Fanfic Friday: ‘My Wounded Soldier’ and ‘Waterloo’

Happy Friday.  Annie and I have lots to share and *gasp* my recc this week is AH. Let’s get to it.

This first story is being pimped everywhere – and rightfully so. It’s that rare fic; completely unique, brilliantly written, utterly compelling and updating frequently, sometimes multiple times a day. I pause the world when I get notifications and spend a few minutes with Soldierward. *sigh* (note: no banner available but the author has said this is what Soldier looks like to her)

My Wounded Soldier by counselor

1866 Edward just home from the war. Neighbor Bella has a tragedy and Edward delivers her baby. Seeing as she’s widowed, marriage makes sense. He doesn’t feel worthy, but he can’t step aside for her suitors. Competition amongst veterans.

Lots more fic chat, after the jump!

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