FanFic Friday with Katiebird: Author spotlight on Savage7289

Happy Friday again. We have a very special post today – our girl Katiebird is back with an author spotlight. Take it away Katie!

When Deb asked me to do another guest post, I already had something in mind to share with you guys. It seemed so simple; I love reading anything written by Savage7289, so why not dedicate a whole post to her work?!?! But which ones do I feature? I love them all.  Every Edward is different, and that’s a good thing.  She has 16 stories on her fan fic profile, plus some stories found on her personal blog, Shay Savage.

I’m going to feature five stories, in no particular order, except that I will leave my VERY favorite to the end. Can you stand it? Are you wondering? I know you are…

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