Sylvain Reynard Reveals Gabriel’s Inferno Sequel Title and Cover…


Today SR finally revealed the cover and title of the sequel to “Gabriel’s Inferno“…AND the release date!!!

Click on the link below and check it out!

I’m so excited that we finally got to see the entire cover plus we now know the title and release date. I love the look and the sound, and can’t wait to have my very own copy!

I’d love it if you’d go put it on your Goodreads TBR list, and help spread the word to others. You can do that by sending out recommendations from your Goodreads  account to all your friends if they don’t have it on their list yet. Also, help spread the word on your Facebook page, Twitter account, and Pinterest.

Here’s another idea I’d love to see you all do. Call 1-800-WALMART and tell them you want your local Wal-Mart stores to carry Gabriel’s Inferno and the sequel!

O…one last thing…SR will be doing a giveaway on Goodreads in the next day or so…I’ll try to give y’all a heads up when it begins.

Tamie Xo

28 thoughts on “Sylvain Reynard Reveals Gabriel’s Inferno Sequel Title and Cover…

  1. Elena says:

    I so can’t wait for May 22nd! I love the title! And the cover is absolutely beautiful! The Professor is back!!! **starts swooning**


  2. I seriously cannot wait. I feel like that is all I keep saying over and over. SERIOUSLY though. Can’t. Wait. I’m going to start practicing my Italian to get ready for The Professor!!


  3. rdmickey1989 says:

    *knocks sheepishly*. Anyone remember me? I know. I know. I have been a bad bad girl and only catching up here on the weekend.. I have been working an insane amount of hrs. 12-17 hrs a day. I am not sure my brain is even functioning.

    I love love love love love this cover.

    As I did with the first book, I will order the ebook as well as the real book. I have tried to be patient with this story. I read UoEM as a wip, so although I own multiple opines of Gabriel’s Inferno, I will finally read when I have both books in my hands.

    Cannot wait. It’s been so, so, so long. Too long since I have the professor in my grasp.


    • rdmickey1989 says:

      Lmao. What the heck is opines. How did autocorrect change that from COPIES !?!


    • Tamie says:

      *Runs and tacklehugs you*
      As if you could be forgotten…pffttt…

      I love the cover too…even better than the 1st one.
      I’m like you…I want all copies available, so I’ll be buying the e-book for my Kindle, and the print copy.
      Maybe I’ll finally get the nerve to send it off for an autograph…

      Hugs and kisses. I’m always happy whenever you can make it here!


      • rdmickey1989 says:

        Oh the only time the book left my hands was for my mother to read since she refused to read from a computer when i was a grown woman with grown children going gaga over the ff. She had to promise on her second born’s life it would be ok in her possesion. Oh wait…second born was my sis…lol. *shrugs* It was either me or her.

        I might just be a wee possessive over SR. I got my kindle graph as well as a might fine man mailing me a book plate since the book cannot leave my side. *blows kisses*

        Wonder what my chances are for the second one ?


      • Tamie says:

        I let 3 of my co-workers borrow the book to read it, but they knew I’d hunt them down if the book wasn’t returned safely.
        It was nerve wracking for it to be out of my possession.

        I really, really want both of them signed tho, so I think I’ll brave it…one at a time.
        SR will probably be horrified at my poor bedraggled GI, but in my defense it has been well loved and traveled to Disney World, and TO with me…


    • How can i not remember you! I still see up popping up at the cold shower. And tamie i use to be shaytwilight on RAOR! Lol god i miss the hell out of that blog. And the people too.


      • Tamie says:

        You probably don’t remember me because I was pretty quiet on RAoR. I didn’t comment a lot…just mostly lurked. LOL!


  4. amyche8 says:

    May 22nd can’t get here fast enough!!! and what a captivating cover!! must start a countdown!! it will such a treat to read this after exams!!


  5. katiebirdie says:

    *happy dance* I am jumping up and down in my kitchen right now, while making dinner! I don’t know if you get it thru Omnific publishing? That’s where I originally got my paperback copy of GI. I’ll probably preorder it thru Amazon. Not a big fan of Walmart, but to each his own.

    Beautiful cover *happy sigh*


    • Tamie says:

      I’ve been happy dancing all day myself.
      I’ll order it through Amazon for both the e-book and print, but the reason I mention Wal-Mart is because I’d love to see it get into a retail giant for SR.
      Can you imagine the sales possibilities?!?


    • Katiebirdie,
      SR said that it will also come through his publisher, which is Omnific where the original came from.

      I am over the moon with the news of the release of this. The second half of this story is my favourite. It is so heartfail.

      Love the cover Sir. It is gorgeous.


  6. *big smiles* On my TBR list. xxoo


  7. Oh i cant wait! I just read gabriels inferno like a week and a half ago. Lol It needs to be said that although i love to book i had to get use to the name. You see the thing is that gabriel is my dads middle name! His first name is floyd, so you see why he goes by gabe. Lol and he has very dark brown hair and hazel eyes. I was quite disturbed for a while.


  8. Stefter says:

    I love the new cover and the title!!!! I keep asking if it’s May 22nd yet. Everyone keeps telling me it’s not. *sits and waits*


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