Coming Up This Week…

I announced it on Twitter but I know that many of you don’t use that particular social gathering place, so I’ll let you know here… Sometime early on Saturday morning we went over the 100,000 site visit mark. Whether you’re an “old” follower or a new one, my team and I want to thank you all!

Now let’s see What’s Coming Up This Week

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A Father’s Day Remembrance…

The Father’s Day post I had planned was going to be simple and much like the Mother’s Day post I did. I was going to wish all the dads out there a happy day and then give some book recommendations. Then I saw a tweet that made me stop and reconsider that decision. This was the tweet: Enjoy this Father’s Day weekend. And a special greeting to those for whom Father’s day is bittersweet. Peace, everyone. – SR

That means something to me because it is bittersweet. I was lucky enough to have had two fathers. I lost them almost exactly a year apart a long time ago. Sometimes as this day approaches I try to ignore it…kinda hard to do when you’re in the retail business and it surrounds you. This time I’d like to celebrate it and honor them.

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