Outtake from Gabriel’s Rapture…by Sylvain Reynard

OMG! Can you believe how close we are to finally getting the sequel to Gabriel’s Inferno?!? Me neither…I keep looking at my calendar and it keeps telling me it’s still April…no matter how many times a day I look at it. What’s up with that?

I’ve been patiently waiting…um…ok…not so patiently waiting…(truth be told) to see an email from SR that would contain the outtake that he so graciously said yes to providing Bookish with. Every time my phone would alert me to a new email my heart would start beating just a little bit faster until…nope not it…sigh…I tried really, really hard not to mention it tooooo often coughweeklycough or come across as tooooooo emotional coughPUHLEEEEZESRUrKillingMecough….

Seriously tho, when I got the email Monday night marked “Outtake from Sequel to Gabriel’s Inferno” you know what I did? Nope…I didn’t open it right that nanosecond…I got up from my chair…walked out of my room…went out on my balcony…and took a bunch of deep breaths. THEN…I ran back in and opened it up and read it…and it was so good I cried….really. I was just so happy to be reading SR’s beautiful writing  that I was simply overcome with emotion, and you know what else? It’s effing HAWT too.

I know, I know…I’ve kept you from it long enuff…so make the jump and prepare to do some *Hard Thudding*

(passes out the giant fans and steps back from the stampede) 😉

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