Sexy Sentence Saturday…Gabriel’s Inferno (#3)

Happy Saturday all!

It’s been a fun week with lots of stuff involving one of my favorite authors, Sylvain Reynard, and his fabulous book Gabriel’s Inferno. Judging from the huge response I can safely say that you were as excited about the outtake to his upcoming sequel as me.

Thanks to all who left comments. It’s the most commented on post ever, and I’m so appreciative whenever someone takes the time to leave one. Hugs to you all! At one point I was having trouble keeping up with the comments that needed approval, and for those of you who don’t know let me explain. Whenever someone new leaves a comment it automatically goes into moderation and requires approval which I try and do as soon as possible, so thanks for your patience.

Normally, I reply to all or many of the comments, but this time I just wanted to savor them for a bit. I’ll be responding to them starting today 🙂

Ok…time to let you go read what you came here for…

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