Fanfic Friday: Sweet and Spicy

There are times when I can’t decide what kind of fic I’m in the mood to read. When I’m in that kind of mood, I tend to stick with the fluffy fics, the ones that are purely entertaining but don’t exactly take a lot of brain power to get through. This week Annie and I are offering up two fluffy choices: something sweet and something spicy. What are you in the mood for?

Sleep On The Floor by sexycereal

He steals my coffee first, my virginity second and my heart third. College fluff. AH. Complete.

Bella and Edward are college Freshmen. Bella is a loner but not lonely. Edward is a late transfer student. They meet when Edward exhibits some quite douchey behavior. Like the summary says he steals her coffee. (I know right? Is there anything worse?) It’s okay though, Bella gets him back and he redeems himself well. From then on they’re mostly inseparable as Bella learns to accept someone in her life. I like their relationship. It’s easy. Remember when, if there was a frat party, it was just understood that you were going and you were getting your drunk on? Here you go. Enjoy.

P.S. I challenged myself to not use cute or sweet in my review. Score! *Carol Burnett ear tug*


Pssst… she didn’t say sweet, but I did! *snicker* Don’t hate me Annie!


Dirty Little Secrets by lazykate and Brits23

Bella’s new life in Miami is fueled by one anthem: No Regrets. A steamy late night rendezvous with a cocky playboy is just what she needed, but an encounter with a blond doctor leaves her aching for more. BxE, BxC, AH. Rated M for hot Miami nights. Complete. Thanks to RoseArcadia for the gif!

Bella arrives in Miami after her relationship ends with a spectacularly douchey Jacob. (I apologize for you Jacob fans out there, but I kind of like when the author makes him someone I can legitimately hate. Okay, I’m not THAT sorry. *grins*) In order to move on with her life, Bella decides that she is going to have some fun, no regrets. She certainly goes for the gold when she meets and goes home with a fist-bitingly-hot Edward. That one night… lord almighty, I get twitchy just thinking about it. How could she possibly top such a blazing hot encounter? Well… she ends up in the hospital for an allergic reaction and is treated by a very dishy Carlisle. This attraction is quieter but very sweet and hot. For those of you who see Carlisle in the mix and immediately want to shy away… STOP. Don’t go. I will admit, I almost didn’t read this fic for that reason. I am not a Bella/Carlisle shipper by any means, but I’ll tell you, this particular fic convinced me in this instance. Each time she was with Edward or Carlisle, I could NOT make up mind with who I wanted her with more. That alone made this an interesting read, but there were also some great plot twists that had me waiting eagerly for each update. So if you’re looking for something spicy, give this fic a go… it definitely delivers.


I am always looking for those fluffy fics that go down nicely with a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning. What have you been reading that you would recommend?

12 thoughts on “Fanfic Friday: Sweet and Spicy

  1. Anya says:

    Thank you, lovely girls, for the suggestions. I think I will check out the 2nd one. I love to see Carlisle in the pairings:))


  2. ChocoMG2112 says:

    I love a good bit of fluff!!! I must mark these to read.


  3. abinar says:

    LOL Gina. I don’t hate you, because it’s so sweet and cute!!


  4. rdmickey1989 says:

    I will occasionally do fluff, more rare is angst, and spicy….THAT is me. *snort*

    Thanks for the rec’s girls.


  5. katiebirdie says:

    Both of the fics sound like perfect summer reads. 🙂 I’ve not heard of them either, so thanks!!

    I read a perfect fluff-like read recently, called A Getty Romance by rinabina.

    Picture this. Hot sexy moment in the bathroom of a museum. Edward wearing THE Gucchi midnight blue suit. Mmmm. You know the one…

    Oh happy belated birthday Edward!! Give Bella and Nessie my best. xxoo


  6. Sleep on the Floor was one of the rec’s at TFMU. I can’t remember if I’ve read it before. Guess I’ll have to dive in and find out. Love you Annie


  7. deb24601 says:

    Oooo these are both new to me too! I’m going through a very smutty phase… (don’t ask) I can handle a little Carlisle when I’m in this mood.

    Thanks for the recs Annie and Gina. ❤


  8. I have dirty little secrets but havent read yet.


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