Fanfic Friday: ‘My Wounded Soldier’ and ‘Waterloo’

Happy Friday.  Annie and I have lots to share and *gasp* my recc this week is AH. Let’s get to it.

This first story is being pimped everywhere – and rightfully so. It’s that rare fic; completely unique, brilliantly written, utterly compelling and updating frequently, sometimes multiple times a day. I pause the world when I get notifications and spend a few minutes with Soldierward. *sigh* (note: no banner available but the author has said this is what Soldier looks like to her)

My Wounded Soldier by counselor

1866 Edward just home from the war. Neighbor Bella has a tragedy and Edward delivers her baby. Seeing as she’s widowed, marriage makes sense. He doesn’t feel worthy, but he can’t step aside for her suitors. Competition amongst veterans.

Lots more fic chat, after the jump!

Yep, this story starts with a-killin’ and a-birthin’. This Edward’s voice is one of the most unique and authentic I’ve ever read. He falls for Bella fast and hard but he’s damaged by his soldier past and feels unworthy of her. His thoughts are absolutely mesmerizing; sometimes funny, sometimes dark (heartbreaking – gah!) and often so swoony I just slide right off my chair. This man loves Bella with a capital L. The story itself initially seems to be an Edward x Bella fic, fairly straightforward, ‘how will they get together’ type. It veers wildly into an almost Tombstone-like adventure, gritty and dangerous. This is no shiny cowboy tale. I read chapters of this on the edge of my seat, heart in my throat. But it always comes back to Edward and his love for Bella. Le sigh. She’s everything to him.

Excerpt from chapter 4:

The baby had a cradle now that had been in the attic since the boy. Ma had cleaned it and readied it, and she slept there all bundled. I put the cradle by Ma’s trundle so she could bring her to the Missus should she waken, and I went round the curtain to keep vigil.

She lay there, and it wasn’t right, but I stood watching her sleep. Just the night before she’d shared this bed with her husband, and rightly so. Now here I stood, when I should be in my room in the barn three miles yonder, nursing my whiskey and my sad stories. Shit.

I took the one chair and pulled it up close to her. I sat, and the chair creaked, and I knew Ma would know just where I was. This woman. It was natural I’d feel kinship after what I had shared with her this afternoon. I wasn’t a fool. Not lovestruck. I hadn’t had me but one woman one time, and that because Jasper had convinced me I was going to die the next day, but that’s a campfire and whiskey story for another time, but I’d never seen nothing though she let me put it in her glory hole and I thought I went blind when I spurted my seed.

But that had nothing to do with this. I shouldn’t think such a thing in here. I didn’t know how long I would have to be near Mrs. Isabella and her brown satin hair. She was my angel. And that was a thing so embarrassing…but she was. I had never known someone so sweet and brave. Ma had fixed her up, and I saw her thin pale beauty like she wasn’t real. Her lashes were thick and dark on her pale cheeks. She was freckled, but not too much. Her lips were a curve and a bow. Her nose and ears shell-like and delicate. Her skin like the milk after Ma strained it pure.

And I would spend this one night looking. For I could not sleep. It’s then I went back to the war…and Garrett. But now, I didn’t need sleep, I craved the comfort of just looking on her. That would be the greatest gift God could allow a son of a bitch like me.

But when dawn came and the rooster crowed, I found myself leaning on the bed, my head beside hers on the pillow, one hand twined in her hair, but the other beneath her full breast. I saw it there as though it had detached from me and climbed there by itself. Yet when the horror speared me, the hand jumped, rough, calloused hand that it was, snagging the quilt. And I lifted quick, my neck protesting I moved so fast.

She woke with a start, me so close and looking like a fiend I’d wager, with the way my hair could stand on end, and the guilt that made me speechless.

“Mr. Edward,” she said. Then she calmed, seeing it was me. “Oh, Mr. Edward,” she whispered, and her arms reached and came around me, and she pulled my head to the place where the baby nursed, the place my hand had sought in honest sleep, and she cradled me as she cried. “Oh Mr. Edward,” in the softest voice, in a voice dropped and broken, and I smelled her smell, and I wanted to turn my face into her gown and breathe again.

“Lass,” I said finally, as I gathered her in my arms and kissed her hair. “Lass,” I said again. And there was no stopping me.

Oh my heart. While I was skimming the first few chapters looking for an excerpt, I saw all these details that make sense as the story is unfolding. This is a fic I will most definitely be rereading once complete. For real, if you love authentic historical fic, an Edward who is ALL man and a Bella strong enough to tell him what’s what you will LOVE this. There are 43 posted chapters and updates are frequent. I was reading an update the other day and a notification for another chap came in before I was done! Sweet. I have no idea how long this story might go on. It could go forever in my opinion. Just give us little updates on what’s happening with Edward and Bella and little Johnny (the terror!) and baby Janey and I’d be happy. Give this worthy fic a look-see (see what I did there? I catch myself talking like this Edward). 😉 Fun.

*moseys to the next part of the post*

What am I reading? Hmm, I’m jumping on updates for My Mate by Princess Rachael and Dark Goddess by Lissa Bryan. I’m waiting on the next chapter of Taken by tinkrbe1l3, can’t believe that one is almost over. I’m gonna miss Chaseward/Staminaward. *shiver* Books: I’m alternating ‘Independent People’ by Halldor Laxness (yes, still reading lol) with ‘Every Day is Like Sunday’ by Paul Vlitos. ‘Every Day is Like Sunday’ is a funny book, bit light on plot, but told in journal format so you can read a bit and then put it down. The best part is the protagonist is a Brit guy in his early twenties who is kind of drifting. 😉 Girlfriend seems fed up with him, he thinks everyone is strange but he’s pretty weird too. Yeah, I’m pretending he’s Art. Oh and, back to fic, I’ve been reading the entries for the Make TwiFic Fun Contest. Lots of great one shots there. 🙂

And now Annie is up with a complete rec and what she’s been reading.

Waterloo by Spanglemaker9

I was defeated; you won the war. But how could I ever refuse? I feel like I win when I lose. Bella hates Edward…maybe. Written for The Faithful Shipper’s Abba One Shot Contest. AH

I know, I know, I’m a spanglemaker9 fangirl. What can I say? Things are rough for me right now and at times like these I stick to my happy places when I can. But seriously, she had me excited to know if there were Portuguese warships at the Battle of Trafalgar. Just saying.

Bella and Edward are graduate students in the History department. Bella seems to think Edward is a privileged manwhore pompous ass, and Edward thinks, well, her nickname is Little Napoleon. Not good.

Excerpt from chapter 2

The badger factor was dialed up to high today. The minute she registered it was me, her lip curled up in a sneer and she turned back to her book. “Oh, it’s just you.”

“Nice to see you, too, Swan,” I muttered, circling her end of the conference table and taking a chair at the far end on the opposite side. She didn’t say anything else, she just hunched back down over her book, one arm folded up with her hand cupping the back of her neck. I stared at the top of her head for another second before dropping into my seat and pulling my book out of my bag.

We read for a while in silence. Except when there’s another person with you in an otherwise completely silent room, it’s never really silent. Every tiny sound Swan made was amplified times a thousand and completely distracting. She wasn’t even being particularly loud, but for some reason, every time she sighed, every time she shifted in her chair, every time she turned a page, my focus was completely shattered. I was really starting to get annoyed; at myself for having uncharacteristically shitty focus, and at her, just for being.

Finally I glanced up at her out of the corner of my eye. Well, she might be distracting me, but I clearly wasn’t bothering her. She was completely absorbed in whatever it was she was reading. My eyes flicked down to the book. It was leather-bound, dusty and cracked, with yellowed pages. It looked really old. A frisson of excitement raced down the back of my neck at the sight of it. Old books just did something to me. I couldn’t help it. My fingers itched to hold it, to examine the frontispieces, to see what it said inside…

Yep, this Edward is really smart and likes old books. *bites fist* (note from debb: *bites both fists*) Of course you know that they won’t be able to deny their attraction for long. Who’s gonna break first, hmm? What will happen when they do? This one’s a shorty, 5 chapters. I didn’t want it to end.

What I’m reading: 642 WIPs (not really) including Brighter by Rochelle Allison , High Fidelity by Irene H , We Were Here by lola-pops and Girl Town by Belle Dean . I’m also still working on The Hunger Games. *furtively side eyes Debb*(note from debb: read it fast so you can get to Finnick, I mean, Catching Fire 😉 )

There you go guys! Tell us what you’re reading in the comments. Have a wonderful fic-filled weekend. xoxoxo Annie and Debb



16 thoughts on “Fanfic Friday: ‘My Wounded Soldier’ and ‘Waterloo’

  1. abinar says:

    I second Debb’s My Wounded Soldier rec. It’s stunningly good. 😀 Sorry about my lack of words this week guys. Having internet problems along with everything else.


    • deb24601 says:

      Don’t you dare apologize! You have lots of good stuff in this post. You rock, that is all. Seagull83 (remember her from RAOR?) commented on this post in FB saying she’s a huge spanglemaker9 fan too. 🙂


  2. ChocoMG2112 says:

    I’ve heard many good things about my wounded soldier. I have it on my to read list already.

    Currently reading Taken and just started 1929 last night.


    • deb24601 says:

      I squeed when I saw your reviews! I have to apologize, the pacing is so off in that story. I keep wanting to pull it but don’t want to, you know?


      • abinar says:

        Don’t you dare.


      • ChocoMG2112 says:

        I disagree. From what I have read, I think the pacing is fine. 🙂

        I look forward to reading more. The heartfail is killing me though. It hurts me when Edward hurts, in whatever fic. It hurts.

        But I am a dorky goober, so what else would you expect?


      • abinar says:

        Dude me too! I feel very protective of him. Do not hurt Edward. I read 1929 as a WIP. Imagine the torment waiting for the chapters knowing he was hurting. *hugs 1929ward*


      • deb24601 says:

        Aw you guys…. Well, I’m glad you’re liking it. 🙂


  3. smittenbyabrit says:

    Great reviews ladies! 🙂 Happy Friday!


  4. katiebirdie says:

    Sorry I am so late to the party. Being traveling all day. Finally home now. 🙂 I did stop by this morning, just to see the recs. though. Love the large pic of our man.*happy sigh*

    Not a big fan of Edward as a soldier, but am curious enough because of your review, to add counselor’s story to my reading list. Big, Big fan of spanglemaker9, so I am definitely reading her story. Plus, I love Abba music.

    Got to read quite a bit this week. Books and fics, but not many good enough to mention. Except one, Savage7289’s Transcendence is, of course amazing. Why I think that her stories are simple and straight forward, I do not know!?! There is always so much more to them, and I love that every time.


    • deb24601 says:

      We were missing you Katie! *forehead kiss*

      The war is over in the story, you don’t see Edward “being” a soldier, just the aftermath. It’s really beautiful. Transcendence is awesome! I forget that’s it’s actual title, I always call it Caveward lol. Loved Ehd and Beh. HOH! (oh man i don’t have time to reread it… maybe i do…)


    • abinar says:

      Yay Transcendence! Luffs! Yes Katie it’s after the war. I wish I could have written a proper review for it as well. It’s really something special. Deb you can reread Caveward, the chapters are short. 😉 (I’m a fic enabler)


  5. ChocoMG2112 says:

    Oh dear, I neglected to add I am also reading EXPOSURE, by Bookish’s own Morgan Locklear and RandomCran. Hopefully a new chapter posts today!!


  6. Elena says:

    Great post, as always. These fics sound very interesting. I’m adding them to my to-read list xo


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