WW with Dr. Ivan and R Pattz

Wordless Wednesday proved to be quite popular…you like hawt, beautiful men….I like finding pictures of hawt, beautiful men…it’s a perfect match 😉

Today I picked two of my favorites…just for you…






Holy crap! I don’t know about you but Wednesday’s aren’t so bad anymore…

Tamie Xo

20 thoughts on “WW with Dr. Ivan and R Pattz

  1. ChocoMG2112 says:

    Thank you. 🙂


  2. There’s just something about doctors…..LOL. Damn, he’s incredible. My Christmas wish list grows.


    • Tamie says:

      He is one fine looking man…and smart too…what a combination *DIED*
      O…can you imagine finding Dr. Ivan gift wrapped under the tree?!? YOWZA!


  3. Dr. Ivan is nice but i will Always pick rob over anyone. Lol well, i cant choose between rob and david gandy. I have to have them both. Lol


  4. Trayce (@lemonamour) says:

    you was right bb – iz thudded h.a.r.d.


  5. Stefter says:

    so much yum in one post!!!!!!


  6. Stefter says:

    Reblogged this on In Stefter's Humble Opinion and commented:
    All this hotness just has to be reblogged!!!


  7. Debbie (ecullen'sgirl) says:

    I’m…. still trying to catch my breath………………..


  8. BTC says:

    Srsly, I need to go find me a hot doctor, or just a hottie to write with. Or stare at. All day long. UNF! TY TY TY!!!


  9. Elena says:

    ***flatline*** I’d need Dr. Ivan to do mouth to mouth resuscitation. He’s a doctor after all, right? 😉
    And every time I look at Robert, I lose any coherent thought. He’s so, so, so, handsome! *happy sigh*


  10. katiebirdie says:

    The pics of the doc definitely make me want to read his book even more. 🙂

    My Boy. He is so Fine. Watched BelAmi over the weekend. twice. So so gorgeous. Can’t wait to see Him at Cannes. *happy sigh*


    • Tamie says:

      Me too Katie. Just knowing that the book is indeed based on him and that he co-wrote it?!?
      Plus, I have a need to know what “trips his trigger” as he puts it…
      Rob…what can I say about the man who makes me all hot and bothered?
      Haven’t seen Bel Ami yet…don’t know if I’ll survive it.


  11. Sheri Zee says:

    IMO…No one is HOTTER than Rob!!!


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