Fanfic Friday with Katiebird: From Hiatus to Completion

So this week, something quite wonderful happened. One of my all time favorite All Human stories was finally completed. I say, FINALLY because there was at least 8-9 months of waiting for it. Was it worth the wait? Most definitely.

Hydraulic Level 5 by Gondolier is this incredible story, about Bella and Edward’s relationship that started when they were kids. Bella, pretty much loved Edward immediately. Edward, being a boy, just wanted to make her laugh and protect her.

As light-hearted as that sounds, this story serves quite the punch in the angst department. Edward is a highly successful, tortured author with demons that he just can’t hide from. Not that he’s hiding it all that well from the people who know him. Bella is left to deal with questions and misunderstands, wondering where their relationship went wrong. Remember when I said, that I love reading stories that teach me something? This one taught me about white water rafting, mountain climbing, PR/marketing/publishing in the book world, and mental illness. The story starts in the present, with Bella as an adult, with exerts from Edward’s book as he’s currently working on.  It’s a memoir that sheds light on their childhood relationship in such an interesting way. Edward’s popular book series, Spoon Creek Vampires, is being turned into a movie. Bella lives in Forks, Washington, basically living her life to the extreme; extreme sports that is. I don’t want to leave you with the impression that this story is full on angst and sadness. On the contrary, it is extremely funny. Bella is very smart and witty, and all of her friends, even the ones who are Edward’s family, support and love her, after their breakup. Edward, on the other hand, is living the high life in LA with movie deals; supposedly dating movie stars and his literary agent. When their childhood friend, Emmett and Edward’s sister Rosalie, decide to get married, Bella will have to face Edward at the wedding. *gulp* Whatever you’re reading, STOP, and read this one instead.

Like most people who visit Bookish Temptations regularly, I love books and reading, and everything that is involved with both. I especially love going into small, independently owned bookstores, because they are easier to browse, and just feel cool. This next story is about a dusty old bookstore in Seattle where the proprietor, Edward, keeps odd hours and knows the location of every book in his stock. Oh, did I mention that he’s a vampire?

For Whom the Bell Tolls by CyraBear is a wonderful and warm, beautifully written AU story.

Bella finds this quaint bookstore one afternoon, and can’t seem to stay away, in spite of the owner’s unusual attitude. She overlooks Edward’s strange ways and enjoys talking with him about books, but when the conversation goes to something more personal, like the fact that she is from Forks, Edward struggles to hide his reaction to this revelation.

Now, witnessing his pain, she wondered if he ever let anyone touch him. If he was so broken, so scarred, that physical contact was unendurable.

Unconsciously or otherwise, she had cornered him against the stairs. Because she didn’t want him to evade her again.

Slowly, carefully, she reached out her hand and laid it gently on his denim-clad knee.

He flinched.

“Edward,” she whispered. “I won’t hurt you. I swear it.”

He smirked, a humorless quirk of the lips. “I wish I could swear the same.”

Electricity skittered over her skin where her hand touched him. She felt drawn to him, like a magnet pulled by steel.

“You keep saying that,” she murmured. “But you don’t mean it –” her hand drifted up to caress his cheek.

Her skin had barely grazed his when he jerked back, tearing his eyes from her. She was shocked by the coolness of his cheek – he was like smooth marble, perfect and hard and cold. But before she could even blink, the contact was broken.

Startled, she pulled back. And then she felt herself hauled against him.

Edward grabbed the folds of her jacket and pulled her down to him. She lost her balance and sprawled across him gracelessly. The length of his body – every inch of him seemed to be chiseled out of rock – was not a very good cushion. She gasped in surprise and not a little pain.

“Bella,” he whispered, wrapping his arms around her waist.

She scrambled to regain her equilibrium. Her hands went to his shoulders and she levered herself up, but he wouldn’t release her. She squirmed, trying to get her feet on the ground. All she succeeded in doing was straddling his knee.

The sudden, shocking sensation of being pressed against him from shoulder to knee was enough to make Bella’s stomach clench and her breasts tingle. He was cold – how could he be so cold? – but she was instantly on fire. Her eyes met his.

She had suspected that he liked her. She didn’t think that a man would make love to her hair if he didn’t find her at least passingly attractive. He clearly didn’t mind talking to her, and he had given her a book as a gift.

But the look in his eyes…her breath caught, heat pooled between her legs, the world tilted on its axis. He was gazing at her as if he wanted to consume her. As if she was water to him, and he was dying of thirst.

“Edward,” she whispered, and bent her head to kiss him.

Again, he jerked away from her. His eyes remained fixed on hers, staring at her hungrily.

“Don’t let me do this to you,” he hissed. “Please.” He leaned back with her in his arms, his shoulders and head resting against the stairs. He stared up at the exposed beams of the ceiling, his jaw working.

She didn’t know what he meant. Don’t let him do what to her? It wasn’t like they were going to go at it right there on the stairs. He wouldn’t even kiss her. But she couldn’t concentrate on that. His shift had caused his thigh to slide up between hers, her hips brought flush against him. Want – need – pulsed through her. She threw her head back and squeezed his leg between hers.

He groaned. The sound sent fresh waves of lust chasing after the pulse of sensation brought about by the feel of his hard leg between hers. She gripped him harder, her breath coming fast.

“Don’t,” he said again, but now his hands slipped around her to lower the zipper of her jacket. He pushed it down her arms and flung it away, then ran his hands back up to her shoulders, stroking her through the thick Henley she wore. His hands roamed across her back, up her sides, into her hair.

“You feel incredible,” she whispered, and he groaned again.

Tentatively, almost afraid of the pleasure such a move was likely to evoke, Bella pushed her hips slowly into his. Now she felt the evidence of his desire, hard and prominent. Whimpering, she drew back and pumped him again.

His hands fisted in her hair. Hard. Relishing the sting of her scalp in combination with the heat and nerve-tingling pleasure between her legs, Bella relaxed her arms and rested her cheek on his shoulder. His head angled back even more, digging into the stair, as if he couldn’t stand having her so close – but his hands gripped her hips and ground her down against him nonetheless.

“Ah,” she cried out. Now her hands went to his hair, grabbing and holding on for dear life. She relished the silky thickness of it in her fingers.

For long, slow, tortuous minutes he held her against him, grinding her down upon his thigh. Now she braced her hands on the stairs on either side of his shoulders. His breath was sharp and harsh in her ear.

His hand slid from her hip to cup her bottom. Slipped down, between her thighs. His hard fingers pushed up as his pelvis ground against her. She wondered if her wetness had soaked clean through her jeans, if he could feel it. With a strangled moan, she gripped the wood of the stairs and buried her nose in the soft cotton of his sweater. God, she was close – the pulsations were coming hard and fast now – at any moment she was going to break into pieces –

Edward froze.

The bell rang cheerfully at the door.

“Fuck,” Bella groaned.

Awkwardly, they disentangled from each other. Bella thanked her stars that the staircase wasn’t visible from the front door.

Wow, now THAT’S customer service… Forgive me, but I just have to wonder why most bookstore employees DON’T look like this GUY, and why, if they DO look like him, they don’t readily molest WILLING customers on the stairs or in the sitting areas?? Where is the justice, I tell you??

*fanning self* On that note, any stories out there recently completed after a long hiatus, that you love and want to share?


12 thoughts on “Fanfic Friday with Katiebird: From Hiatus to Completion

  1. abinar says:

    It’s kind of shocking when that happens isn’t it? I started HL5 long ago but the angst made me decide to wait til completion to finish it. I barely remember it now but I’m really looking forward to starting over.
    I wish this would happen with Expectations and Other Moving Pieces. I will wait for that story forever.


    • katiebirdie says:

      Metaphysics by Anais Mark is a fantastic AU story, that I would love to see come out of hiatus. I’ve heard good things about Expectations and Other Moving Things. It’s on my alert list.


      • ChocoMG2112 says:

        AM is a brilliant writer. I wish I wrote half as well as she does.


      • susanrsm says:

        I’d love it if Metaphysics & E&OMP would complete too. Now that I’ve seen HL5 complete I have hope these will too. *waits patiently*


  2. Jess says:

    The Vampire in the Basement finished up a few months ago after like a year-long hiatus. That was great, albeit more disturbing than I usually go for.

    That picture of Robert Pattinson is one of my favorites EVER. He’s so purty anyway, but in a bookstore setting? It’s practically porn.


    • katiebirdie says:

      I know! Books and Rob in a white t-shirt. Mmmmm. What could be better? Oh, I know! Rob reading to me. *happy sigh*

      Vampire in the Basement was def. worth the wait in my book.


      • Jess says:

        IKR! I worked with some honeys in my years at the bookstore, but none quite like him. ALAS.

        It was DEFINITELY worth the wait!


  3. artgirlnyc says:

    I was so excited to see that HL5 completed this week! I had completely given up on this fic and can’t wait to reread it in its entirety.


  4. susanrsm says:

    I did a double take when I saw HL5 pop up in my inbox. I’m so glad it’s finally complete! I love this story. I’m going to reread it from beginning to end. I’ve definitely bookmark For the Whom the Bell Tolls. How I wish I could find *him* in a bookstore near me. 😉


  5. deb24601 says:

    I was terrified to start HL5 without it being complete. I’ll try now. Vampire in the Basement sounds right up my alley. Did Swirl and Daisy ever complete? That is one that I’ve been hearing about for ages but am waiting…

    Um.. Robward in a bookstore.. oh.. Why can’t he read audio books for us? He’d make a fortune. 😉


  6. achet51 says:

    I am so thrilled HL5 is completed. I kept it on my alert and I jumped for joy when I saw Gondolier had updated and completed the story. It has been a long time…so I am going to reread this in it’s entirety. I know it will be worth it.

    Also, Limona updated Hiding in Plain Sight. This story is so full of suspense and drama…such a good story!

    Hmonster is putting all her stories back up. I loved Deconstructing Dracula.

    Something must be in the air!


    • katiebirdie says:

      OMG! Thank you for sharing that info about hmonster4. I too loved Deconstructing Dracula. That was my first AH story I read, and actually liked. I also love Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I never got a chance to save her stories before they disappeared. *happy dance*

      I will look for Limona’s story. Not heard of it before. 🙂


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