FanFic Friday with Katiebird: Author spotlight on Savage7289

Happy Friday again. We have a very special post today – our girl Katiebird is back with an author spotlight. Take it away Katie!

When Deb asked me to do another guest post, I already had something in mind to share with you guys. It seemed so simple; I love reading anything written by Savage7289, so why not dedicate a whole post to her work?!?! But which ones do I feature? I love them all.  Every Edward is different, and that’s a good thing.  She has 16 stories on her fan fic profile, plus some stories found on her personal blog, Shay Savage.

I’m going to feature five stories, in no particular order, except that I will leave my VERY favorite to the end. Can you stand it? Are you wondering? I know you are…

More Savage love after the jump

Yowza, that’s quite a banner there. So, Transcendence… Where to begin with this one?? Edward or Ehd actually, lives alone in a cave, because his tribe was killed in a fire. He is surviving in an unknown land with just the skills that he has learned from his family, and doesn’t speak or comprehend English. Why you ask? Because he’s a caveman, living in prehistoric times, sillies. Savage addresses the issue like this:

“Ehd is obviously intelligent by his internal voice, but he does not have any capacity for language as we would think of it. He still “speaks” in his mind, because it would be a very dull tale if he didn’t.”

Anyway, he sets a trap in the ground, to catch a large antelope for its meat and skin. After dragging the animal out of the pit and back to his cave, he comes back to the trap and finds a woman there. She doesn’t look, act or sound like any woman he has been around before. So begins the journey, how do Bella and Ehd communicate with each other? Will he eventually learn English? How did Bella end up in the trap? I got to read this completed, so all of the questions I had while reading this, got answered in record time. Despite the awkward circumstances, somehow they fall in love and live happily ever after.  The ending to this amazing tale surprised me in the best way.

Tempt My Tongue   is her newest AU story that is not for the faint of heart. This Edward is not nice or sweet, and doesn’t listen Carlisle, or anyone else for that matter. He just wants to lose his virginity, but can’t seem to get past the blood lust to experience the sex. Poor guy… “This is EvilStalkerVampWard at his (un)finest.” – Savage.  I love dark Edwards, because I love vampires.  I love Savage’s dark Edwards that are vampires. So lots of people die, but they kind of deserve it, because they were getting in the way. My favorite line in this story would have to be, “At some point, I’m going to have to eat the librarian – the woman is just too annoying to live.” Seriously, this Edward is funny as hell, without meaning to be. Oh. Don’t freak out, but the ending is unexpected.

So I guess that would mean next up is Unexpected Circumstances. God, this story so totally owned me while it was a WIP, and surprise, surprise, it’s in Bella’s POV, not usually Shay’s thing. The dear Miss Dee Dreamer (I miss her so much), rec’d this one. If you want to read about Edward jousting, hunting and fighting with swords while wearing knight’s armor; with a dog named Emily and a horse named Volvo, then this is the story for you. (Shay’s humor cracks me up) This Edward is so hawt, because I was picturing Henry Cavill from the Tudors. *fanning self* Bella is just a lady-in-waiting for Princess Jessica. While watching a jousting match, she ends up on the back of Sir Edward’s horse, rides off to his kingdom, leaving her old life behind. Sir Edward is feeling pressure from his family and Aro, Jessica’s father, to get married and have an heir, so that he can rule the kingdom properly, after his uncle Carlisle dies.  He doesn’t want to marry Jessica so, to piss off Aro, he takes Bella as his bride. Did he think to ask her what she wanted? Hell no. It was a last-minute decision on his part, but something about her got his attention. Sir Edward is so sweet and gentle with her while they get to know each other, and Bella figures out how to be the future Queen. There are seriously outstanding lemons, so why is Bella having trouble conceiving? That’s just one of the many mysteries in this story. I remember when that was FINALLY revealed, I literally shouted out loud, “I KNEW IT!!” My DH thought I had lost my mind…. (No comments, please) *raspberry noise*

Now the next story can only be found on Shay’s blog for some reason, but if you email Ehd (seriously, she provides his email address, and says that you have to ask him), he will send it to you as a PDF file. Do it. There. Are. Pictures. Like this one.

CBWR banner

That got your attention, right? Could Be Worse, Right?  is intense and kind of scary for being an All Human story, but so scary good. “What if I’m the bad guy?” Well, this Edward is the bad guy. He works for the mob, as a trafficker of drugs, and stolen merchandise, amongst other things. He has had a hard childhood that pretty much pushed him into that dark and dangerous world. He has never maintained a relationship with a woman, because of trust issues. Someone always wants something from him. He uses his connections to the sex slave business (guess who that is?), so he can buy a woman. He will own her, so she has to do everything she wants, no questions asked, right? He gets to have exactly what he wants, hair color, eye color, build, sexual experience, everything.  When he picks Bella up, she is everything he wanted, but he has a change of heart. He knows how these girls are treated, and trained, before they are given to someone. He can’t return her; she’ll be killed or worse. And the adventure begins, with him taking her on the road with him, to a new life. This story has some of Savage’s best lemons EVER.  There is violence though. Quite a bit actually, so be prepared…

Drum roll, please… My VERY FAVORITE Savage fan fiction story is Hide and Drink! Surprised? Probably not. This story has been near the top of my all time favorite AU stories, for a while now.  Boobward is so…Guh. Seriously, I CRAZY LOVE this Edward.  He endured meeting Bella in Biology, but something just snaps for him, when he’s in the office trying to transfer to a different class. Remember that scene? Robward in dark jeans, showing off his fine ass while trying to woo Miss Cope? *happy sigh* There is no going back for him, when he takes her from her home, after school. His family tries to reason with him while he is on the run with her, but to no avail. He drinks from her regularly, but how long can that last? No one better try to take her from him, or there will be serious consequences.  This is the story that made me fall hard for Savage’s writing style. She just knows how to write an interesting and compelling EPOV.  Here’s an excerpt:

I had gone over various approaches during the torturously slow biology class where I had first encountered her. I could offer to help her get caught up in her studies. I could ask her to take a walk with me – I would show her the trails through the forest. Maybe just a quiet knock at the door, her confused expression as I introduced myself politely and apologized for being so rude earlier. If she would only allow me in long enough to explain myself…

No. No pleasantries. They didn’t matter now. Not with her scent wrapping around me so completely like soft, urgent silk ribbons – dragging me towards the house. Another snarl passed my lips and my feet hit the short set of steps to her door. I twisted the knob – it was still slightly warm from her touch – locked. Without a thought my foot came up and slammed into the wood next to the bolt. Splinters covered the floor and the knob turned sideways before falling to the linoleum with a metallic thud.

“What the-” she was in the kitchen. I didn’t need her voice to tell me where the luscious scent of her burning blood was concentrated. My hand was in her hair, pulling her head to one side and exposing the throbbing artery in her neck before her eyes could even register another body in the room. I paused, focused on that throb, and took a long, deep breath. My knees actually felt weak as I licked my lips. Make it last…


My eyes met hers. They were so deep, such a rich dark brown – and total silence behind them. I inhaled involuntarily, and her scent washed over me again. When my breath came back out, her eyes glazed over and I could feel the muscles in her shoulders give out, just a little. She held her breath.

“I…I…I’m sorry, Bella,” I couldn’t believe I was actually begging forgiveness for what I was about to do to her.

My stone body was suddenly up against hers, pushing her against the kitchen counter. With my free hand I braced myself against the counter’s edge, behind her back. I felt her body shudder under my cold touch as she finally took a breath. I dropped my head down close to her throat, running my nose along her skin. Savor it…

“Edward,” her voice cracked on the last syllable and I felt and heard her quick gasp. “What are you…?” Her voice was nothing more than a whisper on her lips.

“Shhh…be still,” I whispered back, my lips grazed her earlobe. “Please don’t move. I don’t want to kill you. Really, I don’t. I just can’t stop myself…”

My lips were on her neck again, the sweet throb of her quickened pulse met with the burning flow of venom as my teeth grazed against her paper-thin skin. No, not that way…

My hand slid through her hair, down to her neck, across her throat. She didn’t move, her head still bent at that awkward, enticing angle. I raked the nail of my thumb across her skin, through the artery and her body jumped under my grip. The hot rush of her warm blood poured into my waiting mouth. She may have been screaming. I wasn’t sure.

I had fed on countless humans during those years in my youth. I remembered well the taste, the ecstasy of their blood over my tongue. There was no comparison to the taste of her. It was warm, thick and sweet and when the hot liquid hit my throat the thirst was gone. Actually gone, for the first time since I woke up in from the change. No burning, no pain. Not so fast…

I was taking her blood in gulps. I had to slow down or she would be dead in seconds.

And when she dies, this blood will die with her.

There was no other blood like this. Once she was gone, it would no longer be within my grasp. But if I stopped now, she would heal. Her body would make more. The blood would replenish. I could drink again. The promise of more – it was the only incentive that could have caused me to stop.

My tongue slipped over the cut, sealing it.

The palm of my right hand rested on the small of her back, holding her against my body. The fingers of my left hand curled slightly behind her wounded neck. Her body was shaking in my hands. I hadn’t noticed while I was drinking from her. I realized I was shaking, too. No – not me, just my pocket. Not shaking – vibrating.

I wasn’t about to answer it. I knew exactly who it was and I knew approximately what she would have to say. A slow panic began to rise up, tingling across the skin of my chest and moving slowly outwards, down my arms and legs. I gripped the frail human tighter to me. I had to be gone before Alice figured out where I was.

I slowly moved my eyes to the girl in my arms. I didn’t want to look – I didn’t want to look down at her and see that I was too late – that I took too much.

Her eyes were closed, but her breathing was relatively steady. Her heart beat in a sluggish “thah-thum” that wasn’t exactly a healthy sound, but also didn’t cause me great alarm. I considered that she may have just fainted, and not passed out from the blood loss. Move…

I tossed her over my shoulder and carried her out through the broken doorway. I listened quickly for any potential witnesses, but Bella’s neighbors were lucky today. None of them were outside when I carried the unconscious police chief’s daughter into the woods behind her house.

I didn’t make any true decisions – I knew the danger in doing so. For a few minutes, I just ran, changing directions randomly. I heard Alice’s thoughts a few miles from me – in the direction of the Swan household and heading away from me. I turned with purpose, and headed across the highway in a flash. Soon enough, I came across the three-story Victorian that was our home.

I could hear Esme’s thoughts in her study. She heard my footsteps, but wasn’t alarmed. Good. Alice hadn’t called her yet, but she would soon enough.

Even as my thought came to completion, I heard Esme’s cell ring.

“Alice, how are…yes, he’s outside,” her voice was as clear as if she was standing next to me. Alice was a little more muffled, but clear enough.

“Don’t let him leave!”

“Alice, what’s going on?”

“Is anyone with him?” I never should have looked up, but I did. At the same time, Esme’s pale face appeared in the window above the porch.

Through her mind, I saw my crimson eyes and the lifeless body across my back.

Dear God, no!

I didn’t bother to listen any longer as I ran into the garage and tossed my burden onto the passenger seat of my silver Vanquish. A half second later, I was speeding away from my home, away from my family.

So there you have it! Some of my personal favorites.  She also has the funniest A/Ns out there, present company excluded. *wink, wink* Honestly, I could talk about all of her stories, so if I didn’t feature your favorite, please share in the comments.  I have to mention again her AH WIP, Win Some, Lose Some I’m reading right now, because this Edward is very different from her past ones. He’s sweet, confused, frustrated, but focused. Very. Very. Focused. He will pretty much do anything for cake. He also likes to hit a punching bag in the basement, shirtless, to let off steam. Picture that. Yeah. I thought so… Sofa king hawt…

Thanks for this Katie! You heard the lady, share your favourite Savage story in the comments. And if you read something you’ve seen rec’d here remember to tell them Bookish sent ya! *makes ‘bang bang” fingers*

Quick announcement: Due to some real life issues I’ll be stepping back from Fanfic Friday for… *Edward voice* a while. I love posting and sharing and chatting about fic with you all but have to focus elsewhere for a bit. I’ll miss you guys… *waves hankie*

Keep sharing the fic love! xoxoxo Debb

14 thoughts on “FanFic Friday with Katiebird: Author spotlight on Savage7289

  1. rdmickey1989 says:

    I understand Katie. RL is my priority right now as well. Memorial Day weekend was spent with my grandmother as we saw her slipping away. On Tuesday night while I talked with her and rubbed her hair, she met the angels at the age of 92. Today is the funeral. Since my mother is an only child and my sister doesn’t live around here, I have tried to be my mother’s backbone and support.

    Shay Savage. I had to go look at her profile. Other than her Star Wars one, the only one I have not read is your favorite? Hide and Drink. I feel like I am the only one of us that has NOT read it. I have heard how it ends, therefore, I am skerrrd to read it.

    I didn’t listen to her and I read the last chp of Surviving Bella and gawd it was hard. I think that woman has caused more tissue blows from me and UC as a wip, just about did me in. It was fine in the end, but the woman can write angst that is for sure.

    My fav has to be Ehd in Transcendence followed closely by Unexpected Circumstances.

    Take care Katie. We will be here when you get back.


    • rdmickey1989 says:

      Oh wait, I think I mis-read. Deb is it you that has to deal with some RL issues? Sorry about that, but the sentiment is the same. We will wait for you,


      • katiebirdie says:

        So sorry about your grandmother. While Debb does what she needs to do, Annie, Gina, and I will man the fort for awhile.

        As for H&D, I don’t remember the ending being bad or upsetting. Of all of her stories, Tempt My Tongue is the most unexpected, I think. Surviving Bella is great, but ending left me wanting to know more. I hope one day she continues it.


      • deb24601 says:

        RDM, I’m so sorry about your grandmother. It must have been a very sad, special moment to be there with her. (((((big hug))))


  2. abinar says:

    I’ve read Transcendence which I loved and Unexpected Circumstances which ended up being sweet and kind of a mystery. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Hide and Drink, but yeah, vamp, no.

    Deh! Luffs! *carves you something*


  3. deb24601 says:

    Katie, Hide and Drink has been on my tbr list for ages. I can’t believe I haven’t gotten to it but on your rec I’m reading it next.

    Ahn! Luffs hoh! *tries to weave you a basket*


  4. Elena says:

    Deb, I’m sorry you’re going through RL issues. I hope everything will be all right soon.

    Katie, great post! I love Savage’s stories and my favorite is Unexpected Circumstances. And I was picturing Henry Cavill too **fanning self**
    I have yet to read Hide and Drink but I’m looking forward to checking it out.
    Happy Friday!


  5. susanrsm says:

    Hi Katiebird! Who knew H&D would be your top pic!? 😉
    I read it as a WIP and loved Vampward too. I think my fave may be Surviving Bella because it really did leave me wanting more. I want a sequel, please. All the stories you rec’d sound great! I really want to read Transcendence next! 🙂


    • Katiebird says:

      I’m sure that you weren’t surprised by H&D at all, since I talked about it all of the time while reading it. 😉

      I’m with you, it would be amazing if she would continue Surviving Bella.


  6. jonescrazy says:

    Great spotlight! Shay is hands down my fave fanfic author. Her stories are just so freaking original. Top picks for me UC and Offside.


    • Katiebird says:

      I was surprised at how much I loved Offside. I am not a fan of Edward playing sports (I know, weird), but of course Shay’s storytelling changed that.


  7. sara hasan says:

    i loved transcendence very much . it was very addictive . but i can’t find it on . where can i find it? please help


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