Sexy Sentence Saturday: Grave Refrain (2)…

Last week I got about halfway through Grave Refrain by Sarah M. Glover. Today I’ll finish up and I encourage you once again to read this wonderful book if you haven’t already.

Sarah very graciously allowed me to interview her, and I’ll be posting that on Tuesday. I can’t wait to share it with you.

Ok…let’s go read some more of her fabulous sentences!


His mouth wet and unrelenting on hers, his fingers demanding she come again and again.

Their strangled voices echoed in the stillness, leaving ghostly halos of breath about them.

The street lamp bathed the air in gold.

Emily felt sure that she would even smell expensive.

Smiling like Satan himself, he circled her slowly and then placed one hand on her hip and one on the side of her face.

Because the longer I’m with you, the longer I touch this skin and kiss this mouth, the more I can’t control it, and it kills me and…I love it.

They should have kissed long and sloppily in the foyer, and laughing, he should have led her by the hand to his bed, and finally, finally, they should have made crazed, unrelenting, fantastical love.

The entire world had gone silent except for the promise of the ringtone.

Sighs of sighs of sighs passed between them.

He needed to make her understand what roared inside him- exhilarant, wild, and awed.

He felt like he was stuck in an endless loop- helpless to change the outcome- lifetime after lifetime after lifetime.

He was tired of fate fucking with him.

“It’s the freakin’ Disneyland of spiritualistic endeavors.”

The thought of Emily with other men caused the taste of ocean brine to fill his mouth, the sun to burn his eyes, and screams to tear at his guts.

In the final act of possession, he clung to her, the wisp of a spirit that enveloped him. floating like vapor as he forced himself into her soul.

“But I can tell you right now, you better not sit around the bus and fucking mope for her, cause I’d rather have a white hot soldering iron shoved up my ass.”

Andrew could feel the heat of her blush on the other end, the fast rustle of her breath, and the tears glistening on her cheeks.

Oaks snarled together like crooked hands hunched against the harsh wind of the coast.

Amidst the mad swirl of passion and desire, the stark cold fear of reality shot through her.

A most profound and disturbing sense of nostalgia gnawed at Andrew’s heart.

He kissed her mouth, tasting her, breathing in the smell of salt and sun on her skin.

There, reflected deep within those unfathomable spheres, he saw souls of souls, each calling out to him, beckoning him to them, seducing him with their whispers and sighs.

There was something so innocent and untouched about her, and every time he kissed her he felt she was offering all of herself to him and him alone.

Last night had cost him, how much, she couldn’t say, but he wore his exhaustion upon his face in the guise of dark circles beneath his eyes.

In the shadowy light she saw the rafters of the barn rise up like a cathedral, the missing slates in the roof sending beams of gray down to the hay-strewn floor.

For she understood that she would rather live a second with him and perish, than live a lifetime apart.

She was aware of the stillness around them, the creak of the timbers and the rustle of the trees bending in the night wind.

With each thrust, with each one of his shuddering cries, he emblazoned the words to her body as he had done to her heart.

As the ocean blew across his face, a love he didn’t have a name for whispered to him.

He had wondered if the madness that he felt for her, that blind need to claim her, would subside now that life lay out ahead of them.


It’s so deeply satisfying to read words that move you. Thanks Sarah…You Rock!

Tamie Xo

9 thoughts on “Sexy Sentence Saturday: Grave Refrain (2)…

  1. BTC says:

    ZOMG can’t wait to read this!!!


  2. katiebirdie says:

    Can’t wait to see the interview on Tuesday! I’m such a huge fan of her writing. *fangirl squee*


  3. HOT!! I definitely need to read this.

    Thanks for sharing!


  4. Elena says:

    I seriously can’t wait to read this!


  5. achet51 says:

    I am in the middle of Grave Refrain right now. Sarah’s writing is so amazing…the way she describes this crazy San Fran world, the unique characters and the way she shows us Andrew and Emily’s emotions. I loved this before, but I think Sarah has edited and changed this tale to make it even better. I am so enjoying her story. Everyone should give this story a read. It is amazing and wonderful! (Yeah…I am gushing!) READ IT!!!


  6. Sarah Glover says:

    You are all incredibly wonderful. Hope you enjoy the book. And have a lovely weekend.



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