as a quick stop to say…been there…seen it.

I started my day at Union Station as I was traveling in from Whitby on the GO train. Thank heavens the majority of the places I wanted to visit are all very centrally located and are easy to reach by subway and walking. I encourage you all to wear comfortable shoes when you do your own tour…even tho I was sorely tempted to wear a pair of heels…you know…in case I just happened to bump into the Professor.

I don’t know about you but I’m a planner when it comes to stuff like this so I invested in a really nice map…the kind that’s laminated so I could lay out my destinations. It also becomes a souvenir after, so for me it’s worth it. After I googled the places I most wanted to go I then found them on my map and Sharpied them in circles…hey I’m a clever gurl huh?!?

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