Coming Up This Week…

What a great week we just had here on Bookish Temptations.

I know y’all had as good a time as I did, so let’s keep it rolling…

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Bookish Temptations and Omnific Publishing Present…

Is it Sunday already?!?

This week just flew by for me…so I guess the old adage about time flying when you’re having fun isn’t just a cliche after all, eh?

I wanted to share a few things with you first and then I have a major announcement for you. I know, I know…I’m being a tease 😉

Bookish had some major milestones occur this past week. First, we went over the 50k mark on site visits Wednesday. Lemme tell you that I got a little emo over that. When I started BT in October I had no idea how it would do in the book blogging world, but thanks to the fabulous team here who work so hard to bring you new and fun things every week we continue to grow and flourish. No thanks will ever be enough to Debb, Gina, Elena, Morgan, and Annie for all you do.

Also, I have to thank the authors who have been so generous in providing guest posts, interviews, giveaways, etc.  It really is a wonder you don’t run away when you see me coming. Special thanks to Sylvain Reynard, Debra Anastasia, and CL Parker who have said yes over and over. I ❤ u my friends!

Second, SR’s outtake on Wednesday helped bring about the most visits ever in one day. I knew in advance it would be huge, BUT…it went beyond that…way beyond that. Thank you all for visiting and for sharing through RT’s on twitter, facebook, pininterest, google+, etc. Mad love to all!

Now…I have a major announcement to share with you that you’re going to love…Ready?!?

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