Wordless Wednesday(#3)…

It’s Wednesday again…Yeah I know…duh…and since SR’s Teaser Tuesday’s are over with I think Wednesday has just become a new favorite day for me.

I gotta admit that it’s a lot of fun finding pictures of yummerific guys to share, but rest assured that I take this job very seriously…ahem…a lot of research goes into finding just the right photos for you 😉

Who did I find simply irresistable this week?

Alright Ladies…dive in at your own risk…

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Men of Omnific Match Game Giveaway #3

It’s day three of the Men of Omnific Match Game Giveaway 

I’d like to thank everyone who participated in yesterdays game 🙂

Here’s a reminder of how the game works…

There are 5 pictures of yummy guys that represent 5 different book characters.

Below them are the books they come from…but in random order.

YOU match the guys up with the book you think he represents.

Leave your choices in the comments section.

1st person to make the most correct choices will win all 5 e-books.

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Winner of Omnific Match Game Giveaway #2…

Congratulations to our winner for day two… rdmickey1989

The correct answers were

The Guardian’s WildChild – Daniel Henney
Whisper of Light – Jesse Spencer
The Unidentified RedHead – Scott Speedman
Three Daves – Jim Sturgess
Small Town Girl – Joe Manganiello

That’s two for two…the rest of y’all need to get up earlier and put your thinking caps on 🙂

Contest #3 will be up soon!

Good luck to all, and hey, making a guess is better than not even trying…

Tamie Xo