Pirate’s Booty by Morgan Locklear…(chapter 1)

I’m so happy that I can finally share Morgan’s 4 part story with you. Today you’ll get to read Chapter 1 and then the next chapters will be available on Sat. May 19th, 26th, and the final chapter will post on Sun. May 27th. Here’s  a little bit of background on how this came about.

Morgan had an idea for a rather naughty…ok, ok…super filthy story, and he had challenged peeps in a previous Wordslinger post to try pushing their comfort zone as writers. Well…Morgan decided he should take his own advice and one day on twitter he asked if I’d be interested in posting the story on Bookish…well duh right?!?

I have never felt the need to hide my love of written erotica. In fact, I have been loud and proud on the subject. I know it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, and I’m fine with that. The only thing I’m not fine with is when others trash the genre. There’s all kinds of erotica btw…some of it is what I like to call the… In Your Face style which is to say it’s very graphic and detailed, but there’s also sensual erotica…it’s gentler but can be just as seductive. I’m fond of both.

WARNING…Pirate’s Booty falls under the… In Your Face category.

and now…here we go…



This story is just filthy.

The sex is all consensual and while there isn’t any anal sex, I assure you that it’s graphic…so climb aboard at your own risk.


Chapter One:

Treasured Chest

Captain Jade Rain had a hungry pussy.  (I told you).

She longed for the feeling of a stiff cock, filling her like the bullets filled the chambers of her warm pistola.  She sat in her elaborate quarters at the rear of her forty cannon Predator ship with one hand above her head and the other touching the velvety folds of her savage sex.

She owned every wave on the ocean and every ship that crossed her path, and she did it utilizing only females in her gorgeously strong and cunning crew.

Captain Rain loved men, but didn’t trust them.  As a result, her sailors and soldiers were all ladies of the sea and they could either be a wet dream or a watery nightmare for the men they encountered.

They had been sailing up the Wicked River, an impossibly wide, flowing channel that separated the Spring and Summer Kingdoms, but were now in the Swollen Sea. It was a reef laden pale ocean that was, thankfully, calm most of the time.  On the other side of the Swollen Sea was Fall Kingdom -Captain Rain’s childhood home.

The Seasons’ Kingdoms were ruled separately and had a long and bloody history of trading and warring.  Captain Rain had learned to take advantage of that and she was taught to be tough by the Neanderthal men of the Fall Kingdom.

When she first stood on the planks of a salty boat (named Pumpkin Pie) as a child, she knew that she would one day sleep with the ocean as her pillow.

She had her dream, but achieving it didn’t come easily.  She was a troublemaker, true enough, but she also had a kind heart that only frustrated male entitlement.

More accurately, she infuriated male entitlement.  While rape was against the law, the crime was seldom proven. So women just had to either take it, or fight it.  Young Jade Rain took an eye from every man who tried to take her against her will, and by the time she was sixteen half of her town donned patches. A fair amount of them were limping as well, because she was usually in a foul mood when she was accosted.

She took her attackers’ money too (robbed them all blind if you will), and on her seventeenth birthday she bought a skinny schooner and acquired a crew to sail with her to the other three Kingdoms.

The all male crew of five returned to shore with her two days later, with blood stains on their crotches and corks in their eyes.

“Don’t forget that I spared you your dog lives!” she yelled as she waved them off of her ship. She encouraged their egress with a four barrel shotgun that she had modified with assistance from her father.

She had shared her unwavering dream of sailing the seas with him as a young girl and warned him against interfering with it. He had learned not to cross her early on and had taught her the fighting skills to keep her body safe.  Her mother had died giving birth to her and he raised her the only way he knew how. He knew that he couldn’t be there to protect her, so he did the next best thing; he instructed her about the weaknesses in human bodies and taught her several ways to quickly and decisively end any man’s pursuits.

The animal shapes she could twist a man’s balls into would impress any jester, but she favored playing weak and striking like a cobra.  Her method of attack was so vicious and horrendous to the aggressor that she often wondered why they kept coming.

It was her father who clued her in.

“They are all telling different stories of how they lost their eyes, you see?  Not one of them would admit that they were bested by a child.  And a FEMALE child at that.” Her father was a gruff carpenter with caring eyes and a bristly face. “No, they all have some elaborate tale of bravery or robbery, and it isn’t until another one shows up with an eye patch, that they pass a knowing look around like a pint of ale.”

“Do they cause you any trouble?” Jade had asked her father, concerned.

Her father was named Blake, but everyone called him The Fuzzy Dagger.  The nickname was given for his sharp tongue and the big gray mustache that covered it.  He was a fearsome man as well as quick-witted, and the idea of even a trio of scoundrels getting the best of him was laughable.

Yet, they tried to sweep his daughter up like an apple lying on the ground. Their only intentions were to enjoy a taste of her before throwing her away after a few stabbing bites.

“If they were to exact revenge on me, it would mean admitting what you did to them,” he told her. “They certainly don’t know that I know.”

Jade understood.  She didn’t ask for trouble, was a hard worker and respectful.  Maybe that’s what drew their attention.

Early on, she assumed that she could find decent men to crew her voyages, but the lumbering apes just couldn’t get it out of their heads that the world was not theirs to stick their peckers in.

She wondered if she could find and train girls like her. Girls who wanted to leave the Kingdom behind and master their own life paths.

She didn’t see any reason why not, except that no woman had ever done it before.


Captain Rain was never against sex in general, just unwanted sex. She was no prude either but when she met her first love, a caring and quiet boy of sixteen, the two of them shared their hearts for a whole leaf cycle before she took her dress down enough for him to see and touch her small round breasts, capped with hard raspberry nipples.

His name was Bram and he was a gentle lover. He had to be because his cock was as big as the pump handle on the well Jade drew water from each morning.

The lush Fall Kingdom had miles and miles of rope and wooden bridges suspended in the tall trees.  The world of crisscrossed pathways in the canopy had long been a draw for young and old lovers alike.

There were also many suspended gazebos, known as “tuck aways” up in the trees.  It was in just such a swaying oasis that Bram first pressed his eager lips to her flesh and made her skin rise in ticklish puppy bumps. He put his wet warm lips over her nipples, and when he removed his mouth the breeze was delicious on her drying peaks of hard flesh.

Each day she lowered her dress a little more.

The following afternoon Bram had access to her smooth, strong stomach and he delicately brushed his fingers across her hard nipples as he nuzzled her belly canyon and sighed into her tingly flesh.

The afternoon after that, he watched as she lowered her dress past the small nest of hair above her virgin pussy.  Her delicate curls turned auburn in the sunbeams that spilled into the new tuck away the couple favored.

She stopped the lacy gown at her thighs so he couldn’t open her legs, but he pressed his face into her moist fruit and his curious tongue found a small bud of buried treasure to polish.

She grabbed him by his thick black hair and pressed his face into her body until he gasped for breath. They laughed for a bit, but only for a little bit before her eyes hardened and she shoved his face back into her tender crease.

He was doing something she really enjoyed, and she was just brave enough to see where the building feeling inside her body took her.

Soon it was she who was gasping for breath as lightning struck her novice insides and she bucked with the force of it.  She shuddered with waves of aching pleasure and her eyes flew open in stark wonder that nudged the edge of fear.

Bram looked up, concerned.

Jade listened to the world around her grow quiet, then come rushing back into her head like a waterfall of noise.  She looked down at her dark lover and put her hand on his head. “Again,” she commanded.

He obliged and when he was done she unbuttoned his pants, intent to reward his services with her mouth. But when she got her first good look at the mammoth grain silo of a cock that she unsheathed, she wondered if she wouldn’t need both hands just to move it.

She began by laying him on his back and lightly grasping his girth. She squeezed gently as she moved her hand up and down slowly. She traced her fingers up the stiff shaft of his pretty cock until they reached the shiny smooth head that hung above his own belly canyon.  Then she moved her curious hand back down to the black tangle of hair that lightly covered a warm pouch.  She squeezed that too.

He was wide-eyed and watching as she began kissing his rigid cock, sliding her mouth back and forth on it like she was buttering an ear of corn.

Bram sighed and arched his back. She greedily took him into her mouth and discovered it wasn’t as difficult as she thought it would be.  She kept her teeth from scraping his tender trunk as she applied generous suction to his captured cock.

Her efforts were rewarded by soft sighs, almost whimpers from him as his thighs tightened and his chest heaved.  She wanted to watch what happened in the moment of truth for him because she had never actually seen it.  Although, she had seen plenty of crude pictures drawn on walls.

She sat back and gripped him hard, milking him fiercely.  When he cried out she saw a creamy fluid, liquid pearls, gush in great squirts, streaking his belly and chest like war paint.

Before she could talk herself out of it, Jade leaned forward and stabbed her dainty tongue into the warm, white seed. She felt the silky texture but there was not much flavor to speak of. She leaned forward again and Bram watched with almost horrified fascination as she dragged her tongue up an entire streak of his spilled passion.

She sat back and swallowed. This time, she tasted the sea.

The next afternoon, she greedily fished out his cock and moistened it with ravenous sucking that she knew would only assist her next action.  She pushed him on his back again and climbed on top, hoping that gravity would help her slide down his wet cock as she pushed his smooth head in between her juicy folds.

At first it was exquisite…then it was excruciating…then it was exquisite again.

Jade rode out the contradicting pulses that came from her body’s first intimate experience, but she discovered that the pain was something of an excitement and was a little disappointed as the sharp sting turned into an ache and then began to fade altogether.

It was, fortunately, replaced by something better; that building up of power inside her that threatened to push the air from her lungs and the thoughts from her head.

She put her hands on his chest and pressed down hard as she wiggled her hips and licked her lips.  She bounced her round rump up and down with metronomic timing and lost herself in the hypnotic movements and the natural surroundings.

Bram cried out a moment after she did, her moans of pleasure sending him over the edge.  She collapsed onto him in a gratified heap.

They let the breeze in the trees caress their naked skin long enough so that they both dozed for a time before dressing and continuing their ‘innocent’ walk.

On the way back home, Rain was thinking; I don’t know if I’m going to be able to get enough of that.

As an adult she built quite the appetite for dark-haired men with kind eyes and monster cocks.


The Captain had loved Bram long, hard, and true for a year before she found out that he had also been fucking a tavern woman who was twice his age.

Her heart closed like a clam that day and when she pushed him over the edge of the bridge on their way to their favorite tuck away, she hollered down after him, hoping that her words would reach his ears as he hit the unforgiving earth.

“You had it ALL!”

He did not live, but many of her lovers since then had been allowed to.

Captain Rain finished her brandy and walked out on deck to check the stars for navigation and to breathe in some fresh air. Her pussy was still hungry, but a salty breeze was all she was going to get that night unless they happened upon a lucky trading ship from Spring Kingdom or another supposed pirate ship that would get a harsh but not un-pleasurable lesson in proper piracy.

“Good evening, Captain Rain,” a red-haired beauty greeted as she saw her commander. “We have clear skies and calm waters.  We should have you home by this time tomorrow.” Her first officer had been an orphan and was known only as Sunset, but she had served as Jade’s second in command and best friend for nearly a dozen years.

“Thank you.” Captain Rain was distracted. “Are…there any prisoners aboard?”

“No Captain,” Sunset responded quickly. “Willow killed the last one when he displeased her.”

“They all displease her,” the Captain responded with a smile. Her grin was shallow and did not dive below the surface to reach her heart.

“Are you feeling any better about it?” Sunset asked.

The Captain nodded her head. “He was old. It was his time.” She was returning home to bury her father and pay her respects to the only man who treated her like a person and not simply as a pair of tits.

“I’m here if you need anything,” Sunset reminded her Captain.

Jade thought about ordering Sunset into her chambers where they could fuck each other with the thick ends of Willow’s whips and lick each other dry.  It had helped her in the past but she said nothing and turned away with a nod, walking towards the bow of the mighty ship.

She called her newest ship The Red Tide.  It was made of Winter Kingdom’s coldwood, and after a year in the water, it was as black as a pupil. It’s bright red canvas sails made it look as though the sky was bleeding when the ship stroked the horizon.

She stood with the wind in her face and watched the fog smudge her sunset.  Captain Rain had not returned home since she had found and trained her female crew and set sail for the rest of the world.

A message had come to her from a citrus boat carrying goods from Spring Kingdom to Winter Kingdom and it contained a plea for her to come and claim her inheritance.

Now she was two meals away from setting foot back in the land of one-eyed men.

At least it made the bastards easier to spot.


Captain Rain took only her first officer, Sunset, with her to meet with the Kingdom’s Death Secretary who reported that Blake ‘The Fuzzy Dagger’ Rain had a peaceful passing and an honorable funeral.


She was then presented with the key to her father’s house and told that all the belongings inside were hers,  but that the house was, and had always been, the Kingdom’s.  The Captain was fine with that arrangement. It suited her just fine as a matter of fact.

When Captain Rain walked into the small familiar residence, she found many trinkets that she was allowed to play with sparingly as a child and a box of coins that appeared older than the four Kingdoms put together.  She also found several elaborate swords and scabbards and a mirror that she rather liked and planned to hang over her commode.

She didn’t get the chance, however, because it caught on the door frame and spirited out of her arm before she could so much as gasp.

The crash was loud in the still house and it seemed that the ringing and tinkling of broken glass went on forever.

“Are you all right Captain?” Sunset asked.

“I’m fine, just broke my…mirror.” The Captain looked down at a thick folded piece of parchment that had been hidden inside the looking-glass.  She leaned forward, picked it up and unfolded it. It was a map of the other side of the world, The Pox Islands.  There were at least a thousand of them, and one – nestled right in the middle of what looked like a maze of channels and straits – had a big red X stamped on it.

Hand written nearby were the words:

Commodore Clyde’s Lost Booty.

It was not her father’s handwriting.

“Shit,” she murmured. “Now we have to ransack the place.”


The two women cut into the backs of all the paintings that portrayed men hunting foxes or ships at sea. They took great care in dismantling anything that could conceal more clues.  The famed scoundrel known as Commodore Clyde was widely rumored to have actually never existed, but each of the Seasons’ Kingdoms had their own lore. No matter the story, however, he never strayed from certain characteristics; greed, lust, and then second helpings of each.

“My daddy used to speak of the Commodore when we were being tucked in for the night,” Sunset recalled. “He said that fantastic treasures were practically hanging from the trees when his grandfather was a child, but they had been stolen and taken to the other side of the world and hidden on one of the Pox Islands.”

Captain Rain nodded. Her own father was her most consistent provider of treacherous tales about the Commodore.

The women searched, then straightened the house.  The Captain took two small bags of personal mementos and Sunset took one before they made their way to the Red Tide.

“All Hands! Set Sail!” The Captain bellowed as soon as they stepped over the rail.

One of her crew called out. “What’s our heading Captain?”

“We sail for the Scarred Sea!” she announced, knowing that it would shock her girls into early menstruation for the month. “To the Pox Islands!”

It did. And at once, everyone started complaining.

“SIIIIIIIIIIIIILEEEEEEEEEENCE!” A raspy voice carried easily over the others. “Your Captain has given you an order! Move your tanks or walk the planks!” Willow looked over the crew from her position at the wheel.  Her blonde hair would have blown more in the wind if it hadn’t been so thick and curly.

Most of the women clamped their mouths and set to their tasks, but a few of the older, more sassy crew members muttered and moved sluggishly.

“And YES,” Willow continued because she was a tad obsessive compulsive. “I know that I said ‘planks’ when we only technically have one. BUT GUESS WHAT!? I’ll build another plank just so I can watch TWO of you go at a TIME if you DON’T GET GOING!”  Her last three words were a roar that demanded so much obedience that even Sunset began walking rails and losing sails.

Willow was the ship’s boson, but she was also the officer on duty as commander while the two women were on land.  After she shouted her threat over the sticks, she smiled at her Captain. “We’ll be underway momentarily Jade.”

“Thank you Mistress,” Captain Rain said. They all addressed Willow as Mistress. She was the dominatrix on the ship, both on deck and below it, and even the Captain had begged to kiss her spiked boots and purred with delight when the nipple clamps came out.  Willow was the only one who ever called the Captain by her first name, and even that was a great liberty.  She had been excited to command and her generous (and horny) Captain knew it.

After the sails billowed and the wheel was turned over to another officer, Willow followed her Captain and First Officer into the Captain’s quarters where she voiced her professional concern behind closed doors.

“Are you bitches crazy?! The Pox Islands are just waiting to tear us apart!  We can’t get through them! It’s suicide!”

Captain Rain silently produced the map, ignoring the ‘bitches’ comment as easily as she had ignored being called ‘Jade’ in front of the crew.  She instead handed the map over to Willow, who stared down at the relic for a very long time.

“Astounding,” she finally whispered. “Did you get this from your father?”

The Captain nodded.

“This is the first map like this I’ve ever seen.” Willow looked back down at the worn paper and when she looked up again, she was focused. “We’ll need to get second lookout up in the nest, and we will have to anchor at night no matter how clear the skies.”

“Yes Mistress,” Captain Rain replied, smiling. She honestly didn’t mind when Willow sometimes confused their roles outside of her customized quarters because she was an excellent sailor and the best navigator on the ship.

“We’ll be sailing along Fall Kingdom’s island for another few hours,” Sunset said. “But I think we should pull in one more time at Ridgeton or Basota to get more supplies. We weren’t expecting to be at sea for more than a few weeks, and I would prefer to double that estimate now.”

“Triple it,” the Captain ordered. “Make for anywhere you think we can get into and out of quickly.”

“Yes, Captain,” Sunset responded with a curt nod of her head.

Willow left with Sunset, leaving the Captain to study the map and plot their exact course to and through the Scarred Sea.


They would be approaching the islands from the north. Captain Rain took her time plotting a course that would offer the least amount of corrections, but still had to wait three weeks before she would be within sight of the forested mountains that rose from the water like the heads of giants in their bathing tubs.

Captain Rain was on deck and expecting word from the lookouts any time concerning possible inhabitants of the looming land mass.

“Boat in the water!” came a strong voice from above her.

“Hmmm.” She had not expected a welcoming party.

They held their course and assisted the approaching boat in reaching its goal. The two muscled blonde men who were rowing with their backs to the large ship tossed their oars when they came alongside her.  The salt water dripped on their tanned shoulders and practically sizzled.

A Jacob’s ladder was kicked over the side of the Red Tide, and soft but strong hands were offered as each man climbed aboard.

“There’s only two of you?” The Captain sounded disappointed. “Come with me.” She turned and walked towards the back of the ship and the two men followed.

Sunset rolled her eyes as the Captain passed her. Willow nodded. It was understood that the woman would be watching the upcoming proceedings from a place of concealment.  Captain Rain didn’t mind the security even though she had never required her boson to step in. In truth, she rather enjoyed enabling the voyeuristic nature of her assignment.

“What Kingdom are you from?” One of the men asked her in a voice that carried an accent she had never heard before.  It was…sophisticated.

“We swear allegiance to no Kingdom,” Captain Rain responded.

“Then you’re pirates,” the other man stated as a fact. He did not sound surprised, but he did sound disgusted.

The Captain smiled and slipped out of her heavy jacket. “We are women.” She walked right between the men and stroked her fingers along their stone chests as she did. “And all we want to steal from you boys is a little time…” She removed her boots. “And maybe some protein…” She unbuckled her heavy belt and it carried her pants to the floor as fast as a dropped cannonball.

Her shirt was still on, but her naked fuzzy pussy and her muscled thighs were on glorious display.

The men had eyes as big as planets and they were already growing with enthusiasm.

“Are you two friends?” the Captain asked.

“Brothers,” they answered together.

“Perfect!” She pulled her shirt over her head exposing her soft breasts tipped with needy nipples.  Both men looked at each other, then pulled their hyde trousers down, revealing straight smooth ships masts that waggled ever so slightly at having just been freed.

“Perfect,” she repeated.

Jade stepped away from her clothes and walked over to the bed that sat next to a row of windows, revealing the rich blue ocean.

She sat down in front of them and took her time wetting their pretty cocks with languishing licks and deep swallows.  While her mouth was on one stiff play stick, her hand was on the other, milking and fondling.

She couldn’t take any more waiting and turned over.

“If either of you sticks one of those big pot handles you call cocks into my butt, I’m going to see that it is removed before you’re both thrown overboard and your boat sunk. Got it?”

“Got it.” They answered in unison again. Obedient fuckers.

She let her chest rest against the cool sheets and waited for the first brave offering.

She let them take turns warming her honey pot and occasionally squeezed their plump cocks with her pussy until they whimpered.  She was enjoying herself immensely and it had been quite a while.  She recalled as one of the nameless big blonde boys rocked her hypnotically that she had not had a man since they found that ship of monks bound for Spring Kingdom.

She and her crew had helped plenty of young men find Jesus that night.

The two young men were machines and pounded her with a bull’s fortitude.  One of them came over to suckle her dangling drops of flesh as his brother slid his shaft in and out of her with delicate strength.

The Captain looked out the window at the rippled surface of the sea. She had many wonderful memories with this view and preferred her current position to being lain on top of and sweated all over.

Also, she liked how deep men went when they fucked her stallion style.  She had let men make love to her while she was on her back – Bram, of course, but even others.  She really had to trust them before she allowed it and usually they tried to kill her before then.

She knew that these two had no such ill intentions. But they were hiding something and it was a secret so big that she might have to kill one of them to get it out of the other.  She would wait until she had climaxed to her heart’s delight before and after both natives had filled her with their flow.

As if on cue, one of the brothers cried out and stilled his movements except for his throbbing cock as it released its seed into her.

She waited until he pulled himself out before attending to the other man who had been so attentive and creative with her teasing tits.  She sucked him with vigor as her hand clamped down on his shaft and pumped up and down as she bobbed her head in time with her clamped fist.

He took three sundering breaths and then she felt a torrent of warm wealth fill her mouth.  She swallowed greedily, noting the sweet, almost grape-like taste as the juices slid down her dry throat.

It was so different from other men she had sampled, she wondered if it had something to do with the local diet.

They dressed in silence as Captain Rain watched from her bed.

“What were your instructions?”

One of the men turned to her and spoke plainly. “To turn you back.”

The Captain laughed. “Why would they send two of you to do that?”

“They didn’t,” the two of them said together one last time.

Then the ship’s bell began to sound.


Captain Rain assumed that the warning was simply to inform all hands of a boarding party in sight, but when she heard the distant concussion of a cannon and saw a magnificent splash just outside her stern windows, she frowned.

She turned quickly on the two men and they saw pity in her eyes. The last thing they saw as their lives fled away from them like nervous cats was their sibling’s blood spill out onto the wooden floor.

On deck, Sunset had already ordered the cannons fed and fired. The crew was close to their return volley and Captain Rain got her first sight of their targets, four stout schooners with only a few cannons each and fools for commanders.

They were coming in together instead of separately. The Captain gladly watched as her superior fire power chewed up two of the ships after only one thunder-clap and the tangy smell of gun powder.

The third enemy ship fired with ugly accuracy and two large holes were punched into the hull of the Red Tide.  They were above the waterline but Captain Swan took a pail of water and went down to make sure that the hit didn’t start a fire.  Fire was the number one cause of shipwrecks, and it was easily prevented if one had the presence of mind not to let any hot cannonballs set things ablaze.

While she was down in the guts of the ship, she heard more cannon-fire but there was no succeeding impact. The enemy had missed their mark.  The return fire from her own ship was so fierce that the ship tilted to starboard when all the cannons fired together.

She found the first cannonball buried in the personal trunk of a sailor, the tobacco and money inside had been scattered all over the bunk.  She touched the iron ball and it was not even warm, so she left it and moved on.

There was no return fire from the aggressive ships by the time Captain Rain discovered the second cannonball, at chest level and almost through the hull on the other side of the ship.

She punched it out with the hilt of her curved cutlass.  The Captain peered through the rough round hole as she sheathed her sword and saw one of the sinking ships come into view.

Her crew had destroyed the entire welcoming party and now was turning towards the large bay the enemy had sailed from.  There were no forts or ramparts visible so the ship moved boldly toward the mouth of the harbor.

They could hear that the island community had its own warning bell, and it was ringing furiously.

When they entered the port, the crew could see that there were only two more large ships like the ones smoking on the ocean. Beyond that, there were only a few odd boats that looked like they had been built elsewhere.

There was no sign of soldiers as the Captain walked the decks and eyed the citizens who had peered out their windows at the crimson schooner.

“Where are your two guests?” Sunset asked.

Rain gave her a look her first officer knew well.

“Oh. I do hope they serviced you well before you were so rudely interrupted.”

“Quite well,” the Captain answered in a fit of openness. “I really needed that, but I had hoped on sharing them with the rest of you.”

“Hmmm, turned out to be assholes. I’m glad I didn’t fuck them.  Even though I’m desperate for a barrel cleaning,” Willow declared, closing her eyes.

“Yup,” the Captain agreed. “Too bad.” She stepped to the rail of the port deck and bellowed at the few people gathered at the docks to gape at the newcomers.

“Who is in charge here?”

“You killed him,” came a voice from shore.

“Then who is second in command?” Captain Rain ordered.

“You killed him too,” came the same voice.

The Captain sighed. “Who is in charge NOW?!” she demanded.

There was a long silence that was finally broken by a new voice.

“You are.”


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