Wordless Wednesday…Buffet…

Do you ever like to go to those all you can eat buffet kind of restaurants?!? O…me too. So today I thought I’d offer y’all a variety of eye candy…a man smorgasbord…Enjoy!









Still hungry?!? Come back next week for another feast 😉

Tamie Xo

9 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday…Buffet…

  1. Stefter says:

    OMG!!!! That last pic of Rob….YUMMALICIOUS!!!! (my new favourite word)
    So much yummy man candy!!! Thank you for that!


  2. ChocoMG2112 says:

    Bless you for Matt and Rob. ❤


  3. rdmickey1989 says:

    *pats self* I am FULL. lmao. Does that mean I owe you the tip or the guys?

    Yea, you do this and all I think about is menage a trios, or quatre, or cinq, or sept. Holy smokes. 7 at once. Well, I will die with a smile on my face that is for sure. *hoor down* ________________


  4. I love them all. Although I used to have a MAJOR crush on Bret Michaels, he seems like he’s probably a walking disease now. LOL


  5. Sara Stanton says:

    Day late but HOLY Shmorgishborg of Hotness! Jeez you did a great job. Oh Christian Bale; I have loved him since Empire of the Sun and Swing Kids. I even was an extra in Newsies because he (and Bill Pullman) were in it but never got to meet him. You should post the video of Dr. Ivan and that chair! His laugh is so infectious! Love seeing my model boyfriend; David Gandy as always.


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