Guest Post: Michelle Birbeck

I’d like to welcome Michelle Birbeck, the author of “The Last Keeper” to Bookish Temptations and to say thank you for agreeing to write a guest post. I reviewed her book yesterday, and it’s truly an enjoyable story. I recommend putting it on your TBR list if you haven’t yet.

And now…I give you over to Michelle…

How it all began.

I suppose this story goes back to when I was young, about the time when I started putting my Beatrix Potter collection into the fish tank in order to teach the fish how to read. I was five at the time, and that is one of my earliest memories of books. Another memory is that of my nana teaching me how to do joined up writing. I had this little notebook and started writing in it. Except at the time, I thought all the words needed to be joined up as well as the letters in each word, so I ended up with a notebook full of stuff no one could read.

Ever since then I have never been without books.

But my first experience with paranormal books came when I was fifteen and my friends and I discovered L.J Smith’s Night World Series. After that I read Anne Rice, and in recent years I’ve read everything I can get my hands on. Yet, it all left me with one question; if all these vampires and werewolves and witches are so powerful, what’s stopping them from taking over? Is there anything? If all the vampires are worried about is a bit of sunlight, but they still have such magnificent powers, then why do they hide in the shadows as they do?

It was from these notions that the very first drabbles for The Last Keeper originated. The book went through many forms before it was finally finished, and even more changes have been made during the editing process, but what started as a stray thought, ended with a series of books, the first of which being The Last Keeper.

However, it wasn’t quite so simple as having the idea and writing it down. Serenity Cardea is an entirely new race. She isn’t a vampire or a witch or even a Were. She’s something I created, and with that came a whole host of other questions. There were limitations to consider, lifespan, weaknesses, strengths. Then they all needed to be worked into the storyline. And to top it off, there are my own mythological takes on my vampires and witches and Weres.

I’d like to say I sat down and planned it all out before I started to write, but that isn’t the case. What I actually did was start writing it and work it out as I went along. When I came across an issue with the mythology or something with the Keepers that didn’t fit where I needed it to, I changed it, creating the mythology as I went, and working it so that it fit everything I wanted from the book.

What I didn’t realise at the time, was that writing the book was the easy part. Everything that came after was where the work really began.


Thanks again Michelle!

Tamie Xo

4 thoughts on “Guest Post: Michelle Birbeck

  1. Elena says:

    Great post, Michelle! I’m looking forward to reading “The Last Keeper” 🙂


  2. Is this book a young adult like twilight or adult like the bdb books? If you know what i mean *smut*


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