BT Book Club Details: Gabriel’s Rapture…

Hello *waves excitedly* I hope everybody is having a great week so far 🙂

Elena and I just wanted to give y’all a few more details on how the book club will work…

We’ll begin reading and discussing our very first book choice…Gabriel’s Rapture by Sylvain Reynard the week of July 1st.

Here’s the schedule:

July 1st-7th… Chapters 1-8

July 8th-14th… Chapters 9-20

July 15th- 21st… Chapters 21-33

July 22nd- 28th… Chapters 34-46

July 29th- Aug. 4th… Chapters 47-58

Don’t worry about remembering all that tho…I’ll include a reminder every Sunday in the What’s Coming Up post.

Each Wednesday, Elena and I will post the discussion questions to give you time to reflect on them. Our discussions will take place on Saturdays with a post from us, detailing our thoughts on the questions posed. That’s your signal to weigh in with your own thoughts. Please remember to keep the discussion to the chapters for that week. There are several people who have let me know that they are waiting to read it for the first time once the book club begins, and we don’t want any spoilers.

Elena and I will be monitoring the comments throughout the day to join in the interactions going on. Just a friendly reminder…if you disagree with someones opinion (ours included) that’s fine…as long as you do so in a respectful manner. We want this to be a fun event for all!

Now…a little surprise for you.

SR has agreed to answer a couple of questions a week. I know, I know…we’re really super stoked too. Here’s how that’s going to work. We will only submit questions that are related to the chapters we’re reading that week. Also, we need to have any questions you want considered by Tuesday, so that SR has time to think about them and get the answers back to us. They’ll be included in the Saturday discussion post. Cool huh?!?

If you have any questions you’d like to ask Elena and I before we begin…go for it!

Tamie Xo

16 thoughts on “BT Book Club Details: Gabriel’s Rapture…

  1. Morgan says:

    Super news!


  2. rdmickey1989 says:

    I had started reading GR but since my grandmother passed the day I received it in printed form, I have waited.
    My heart just wasn’t ready for the angst I knew was coming in GR. I can try and of course participate, but you know my wild and crazy schedule doesn’t always allow me to read until the weekends. (barring my chores are done)

    So wonderful seeing SR enticing his muses. 😉


  3. marijee4 says:

    Looking forward to reading along. My schedule is kind of crazy the early part of July, but I will try to participate!


  4. SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! How the hell am i gonna reread gabriels rapture and dark lover at the same time. My cousin is reading bdb for the 1st time and i will be rereading it with her. Lol please wish me luck. I am hoping that the schedule will help me with GR.


  5. ChocoMG2112 says:

    **happy sigh**


  6. katiebirdie says:

    So cool that SR will be participating with the discussions. 🙂 I’m just confused about the timing. Sunday is a reminder of the chapters to be discussed. And questions for SR need to be given to you by Tuesday. Your questions to us will be posted on Wednesday, so we can discuss them on Saturday. Did I get that right? *mind swimming*

    Although I did read the original story last year some time, I’m still looking forward to reading the second book. I’m kind of prepared for the angst.


    • Tamie says:

      Detail overload?!?
      Sunday- Reminder of what chapters we’re reading and discussing.
      Tuesday- Any q’s for SR are due.
      Wednesday- The discussion q’s will be posted.
      Saturday- Discussion of q’s and SR’s answers.
      Is that any better? LOL!


  7. Roseann says:

    I can’t wait to discuss the book. It was one of the best
    books I have ever read along with GI. Sylvain Reynard is a very talented writter.


  8. Mistie_DT says:

    This is the best blog! Very cool


  9. Donna Friedman says:

    Is it coincidence or “Beshert” that I finished reading GR this morning and literally stumbled upon your blog while trying to learn more about Sylvain Reynard! Although I’ve participated in book clubs before, I’ve never joined one on-line. Since I am a teacher, I look forward to summer vacation (or rejuvenate time) and lots of time to escape into a book! I absolutely loved the book-I read both GI and GR within the last two weeks! They totally consumed me.

    I think it would be exciting to join in the conversations and discussions about GR. I will be away for two weeks in July and it will be difficult for me to participate but I am good to go for the rest of the time. Thanks for the opportunity!!


  10. Roseann says:

    I believe Gabriel like to feed Julia because he might have gone hungry as a child and the thought of Julia going hungry when he is able to help he is very upsetting to him. I know in GI she asked him why he wants to feed her and he says something different but that was my take on it. I also felt that when you are afraid that something is going to happen in your life in usually comes out in a dream. That is why Julia is having dreams of being left behind. In her case it really did come true on more then one occasion. I can count three. The first time in the woods, the time when Paulina came by and when Gabriel was trying to save her academic career. No other author has given me so much to think about in a story. I can’t wait for a third book. Maybe if we all ask really, really nicely he will agree. OK well that’s what I was thinking for what it is worth. Have a great day everyone.


  11. We’re can I buy this book from x


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